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    Two Wheeler Insurance
    • Protect yourself with long-term third party cover
    • Enhance you cover with add-on covers
    • Buy/renew your policy online without hassles from the insurers website

    India is the world’s largest market for two-wheelers, with over 20 million units sold in the country each year. Riding a two wheeler without a valid insurance policy is not permitted, with this liable to attract penal action. Bharti AXA offers two-wheeler insurance solutions to meet the legal requirements, ensuring that both, the vehicle and the rider are protected against any accident/incident.

    Features And Benefits Of Bharti AXA Two-Wheeler Insurance

    Policy period
    • One year (regular policies)
    • Long-term policies come with a period of two/three years
    Policy types Renewable two-wheeler insurance policy
    • Third-party Liability Coverage
    • Comprehensive Insurance
    • Long-term two-wheeler insurance
    Policy coverage
    • Natural/manmade disasters
    • Accidental damage
    • Personal accident cover to owner/rider of the vehicle
    • Third-party liability
    • *Note: Coverage varies based on the type of policy purchased.
    • Generic wear and tear
    • Use of vehicle for commercial purpose
    • Riding vehicle while intoxicated
    • Using vehicle without documents
    Renewal frequency
    • Third-party Liability Coverage - Yearly
    • Comprehensive Insurance - Yearly
    • Long-term two-wheeler insurance – Two/three years
    Available add-ons
    • Zero depreciation cover
    • Personal accident cover (occupants)
    No claim bonus (NCB) NCB upto 50% can be earned each year
    No claim bonus after claim NCB becomes 0% once a claim is made (yearly renewable policy). In case of the long-term plan, the NCB returns to the previous value.
    Zero Depreciation cover Add-on available wherein one needn’t pay any depreciation costs related to replaced/repaired components.
    Refund facility The insurer might refund a certain portion of the premium paid if the policy is cancelled. This is subject to certain terms and conditions.
    If plan expires Policy can be renewed online/offline. In case of lapse, the third-party cover is not provided, with the NCB impacted negatively.
    Network garages Over 3,500 network garages located across the country

    Reasons To Choose Bharti AXA Bike Insurance:

    A two wheeler isn’t just a mode of transportation, it becomes a part of our life. Choosing the right insurance partner can be beneficial in the long run, with Bharti AXA providing a number of reasons to choose them.

    • Protection – An individual can protect his/her vehicle against loss/damage by choosing a plan from Bharti AXA.
    • Discount – The no claim bonus helps reduce the premium amount.
    • Ease of purchase – A policy can be purchased/renewed online, without having to spend time and effort to physically complete the process.
    • Assistance – Bharti AXA provides 24x7 assistance when it comes to claims.
    • Network garages - There are over 2,500 garages associated with Bharti AXA.
    • Covers all bikes – A few insurers are apprehensive about providing cover to high capacity bikes. Bharti AXA provides insurance for bikes of all engine capacities.
    • Third-party cover – Damage/injury to third-parties are covered by the policy.
    • Wide network of branches – Bharti AXA has over 75 branches located across the country, helping one sort any query which could arise.
    • Customisation – The insurer provides add-on options which can be used to customise a policy.
    • Renewal reminders – The company provides reminders to renew the policy before it lapses.


    Two Wheeler Plans Offered By Bharti AXA

    Bharti AXA offers plans which cater to different needs, with these segregated based on the policy term and extent of cover provided.

    • Third-party liability cover – This is a base plan which provides financial assistance in the event of any third-party incident. Compensation is paid if there is damage to the property/life of a third-party. The premiums for this plan are cheaper, with this policy meeting the basic motor vehicle insurance requirements.
    • Comprehensive insurance cover – This is a smarter option, for not only does it provide protection against third-party liabilities, but also covers any loss/damage to the vehicle. It also provides cover in case of any accident resulting in injury to the rider. The premium for this plan is on the higher side.
    • Long-term two-wheeler insurance – This is ideal for people looking to insure their vehicle for an extended period. A 2/3 year policy term can be chosen. Opting for a longer term reduces the premium amount, with better NCB features.

    Coverage Provided By Bharti AXA Bike Insurance

    A two-wheeler insurance provides protection under various circumstances, based on the plan option chosen.

