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    KVB FASTag enables to make cashless toll payments while travelling on National Highways. With this tag, you no more will have to stop your vehicle to make toll payments by cash while passing through toll plazas. This tag is issued by Karur Vysya Bank as a part of the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program implemented by NPCI under NHAI and IHMCL to facilitate digital toll payments. KVB FASTag can be used at more than 400 toll plazas across National Highways in India. 

    What is KVB FASTag and how does it work? 

    This is an RFID technology-enabled device which allows you to make instant cashless transactions at toll plazas on National Highways. It is linked to a prepaid account and the toll fee is directly deducted from this account. By using this tag, you can drive your vehicle through multiple toll plazas across National Highways without stopping to pay the toll charges in cash. 

    This reloadable tag can be purchased from Karur Vysya Bank against a joining fee of Rs.100 and a one-time security deposit fee ranging from Rs.200 to Rs.500 as per the vehicle class. After activation, the tag is attached to the vehicle’s windscreen. When the vehicle passes through the dedicated FASTag lanes at toll booths, the RFID readers present in the booths auto-scan the tag and deduct the toll fees from the prepaid account linked to it. Once the amount is debited from your FASTag account, you will receive an SMS with the transaction details in your registered phone number  

    Features and benefits of KVB FASTag 

    • KVB FASTag saves your valuable time and reduces fuel consumption as you don’t have to wait in long queues for cash transaction. 
    • With this tag, neither you will have to carry cash to pay toll fees nor you need to worry about paying/collecting the exact change. 
    • You are eligible to get 2.5% cashback on all transactions done in FY2019-20 through KVB FASTag. You will receive the amount for a specific month within 7 days of the next month. 
    • You will receive instant transaction alerts through SMS or email to your registered mobile number or email ID regarding the transactions made through KVB FASTag.
    • Your KVB FASTag account can be recharged offline through cheque or cash at all the KVB branches or online through NEFT/RTGS, UPI, net banking, credit card, and debit card.  
    • You can obtain periodic statements, check your transaction history, and account balance by logging in to the KVB FASTag web portal.  
    • Your KVB FASTag account can be recharged with a minimum amount of Rs.100.
    • You can recharge your KVB FASTag account with a maximum amount of Rs.1 lakh if you have done KYC documentation. If you haven’t provided KYC details to the bank, you can load only Rs.20,000 in your account per month. 
    • If you are a local vehicle owner residing with 10 km of a toll plaza or a frequent FASTag user, you are eligible to get special concessions on toll payments. 
    • Being a KVB FASTag user you can apply for a monthly pass that can be used only at a specific toll plaza.  
    • If the FASTag gets damaged due to wear or tear you will get a replacement tag from the bank. 

    Procedure to get a KVB FASTag 

    Requesting for a tag offline: 

    Visit your nearest Karur Vysya Bank branch or any of the Point of Sale (POS) locations at outlets to open a FASTag account. You need to carry all the originals as well as the photocopies of your KYC documents to the POS/bank branch location. Also, drive your vehicle to the POS/bank branch as the FASTag will be affixed on the windshield of your vehicle by a representative of the bank. 

    Documents required

    • For registered vehicles
      • Duly filled and signed application form for KVB FASTag  
      • Registration Certificate of your vehicle 
      • Image of the vehicle with front view and side view 
      • KYC documents: Aadhaar card/PAN card/Passport/Driving License of the vehicle owner 
      • Passport size photograph of the vehicle owner
    • For unregistered vehicles
      • Duly filled and signed application form for KVB FASTag
      • Invoice of vehicle tax with the Chassis and engine number
      • Image of the vehicle with front view and side view 
      • KYC documents: Aadhaar card/PAN card/Passport/Driving License of the vehicle owner
      • Passport size photograph of the vehicle owner 

    Note: Corporate customers will have to specify the list of vehicles, vehicle type, and the Registration Number of each in the letterhead of their company. 

    Requesting for a tag online: 

    You can request for a KVB FASTag online only for vehicles like car/jeep/van which fall under the category of Vehicle Class 4. The steps are as follows: 

    1. Visit the official website of Karur Vysya Bank at https://www.fastag.kvb.co.in/buytag. 
    2. Choose the type of customer you are and provide your personal and identity proof details. 
    3. Upload your ID proof and address proof on the portal. 
    4. Check the ‘Terms & Conditions’ box. 
    5. Click on ‘Submit’. 

    After successful completion of the payment and verification process, you will be issued with a FASTag. 

