"Spending a whole day looking for insurance is fun," said nobody, EVER!

    Car Insurance Claim

    If you have purchased a new car or any used car, ensure that you insure the car with right kind of insurance that fulfils all the requirements of the car. Purchasing insurance before you move out of the showroom, is mandatory under the law. The traffic conditions today are such that, your vehicle may get damaged even if it is not your fault. In such times a proper car insurance like a comprehensive car insurance is your savior.

    No matter what the damage is, a comprehensive car insurance covers a wide range of situation like, accident, third-party liability, theft, robbery, vehicle damage, natural calamities, man-made calamities, etc. Nowadays, the dealer generally provides you the bumper to bumper policy also known as zero depreciation cover, which will help you in future claims as the depreciation value of the car will not be considered under zero depreciation cover.

    If you are claiming for one and it is for a small amount, please refrain from doing so as this will seize the no-claim bonus. Claim only for big damages or for repairs which are expensive like, any part replacement, engine problem, dent removal and painting, etc.

    Here are the steps and procedures to follow for car insurance claim:

    Own damage claim:

    • Intimate the insurer immediately about the damage before sending the vehicle to the garage for repair. You can also repair your car from the insurer’s network of garages, wherein you can avail cashless claim facility. The insurer will directly contact the garage for the repair expense and pay for the damage repair directly.
    • Even if the car is drivable, do not drive it to the garage. It is better to tow your vehicle from any professional services, or you can get roadside assistance from the insurer. A part of the towing expense is covered in your policy.
    • Submit a duly filled form claim mentioning every minute detail about the incident and the damage.
    • If you are getting it repaired through the insurer’s network of garages, then a survey inspector will be sent to the location to assess the damages and the cost of repair, post which the repair work begin.
    • The quote will then be sent to the insurance company for approval along with the survey inspection report. On completion of the repair the amount will be released and paid directly to the garage personnel.
    • If you have not availed cashless facility, then collect the surveyor’s report and arrange for repair work. Once the garage provides you all the bills, make sure it is signed by the garage personnel and submit it to the insurer. On verification, the insurer will reimburse the amount.
    • Make sure you submit them before you drive your vehicle from the garage, else there will be more inspections and verifications about the repair. So sooner the better.

    Third-party claims:

    • If a third-party person or property has been damaged or injured by your car while you were driving, immediately inform the insurance provider and mention the incident in detail. Lodge an FIR at the nearest police station. Obtain a copy of the FIR.
    • Arrange for the medical attention if needed. The insurer can help you with that as well.
    • Submit a claim form attaching the police report and FIR copy with other necessary documents like RC, DL, and personal IDs etc. Do not make out-of-court settlements or deal yourself without intimating the insurer.
    • The insurance company will also investigate the report and if the documents and evidence are satisfactory, the insurer will assign a lawyer to you.
    • Once the honorable court directs you to pay for the third-party damages, the insurer will pay the compensation amount directly to the third-party.
    • In case of death, the family of the victim are liable to get death benefit on your policy.

    Theft claims:

    • File an FIR at the police station stating the incident and obtain a copy.
    • Inform the insurer and the RTO about the same and submit the FIR copy and the RTO transfer certificate along with the claim application with vehicle details and your car insurance policy number.
    • If the police is unable to find your car after a certain period usually 6 months, the police will provide ‘No-Trace Report’. Submit this report to the insurer.
    • Once the documents are all in place the insurer will release the claim amount.

    Maintain a good driving record, avoid collisions in traffic, maintain safe distance and follow other essential traffic rules which will help you avoid accidents so there will be no need to claim the insurance policy. For more details you can visit any trusted third-party website or contact the insurance company for further queries. Be aware of the formalities and procedure for claims. The customer care helpline is available 24*7 so you can contact them anytime.