    • Road accidents – Cover is provided in case the insured vehicle is involved in a road accident. The extent of cover depends on the policy in force. While the comprehensive plan provides protection against all kinds of damage, the third-party liability cover provides protection only with regard to any third-party damage.
    • Damage to vehicle – Any damage to the vehicle due to natural events like earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc. is covered. Damage due to manmade incidents like riots, strikes, terrorism, fire, etc. is also covered under the policy.
    • Loss of vehicle – The comprehensive cover provides protection against loss of vehicle.
    • Personal accident cover – Bharti AXA bike insurance provides a financial compensation if the rider/owner of the vehicle meets with an accident which results in injury/death.
    • Third-party protection – The plan covers any damage caused to the property/life of a third-party due to an accident involving the insured vehicle.
    • Protection to occupants – The passenger(s) of an insured vehicle is/(are) covered if the policyholder chooses the Personal Accident Cover for Occupants add-on. This provides protection in the case of full/partial disability to the pillion rider/co-passenger.
    • Zero depreciation cover – If one chooses this add-on, the insurer will bear the depreciation costs.

    Note:The extent of cover varies based on the plan chosen by an individual.

    Exclusions Under Bharti AXA Two Wheeler insurance

    An insurance policy does not cover all incidents, with Bharti AXA having certain exclusions designed to prevent any misuse of the policy.

    • Intoxicated incidents – Any damage caused to the vehicle/individual on account of riding under the influence of alcohol/drugs is not covered by the plan.
    • Commercial use of vehicle – The insured vehicle is designed for personal use, and as such any incidents which occur when it is used for commercial purposes are not covered.
    • Wear and tear – Generic/regular wear and tear of the vehicle is not covered by this plan. This includes depreciation as well.
    • Illegal activity – Any incident which is a result of using the vehicle for an illegal activity is not covered. This includes using the bike for racing, speed-testing, wheeling, etc.
    • Ineligible rider – Bharti AXA will not cover any loss incurred due to an ineligible rider. This includes situations where an individual does not have a valid driving license, the vehicle is being used by an underage individual, etc.
    • Expiry – In case an incident occurs after the policy has expired.
    • Geographical extent – Any incident which occurs outside India is not covered by the plan.
    • Miscellaneous reasons – No cover will be provided if there are any consequential damages/if one fakes/stages an accident, etc.

    Eligibility To Buy The Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance Online

    Bharti AXA has a few criteria in place when it comes to providing motor insurance policies, ensuring that there are no complications in the future. The insurer could ask for these basic documents in order to process an application.

    • Vehicle registration – An individual should ensure that the vehicle is registered. The registration certificate issued by a Regional Transport Office should be produced.
    • Fitness certificate – The bike should be in a road-worthy condition, and as such a fitness certificate would be required in certain cases. This is applicable primarily in cases where the bike is old (more than 10 years).
    • Driver/owner details – Riding a vehicle without a valid license is illegal in India, with insurers looking at the driving license in certain cases.
    • Non-modified bikes– Bikes which are modified might not fall under the purview of insurance.
    • Physical inspection – Bharti AXA may choose to physically examine a bike which has an expired two wheeler insurance.

    An insurer could ask for other documents, based on whether the insurance application is for a new policy or whether it is to renew an existing/lapsed policy.

    Steps To Buy The Bharti AXA Two-Wheeler Insurance Online:

    Gone are the days when one was expected to visit the office of an insurer in order to purchase a policy. It is now possible to buy a motor vehicle insurance policy online, by following a few basic steps.

    1. Log on to the official website of Bharti AXA General Insurance.
    2. Choose between a new policy or renewal of an existing policy, based on the requirements.
    3. Provide details of the vehicle which needs to be insured.
    4. Provide personal details including mobile number, email id, address, etc.
    5. Decide what kind of cover is needed. This includes choosing add-ons to a base policy for enhanced protection.
    6. Once selected, the premium amount is displayed.
    7. Pay the amount mentioned.
    8. Insurance policy is emailed in the form of a PDF.
    9. Alternatively, you can also call 022 6118 888 to purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy from Bharti AXA.

    Steps to Renew Bharti AXA Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Online

    Renewing a bike insurance policy was a hassle in the past, with one expected to visit the insurer to complete the formalities. Today, however, one can renew the policy online, in a matter of minutes.

