• Four Wheeler Driving Licence Application Form

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    As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, all vehicle owners have to have a driving license to be eligible to drive or ride on the roads of India. Through the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, along with a driving license, the third-party motor insurance policy was also made mandatory. Since it is a government-approved document, the driving license can also be used as an identification and address proof, and the driving license holder is permitted to drive anywhere in the country.

    To get a four wheeler driving license, the individual has to first fill and submit the driving license form. The driving license form basically contains the basic information of the individual and the vehicle category that the individual will be permitted to drive with the license. Individuals who wish to avail a car or heavy motor vehicle driving license from the RTO in their jurisdiction can do so either through the online or offline process.

    The offline process will require the individual to visit the RTO and fill in the driving license form and make the appointment for the test. Whereas, with the online process, which is offered by a number of states across India, but not all, the individual can fill in his/her basic details on the online driving license form and make the appointment for the driving test online as well. That said, to help individuals with the process, we’ve listed out the different aspects of the driving license form and how individuals can carry out the process of availing a driving license and the requirements to do so.

    What needs to be filled in the four wheeler driving license form

    As already mentioned above, the individual applying for a car/four-wheeler driving license can avail the form either at the RTO or online. Once the individual has either procured the form from the RTO or has downloaded it from the State RTO website, he/she has to fill in the details as mentioned below:

    • The applicant will have to first fill in his/her personal details which will be displayed on the driving license - Full name, name of either father or mother, blood group, date of birth, etc.
    • The applicant has to then fill in the vehicle category he/she wishes to be permitted to drive in the country. For example, the applicant has to choose whether he/she wants the driving license for a four-wheeler, two-wheeler with or without gears, light motor vehicle or a heavy motor vehicle, commercial vehicle or private vehicle, etc.
    • Next, the driving license applicant will have to choose ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the questions listed in the driving license form:
      • Whether he/she is applying for a driving license for the first time, or he/she has had a license in the past.
      • If the previous license has been terminated.
      • If the individual has been convicted when holding a driving license.
      • If he/she is subjected to a driving test to assess his/her ability to drive the vehicle of choice.

    Documents to be submitted with the driving license form

    Whether or not the driving license applicant has procured the form from the RTO or has downloaded from the State RTO website, he/she will have to submit the documents as listed below:

    • The driving license form, duly filled and attested by the driving license applicant.
    • Medical certificate if the applicant is above a certain age or has certain pre-existing disorders or illnesses.
    • The registration certificate of the vehicle.
    • Valid motor insurance documents of the vehicle.
    • Recent passport-size photographs.
    • Valid identification and address proof of the driving license applicant.
    • Fitness test of the vehicle (if the vehicle is old or will be used for commercial purposes).
    • If the vehicle is not the applicant’s, he/she will need a written consent from the owner of the vehicle that he/she has allowed him/her to use the vehicle for the driving test.

    Once all the documents as listed above have been submitted by the driving license applicant, he/she will have to pay the necessary fees for the driving test as well as for the driving license document that will be issued if he/she clears the test.

    Steps to download your four-wheeler driving license form (Online procedure)

    For driving license applicants that wish to carry out the process online, they can follow the steps mentioned below to download the driving license application form:

    • Visit the website sarathi.nic.in
    • Next, the applicant has to register himself/herself on the website to continue.
    • On the website, the applicant has to enter his/her details such as their name, name of father or mother, and vehicle class he/she wishes to have a license for.
    • Once all the details have been entered by the applicant, he/she will then have to click on ‘submit’. Once that is done, a message that the details have been saved will be displayed on the screen.
    • Make sure that you have noted the application number of the driving license form. The driving license applicant will have to enter the application number to make an appointment for the driving test.
    • Next, the driving license applicant has to click on ‘appointment for DL test’.
    • The page will then display the available slots for the driving test. The applicant can choose a time and day slot based on his/her convenience. Note, the booking of the time and day slot for the driving test has to be done using the application number.

    Steps to print driving license form

    If the driving license applicant has chosen the online procedure, he/she can choose to print or download the application form by following the steps mentioned below:

    • Visit the website parivahan.gov.in.
    • Once on the website, click on the ‘apply online’ button on the left portion of the page.
    • Click on the ‘new driving license’ option.
    • Now, enter your learner’s license number or application number and then enter your date of birth.