    Fees and charges of KVB FASTag program 

    1. Joining Fee 


    *The amount includes all applicable taxes and other charges 

    2. One-time Security Deposit Amount 

    Vehicle Class  Vehicle Type  Tag Colour  Security Deposit 
    Car / Jeep / Van/ TATA Ace and similar mini Light Commercial Vehicle  Violet  Rs.200 
    Light Commercial Vehicle  Orange  Rs.300 
    Three Axle Commercial Vehicles  Yellow  Rs.400 
    Bus/Truck  Green  Rs.400 
    12  4 to 6 axle  Pink  Rs.500 
    15  7 or more axle  Blue  Rs.500 
    16  Earth Moving Equipment (EME)/Heavy Construction Machinery (HCM)  Black  Rs.500 

    * The deposit amount is refundable and will be paid back upon closure/cancellation of the FASTag. 

    3. Convenience Fee for Online Recharge 

    You will be charged with a small convenience fee by the payment gateway during online recharge. 

    Payment Option  Applicable Amount 
    Debit Card  0.90% for transaction values more than Rs.2,000 
    Credit Card  1.10% of the transaction value 
    Internet Banking  0.90% to 1.65% of the transaction value 

    Minimum Recharge Amount and Balance for KVB FASTag Wallet 

    Here is the minimum amount to be recharged at the time of tag activation and the threshold amount to be maintained in your KVB FASTag wallet:  

    Vehicle Class  Vehicle Type  Minimum Recharge Amount  Threshold Amount 
    Car / Jeep / Van/ TATA Ace and similar mini Light Commercial Vehicle  Rs.200  Rs.100 
    Light Commercial Vehicle  Rs.200  Rs.150 
    Three Axle Commercial Vehicles  Rs.500  Rs.300 
    Bus/Truck  Rs.500  Rs.300 
    12  4 to 6 axle  Rs.500  Rs.300 
    15  7 or more axle  Rs.500  Rs.300 
    16  Earth Moving Equipment (EME)/Heavy Construction Machinery (HCM)  Rs.500  Rs.300 

    KVB FASTag Recharge Procedure 

    Here are the modes of recharging your KVB FASTag account online: 

    Recharge through the customer web portal: 

    • Go to the official website of Karur Vysya Bank at https://www.fastag.kvb.co.in/home
    • Login to your customer portal using your registered mobile number and password. 
    • Navigate to the recharge section and follow the instructions.  
    • Select the desired payment option from KVB’s multi payment services. 

    Recharge through KVB UPAY App  

    For UPI recharge use this virtual ID/VPA format: netc.VEHICLE NUMBER@kvb 

    To recharge your FASTag account offline visit the nearest Karur Vysya Bank branch. 

    Customer Care Details of KVB FASTag 

    • 1800 102 1916: Call this NHAI/IHMCL helpline number for any FASTag-related assistance  
    • 1033: Dial this number to get the following issues addressed: 
      • If FASTag is not accepted at the toll plaza 
      • If there is an error in FASTag reading at the toll plaza 
      • If toll plaza is not accepting your monthly pass 
      • For other toll plaza level complaints 


    1. Is it mandatory to avail a FASTag for toll payment?  

    Availing a FASTag is completely voluntary. However, since this initiative is taken by the government for encouraging digital drive in India, it is advisable to get a FASTag for making electronic toll payments. 

    2. Is it possible to use the same tag for two or multiple vehicles? 

    No, you can use one tag for only one vehicle. If you have two or more vehicles, you need to apply for a separate tag for each of them. Using one tag for multiple vehicles may lead to operational issues. 

    3. What should I do if my KVB FASTag is lost or misplaced? 

    You should immediately report the incident to the customer care of Karur Vysya Bank so that they can block the tag. Place a request for a replacement tag and create a new FASTag account. The balance available in the old tag account will be transferred to the new account. 

    4. Is there any concession for local or frequent FASTag users? 

    Yes, KVB provides concessions on toll payments to local or frequent FASTag users. However, the concessions will vary depending on the rules and provisions of the agreement. 

    5. My FASTag hasn't been delivered yet. Whom should I contact? 

    In order to report a delay in delivery of FASTag, contact the customer helpline number of KVB at 1800 102 1916. 

    6. How to report an incorrect deduction made from my KVB FASTag account? 

    Report the incorrect deduction by calling the customer care number of Karur Vysya Bank. The bank will review your request and if your request is found to be correct the deducted amount will be reverted to your bank account. 

    7. Do I need to recharge my FASTag account on a regular basis? 

    After buying the FASTag, you can recharge your FASTag account as per your requirement. However, you need to maintain a minimum balance in your account depending on the class of your vehicle. 

    8. Can my vehicle pass through a toll plaza if I don’t have enough fund in my FASTag account? 

    Yes, your vehicle can pass through any lane of the toll plaza by making cash toll payments. However, you can’t drive through the FASTag lane without stopping your vehicle in such a case. 

    9. Will my FASTag work if I relocate to another city? 

    KVB FASTags work at all the toll plazas listed under the NETC program. However, in case there is any change in your address or city, you should inform the bank about the same for enjoying uninterrupted service. 

    10. Do I need to inform the bank if I want to sell or transfer my car? 

    Yes, you will have to inform the bank in case your car is being sold or transferred to a new location. 

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