    • Log on to the official website of Bharti AXA general insurance.
    • Click on the tab “Get Quote” under “Two-wheeler Insurance”.
    • Choose the option to renew the insurance policy. The premium amount will vary based on whether the previous policy was provided by Bharti AXA or by a different insurer.
    • Select the appropriate option.
    • Provide the details of the previous policy. This includes the policy number and the expiry date.
    • Make the payment based on the add-ons chosen.

    Additionally, one can also connect with Bharti AXA executives on 1800 103 2292 to renew a policy.

    How To Make A Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance claim?

    The purpose of an insurance policy is to provide assistance in the event of any incident. Bharti AXA has a simple process when it comes to registering a claim, which can be done by following these steps.

    Cashless Claim Process

    1. You will need to note down the registration number of other vehicles involved in an accident with your vehicle, if applicable.
    2. You should also note down the contact numbers and names of any witnesses.
    3. Intimate the insurer, either by sending an SMS or calling their toll-free number. Additionally, one can also email them at claims@bharti-axagi.co.in. The SMS format is “CLAIMS”, which can be sent to 5667700.
    4. If sending an email, one should use the standard format as mentioned by the insurer.
    5. The claim should be registered within a specific time period for it to be eligible. It is imperative that one inform Bharti AXA at the earliest.
    6. Once your claim is registered, you will receive an SMS from Bharti AXA with your claim number.
    7. Within 24 hours from when your claim is registered, a Bharti AXA representative will contact you to notify you of the claim process. You will also be told what documents you have to submit.
    8. In case of an accident, you will need to register an FIR at the nearest police station.
    9. Post this, you can take your two-wheeler to the nearest suggested cashless garage.
    10. A surveyor, who has been appointed by Bharti AXA, will physically inspect the vehicle within 24 hours.
    11. You will need to submit documents such as the registration certificate, driving licence, KYC documents, and original claim form to the surveyor. The surveyor will verify these documents against the originals.
    12. The surveyor will assess the damage/loss on the basis of the policy terms and conditions.
    13. After the repair, the garage will submit the invoice. Post this, the reinspection of the two-wheeler will be conducted.
    14. Payments that are to borne by the insurer will be paid directly to the network garage.
    15. The CSM will notify you of any balance amount that you may have to pay.

    Reimbursement Claim Process

    • You will need to note down the registration numbers of other vehicles that were involved in an accident with your vehicle and the contact numbers of any witnesses, if applicable.
    • You will need to intimate the insurer of the claim by sending an email to claims@bhartiaxa.com, calling the insurer on 1800 103 2292, or sending an SMS to 91 80 49123900.
    • Post this, you will receive an SMS from Bharti AXA with your claim number.
    • A Bharti AXA representative will call you to notify you of the claim process and what documents you need to submit.
    • If applicable, you will need to submit an FIR at the nearest police station.
    • The claim form should be duly filled with the required details and submitted along with the necessary documents to the CSM.
    • The CSM will verify the submitted documents against the originals.
    • For commercial vehicles, you will need to submit additional documents such as the route permit, fitness certificate, goods receipt, etc.
    • After completion of the above-mentioned formalities, Bharti AXA will initiate the claim process.
    • Once the claim gets approved, the insurer will reimburse the settlement amount.

    Why is the Deductible Important in a Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance Plan?

    A deductible is something which can often be found in insurance policies. This is the amount the policyholder is agreeing to pay in case of an accident/damage to the bike. The insurer pays the rest of the amount.

    It can be understood with a simple example. Mr. Ram chooses to buy a 2 wheeler insurance policy from Bharti AXA, opting for a 10% deductible. In case of any accident, he will pay 10% of the amount, with Bharti AXA paying the remaining sum.

    Choosing a high deductible results in lowered premiums. One should opt for a higher deductible only if they are confident about their riding skills. A low deductible results in higher premiums, but the policyholder will not be required to pay a high amount in case of any accident.

    What To Do After The Expiry Of A Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance Plan?

    Riding a vehicle with a lapsed insurance policy can attract fines. The added tension of no protection can also play on our minds, which is why it is imperative to renew a policy immediately. Bharti AXA sends reminders before the policy expires, ensuring that one can renew it on time. In case the policy expires even after reminders, one should immediately renew the policy. This can be done by contacting the insurer. In case of a grace period, one can get the policy renewed without hassles.

    If this period has expired, renewing the policy gets harder, with physical inspection of the vehicle required. The premium amount might also increase in such instances. The no claim bonus accrued might also lapse, resulting in an additional financial burden on the individual.

    Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Customer Care Service

    Bharti AXA has a dedicated customer care service which caters to different situations which might arise.

    Each function is allotted a dedicated number, with all aspects covered.

    One can contact Bharti AXA on the following numbers:

    • Purchase of policy – 022 6118 8888
    • Policy renewal – 1800 103 2292
    • Claims – 1800 103 2292

    Additionally, one can also contact officials online, by visiting the “Contact Us” section of the Bharti AXA general insurance website.

    Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Will Bharti AXA remind me before the policy expires?

    Bharti AXA provides reminders before the expiry of a policy, ensuring that one doesn’t forget. In case of missing the payment even after the reminder, one can choose to renew the policy by paying the premium.

    2.I intend to sell my two-wheeler. What will happen to the insurance policy?

    In case of selling the vehicle, the insurance policy will be transferred to the buyer. The transfer can be done after the vehicle has been registered under the name of the buyer.

    3.Can I choose to insure the accessories on my bike?

    Yes, it is possible to insure accessories, subject to payment of an extra premium for the same.

    4.How long does it take Bharti AXA to settle a claim?

    Bharti AXA aims to settle all claims within 7 working days of receiving the relevant documents. This period can increase in cases where documents are missing/there are discrepancies in details.

    5.Is it possible to pay the premium amount in installments?

    No, it is not possible to pay the premium amount in installments. This is on account of the rules mentioned under the Insurance Act of 1938.

    6.Will I lose the No Claim Bonus if I don’t renew my two-wheeler insurance policy within the renewal date specified in my policy document?

    If you renew your lapsed two-wheeler insurance policy within 90 days from actual renewal date of the policy, you will be eligible to receive the No Claim Bonus. On the other hand, if you don’t renew your two-wheeler insurance cover within 90 days, you will lose the No Claim Bonus. For this reason, it is advisable to set up an automatic reminder facility to remind you of the renewal date well in advance.

    7.Will opting for add-ons/riders increase the premium payable?

    Yes, opting for add-ons/riders will cause your premium payable to increase since you will be receiving enhanced coverage. Thus, it is advisable to assess your coverage needs and only opt for the riders that you really require.

    8.What is the No Claim Bonus? When do insurance companies offer the No Claim Bonus to policyholders?

    The No Claim Bonus is offered by motor insurance companies to policyholders who don’t file any claims during the policy tenure. If you receive the No Claim Bonus, you can avail a lower premium rate for the next policy year. It is, however, important to remember that the No Claim Bonus is only offered on the own damage component of the insurance policy. Thus, if you have a third-party liability-only insurance policy, you will not receive the No Claim Bonus.

    9.Why should I opt for a comprehensive two-wheeler policy if it is only mandatory to have a third-party liability insurance cover?

    Third-party liability insurance policies only provide coverage against third-party legal liability and accidental death/disability of the rider/policyholder. Thus, these policies do not offer an own damage cover. If you wish to receive higher coverage, it is advisable to purchase a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy.

    10.What is the Insured Declared Value (IDV)?

    The Insured Declared Value of the two-wheeler is the maximum sum of money that you will be eligible to receive in case your vehicle gets stolen or in event of a total loss. The IDV is calculated by determining the selling price of your two-wheeler and adjusting this amount for depreciation.

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    News About Bharti Axa Two Wheeler Insurance - Compare Policies in terms of their benefits, features and add-ons online.

    • Bharti AXA offers Whatsapp purchase facility for two-wheeler insurance

      Bharti AXA has decided to sell its two-wheeler insurance plans through the popular social media platform, Whatsapp. The general insurance company has partnered with an online insurance aggregator called Wishfin which promises quick issuance of insurance policies. The aggregator’s insurance arm, Wishpolicy, will take care of the insurance policy sales. The two-wheeler insurance plans that can be purchased through Whatsapp are also delivered by Wishpolicy. The firm has many different purchase modes and the Whatsapp mode is an added facility. This service, in particular, is instant and convenient for prospective policyholders.

      With the launch of this new facility, Bharti AXA will become the first non-life insurance company to offer insurance policies through Whatsapp. The MD and CEO of Bharti AXA says that the instant messaging application will make it easy for customers to access the services of the general insurer. The Chairman and MD of Wishfin said that the partnership with Bharti AXA will give its new model - to sell policies through Whatsapp - a push and help set up a financial ecosystem on Whatsapp.

      13 May 2019

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