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    While a car is certainly a luxury, it could be quite an expense as well. While at any point you could meet an accident that will leave you scrapping your pocket to cover the cost, knowing how to avoid putting your car through a tough situation should be your first priority. One should be extra cautious in seasons like winter or rain. While a comprehensive motor insurance policy will cover the cost up to the insured declared value of the car, one must prepare at all times to limit the damage (if possible), as anything above the IDV will have to be covered from your own pocket. If you’re in a place that snows in the winter, one must be extra careful when travelling, likewise when it rains. Driving on roads in such conditions is a recipe for disaster and will result you being forced to make a claim to cover the cost of the damages met to your car. Keeping that in mind, we’ve listed out a few points one should keep in mind to protect your car in the winter.

    Tips to protect your car in winter

    Listed below are a few points that you need to keep in mind to keep your car in optimum condition or to protect it against any unforeseen circumstance during the winter:

    • Avail a comprehensive car insurance policy

    If you’ve got a basic third-party insurance policy, it’s time to step it up as such a policy will only cover the damages caused to the third party involved in an accident. However, a comprehensive car insurance policy will offer coverage for both parties involved in the accident as well as cover damages arising from any other listed circumstances as stated in the policy wording. If your car is damaged in the winter, due to an accident or circumstances out of your control, then the policy will kick in to cover the expenses. However, the claim to cover the damage will be paid up to the IDV of the vehicle and if it is categorised as ‘own damage’ and not consequential damage.

    • Get it serviced before the winter

    For those owning cars in colder regions, coming across snow and fog is common. It is imperative in order to protect one’s car to get it serviced before the temperature drops. Having all the parts oiled is absolutely necessary to avoid them getting jammed due to the cold. Installing hazard lights has to be a precautionary step if you’re going to be driving in the winter months.

    • Clean your lights before you get on the road

    Driving in the winter months in fog or snow leads to numerous accidents due to poor visibility. Having your lights on even during the day is the only sign that you’re on the road for oncoming traffic. Make sure that you clean your headlamps before every drive.

    • Make sure you’re equipped with all the essentials in your car

    If your car does break down in fog or snow, you’re in for big trouble if you are not carrying the right essentials. Ensure that you’re carrying a heavy-duty jacket to withstand the cold if you have to get out of your car. In addition, carry a shovel, a dry sponge, tools to fix your car, lubricants, etc.

    • Use your brakes wisely

    If you’re driving on a road which is covered by snow, you’re in for a slippery journey. Ensure you use the lower gears and the automatic engine braking system of the car rather than jam your brakes if you’re slipping on the road. Drive slow and with caution.

    • Charge your phone

    If your car does brake down in the winter, make sure your phone is charged at all times to call for roadside assistance. It’s always better to have professionals to move your car rather you causing more damage by trying to do it yourself.

    Although it is advisable to avoid driving your car through unfavorable weather conditions, if you have no choice, keep the above-listed points in mind. By doing so, you will save yourself a good amount of money as well as time. Lastly, drive safe!

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