• How to Find the Chassis and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your car

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    The chassis number or the Vehicle Identification Number is a unique identification number of the car. The 17-digit number has all the details related to the car and ensures that these cannot be duplicated, if stolen. The Vehicle Identification Number of the car can be found on various parts of the vehicle and knowing where it is present is important during the time of vehicle registration or when you need to renew the registration of the vehicle. That said, let’s breakdown what exactly is the Vehicle Identification Number of a car and where to find the VIN or the chassis number of your vehicle.  

    What the Vehicle Identification Number or the Chassis number consists 

    As already mentioned, the chassis number of a car basically has all the details of the car, and a unique serial number to ensure that the model cannot be duplicated. We’ve listed out the significance of the 17-digit number and what is consists:  

    • The first digit signifies where the car was manufactured.  
    • The 2nd and 3rd digits signify the manufacturer of the vehicle.  
    • The 4th to 8th digits signify the vehicle brand, the type of engine and its capacity. In addition, the 2nd, 3rd and 8th digits signify the fuel variant of the car.  
    • The 9th digit is the security code as given by the manufacturer.  
    • The 10th digit signifies the year the model was manufactured.  
    • The 11th digit signifies the manufacturing plant of the vehicle.  
    • The last 6 digits of the chassis number are basically the unique serial number of the car.  

    How to locate the chassis number on your car 

    There are numerous ways to find the chassis number of a car as listed below:  

    • On the registration certificate 
    • As soon as a car is purchased, the manufacturer gets it registered at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in their jurisdiction. The RTO then prints the chassis number of the vehicle on the registration certificate of the car.  

    • On the dashboard 
    • Some cars have the chassis number on the dashboard on the side of the driver.  

    • On the door 
    • Car manufacturers often print the chassis number of the car on the side door by the driver’s seat.  On opening the door, the car owner should be able to spot the chassis number easily.  

    • Under the hood of the vehicle 
    • Every car manufacturer prints the Vehicle Identification Number on the chassis of the vehicle just by the engine. This is the easy to spot once the hood of the car has been lifted.  

    • Under the front grille of the vehicle 
    • For convenience sake, car manufacturers also print the chassis number under the front grille of the car.  

    • On the boot 
    • Car manufacturers also print the chassis number under the spare tyre in the boot of the vehicle. Lift the spare tyre and you will spot it.  

    • Above the rear wheel 
    • A few car manufacturers print the chassis number above the rear wheel. However, with this option, the chassis number might be difficult to locate.  In the case of second-hand vehicles, the buyer of the used vehicle must ensure that the chassis number as printed on the vehicle and what’s mentioned in the registration certificate of the vehicle match. If there is a discrepancy, refrain from purchasing the vehicle as it is quite possible that the vehicle has been stolen.  

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