• Digit Car Insurance

    Car Insurance
    • Protect yourself with third party or comprehensive cover
    • Use bumper to bumper policies to reduce your liability
    • Enjoy facilities like zero depreciation and roadside assistance covers

    Digit Insurance is certified by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of India and is a trusted insurer for more than 25 lakh customers in the country. Digit provides the option of cashless claim settlement at over 1,400 network garages spread across the country. 

    What does Digit Car Insurance Cover? 

    • Losses caused by your vehicle to a third-party or third-party property 
    • Costs incurred due to death or disability or the owner/driver while driving the insured vehicle 
    • Damages incurred by your car because of accidents and any collision on the road. 
    • Will provide coverage if the vehicle is stolen 
    • Damages incurred by external factors such as fire 
    • Damages incurred by the car due to any unforeseen natural calamities 

    What are the Add-On Covers offered with Digit Car Insurance? 

    • Zero Depreciation Add-on Cover 
      • This is also called as Parts Depreciation Cover or Zero Depreciation Cover or Bumper-Bumper cover. 
      • It is advisable to buy this car if you are just purchasing a vehicle or if your vehicle is under 5 years old. 
      • Depreciation is the concept of decrease of value of some parts of the car. This will include any fibre or metal part of the vehicle. 
      • At the time of replacing a damaged part of the vehicle, the entire cost will not be covered. The cost of depreciation will be deducted from the claim money. 
      • This cover will make sure you get the complete cost of repair or replacement from the insurer. 
    • Return to Invoice Add-on Cover 
      • If your car is stolen or completely damaged, you will be getting the ex-showroom price or the last invoice value as compensation. 
      • This Return to Invoice Cover will bridge the gap between the Insured Declared Value and the invoice value of the car. The Insured Declared Value of the car is generally lesser than the invoice value of the car due to the depreciation costs over the years. 
      • Under Digit Insurance, you get the unique benefit where they include the cost of registration and road tax in this add-on. These costs will also be covered under this Digit add-on cover. 
    • Engine and Gearbox Protection Add-on Cover 
      • Any damage to the engine is generally not covered in a comprehensive insurance plan. Damage to the engine are generally covered only when the engine is damaged at the time of an accident. 
      • This add-on will make sure you are covered for any consequential damage to the engine.  
      • This add-on provides coverage for any engine repairs. This could account for almost 40% of the vehicle cost. It is advisable to get this cover as this provides protection to your engine at all times. 
    • Breakdown Assistance Cover 
      • Breakdown Assistance Cover can be of great help if you are someone who frequently travels using the insured vehicle. 
      • Breakdown Assistance Cover will provide you with roadside assistance round the clock for a distance of up to 500 km from the city where you reside.  
      • This add-on cover will cover events such as a flat tyre, medical coordination, minor repairs, legal assistance, accommodation benefits, and towing assistance. 
    • Tyre Protect Cover 
      • Contrary to what many people believe, any damage to the tyre is not covered in a comprehensive car insurance policy. 
      • Damage to the tyre is covered under a normal policy only when the tyre incurs damage in an accident. 
      • Tyre Protect Cover will cover all scenarios where there is a damage to the tyre irrespective of the damage to the car. 
      • Under this cover, you will be protected from damages like tyre cuts and other damages which make the tyre unfit for use. 

    What is not covered under Digit Car Insurance? 

    Listed below are some of the most common exclusions of Digit Car Insurance: 

    • Driving under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicant 
    • Driving without a valid driving license 
    • Driving with a learner’s license and not having a license holder with you on the front seat of the vehicle 
    • Damages to the vehicle that are not directly caused by the accident. These losses are called as consequential losses and is usually excluded from coverage. 
    • Contributory negligence of the person driving the vehicle. This can include doing anything that is not recommended by the manufacturer. For example: Driving your car in a water body. Insurers will not cover losses if you cause damage to the vehicle after knowing the consequences. 
    • You can cover some of the exclusions by making use of add-on covers. You will be applicable for all the exclusions if you do not opt for any add-on. 

    Why Choose Digit Car Insurance? 