    The driving license applicant can then download and print the form if the details entered are correct. The driving license applicant can also choose to print and download Form 2, Form 4, Form 8, and Form 9.

    What you’d have to do for the driving test

    For many, the driving test might be a scary experience. However, if well prepared, the test could prove to be a walk in the park. Usually, the candidate will have to either drive through a track shaped like the number 8, will have to parallel park, or will have to drive through an S-shaped track. To test the driver, the supervisor might ask the candidate to drive on a slope or down a slope. If the candidate passes the test, he/she will be issued the license by the RTO within a month.

    Types of driving license application forms

    Listed below are the different application forms that applicants need to know:

    • Form 4

    Form 4 is basically the application form for a motor driving license. The applicant has to enter his/her basic personal details, the vehicle category, and enter other relevant details.

    • Form 2

    The Form 2 driving license application form is basically the application form for a learner’s license or for the renewal of the learner’s license. The applicant has to enter his/her personal details, and attach copies of a medical certificate and fitness test - if required only.

    • Form 9

    Form 9 is basically the application form for the renewal of one’s driving license. The applicant has to enter his/her personal details, details of their expired driving license, and attach copies of the fitness certificate and medical certificate, if required.

    • Form L.L.D

    This form is basically to apply for a duplicate driving license if the applicant has either lost or misplaced his/her original DL. Here too, the applicant has to enter his/her personal details, their driving license number, house address be it temporary or permanent, and reasons for applying for a duplicate driving license. The applicant has to make sure that the form is self attested.

    • Form 1

    Form 1 has to be submitted by the driving license applicant to prove that he/she does not have any pre-existing disorders like hearing loss, problem with his/her eyesight, epilepsy, etc. The applicant has to first enter his/her personal details and in the second section declare if he/she suffers from any illness or disorder.

    • Form 1A

    If required, if the applicant is either old or has had disorders or any sort of illness that would interfere with his/her driving, the RTO authorities will request the applicant to submit Form 1A, which is basically a medical certificate of the applicant. For this form to be legitimate, a medical practitioner has to attest the form and state that the individual is fit to drive.

    • Form 8

    If the individual wishes to add a vehicle class that he/she can be permitted to drive, the individual has to submit Form 8 at the RTO in his/her jurisdiction. For this to be approved, the applicant has to submit Form 1A, Form 3 or Form 4, Form 5 (for transport vehicles) and lastly, the ‘certificate of test of competence to drive’ for the vehicle class, which will be filled by supervising officer.

    • Form LCA

    Since a driving license can be used as an address proof as well, if the driving license holder wishes to change his/her address on the document, he/she can do so using Form LCA. The license holder will have to submit the Form LCA along with their personal details as well as proof of the new house address.


    1. Can you tell me what is the cost of applying for a driving license?

    At present, the cost of the driving license form is set at Rs.500. This is just for the driving license form and cost of the issuance of the driving license document is additional.

    2. Are there different forms for different vehicle classes?

    No, irrespective of the vehicle class, there is just one form for a driving license. That said, the applicant has to clearly mention the vehicle class he/she wishes to have a license for. If the applicant wishes to add a vehicle class to his/her driving license in the future, he/she can do so using Form 8.

    3. Is it necessary to submit Form 1 when applying for a driving license?

    Yes, it is imperative to submit Form 1 when applying for the driving license as it assures the authorities that the applicant is physically fit to drive on the roads of India. In Form 1, for their own safety, applicants have to declare if they suffer from any sort of illness or disorder that could possibly hamper their driving.

    4. What happens if I fail the driving test? Is it possible to use the same application to give the test again?

    If you fail the driving test, then the individual will have to fill in a fresh application and also make another payment of Rs.500 for the application form. The same application form cannot be used nor can the application number be used for a second try at the driving test in the case of the online procedure.

    5. Is it true that one will only pass the driving test if he/she goes through a motor driving school?

    That is not true. Individuals can seek the help of a driving school if he/she needs to develop the skill of driving. If not, one can apply and even pass the driving test independently as well. However, in the case of commercial vehicles, since the process is complicated and Form 5 is a requisite, going through a driving school will make the process simpler.

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