    • Digit Car Insurance has a very fast claim process in place. Close to 90.4% of the claims are settled in under 30 days. 
    • More than 1,400 cashless network garages are available across India. You can choose to use this cashless facility at any of these garages based on your convenience. 
    • Digit Car Insurance offers doorstep pickup and repair of your car. All the repairs done at the network garages will be provided with a 6 month warranty.  
    • You can inspect the damages incurred by your vehicle using the smartphone enabled self inspection of the car. You just have to take pictures of all the damage done to the vehicle and you are good to go.  
    • The company 24*7 customer support and will be available to provide assistance even on national holidays. 
    • You can customise the IDV with Digit Car Insurance based on your preference. Contact the insurer to know more details about the same. 

    How to buy / renew Digit Car Insurance? 

    Listed below are some of the steps to follow to buy or renew your car insurance easily: 

    • Enter the make of the vehicle, the vehicle variant, model, the city you will be driving in and the registration date of the car. After entering these details on the company website, you can get the quote and then choose the plan based on your preference. 
    • You can choose either a comprehensive insurance policy or a third-party liability only policy based on the coverage you need. 
    • In case you owned an insurance policy prior to this, you will have to give the details of the date of expiry of the previous policy. You should also submit details about the No Claim Bonus accumulated and the total claims made in the last year. 
    • You will be provided with a quote for the premium. You can either continue with the standard plan or choose to add some add-ons to enhance the protection offered by your insurance policy. In Digit Car Insurance, you will also have the option to set the IDV. You can view the final premium after adding all these details. 

    How to make claims in Digit Car Insurance? 

    • Contact Digit Car Insurance by using the toll-free number (1800 258 5956). You need not fill out any forms during the claim process. 
    • You will receive a link for the self-inspection link to the registered mobile number. You will have to take the pictures of the vehicle using your smartphone by following the step by step process provided by the insurer. 
    • You can either choose advance case or cashless repair by making use of the 1,400 network garages of the company.   

    Digit Car Insurance – FAQs 

    1. Can I transfer my No Claim Bonus if I wish to switch to Digit Car Insurance? 
    2. Yes, you can choose to transfer the No Claim Bonus when you are transferring from one insurer to Digit Car Insurance. Digit will be providing you the No Claim Bonus by making use of the history of No Claim Bonus you had with the previous insurer. 

    3. What are some of the factors I should look at before I choose an insurance company? 
    4. Some of the important aspects you need to consider at the time of purchasing a policy have been listed below: 

      • Customer Service – Check the quality of the customer service provided by the insurer. Pick an insurer who will provide you with customer service round the clock. 
      • Claim Settlement Speed – Pick an insurance company that has a good record of claim settlement. At the time of picking an insurer make sure you check the speed with which they settle the claims and not just the claim settlement ratio. 
      • Cashless Facility – Check if the insurer offers cashless claim facility at the time of making claims. This can be very useful if you have big claims to make. This will help reduce the step of paying your own money and applying for claims. 
      • Network Garages – Check the distribution of the network garages across the country. Make sure that there are some good network garages near the place you reside. Digit Car Insurance has more than 1,400 network garages. 
    5. Should I have to submit any documents when I buy a new policy or transfer a policy from the old insurer to the new one? 
    6. No, Digit focuses on not having any paperwork when people are enrolling for their policy. You will not be expected to submit any documents irrespective of whether you wish to buy or transfer your insurance policy. 

    7. What should I do in case I meet with an accident? 
    8. In case of accident, contact the customer care of Digit Insurance by using the toll-free number 1800 103 4448. The insurance company will then guide you through the remaining process. 

    9. Can I choose a non-network garage for repairing my vehicle? 
    10. Yes, you can choose a garage of your liking to do the repairs for your vehicle. There may be instances when you are not near a network garage to get your car repaired. In such instances, you can repair the vehicle in a garage you choose. The insurance company will the reimburse all the costs incurred for the repair as soon as you submit the invoices. Alternatively, you can contact the customer care and choose the network garage you prefer. Digit will arrange for a pick up through the network garage. 

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