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    If you have a vehicle of your own and wish to drive it on the roads under the jurisdiction of Himachal Pradesh transport department, you will need to get it registered with one of the Regional Transport Offices (RTO) in Himachal Pradesh. You will have to visit the RTO which is closest to your area of residence in Himachal Pradesh and produce relevant documents, which will be verified by an RTO official. Once the documents are verified and all the details are correct to the knowledge of the RTO, they will send you the Registration Card (RC) certificate to your communication address. Apart from getting your vehicle registered, you can also apply for a new driving license, get your driving license renewed, apply for a learner’s license if you are learning how to drive, etc.

    How to register your vehicle with an RTO in Himachal Pradesh?

    To register your vehicle with an RTO in Himachal Pradesh, you will have to visit the RTO nearest to your area of residence in Himachal Pradesh and submit all the relevant documents including Form 20. You will also have to pay a certain amount as registration fee. The RTO official will then verify all the documents furnished by you. Once, the official is satisfied that all the information provided by you is correct, the RTO will send the RC certificate to your communication address via post.

    Documents Required for Vehicle Registration in Himachal Pradesh

    Following is the list of documents that you will be required to submit to get your vehicle registered with an RTO in Himachal Pradesh:

    • Form 20.
    • Form 21 which consists of the details of the buyer and the seller.
    • Form 22 which is the roadworthiness certificate.
    • Form 22A if the body of the vehicle has been manufactured by a company other than the automobile company.
    • Valid insurance certificate.
    • Custom Clearance Certificate if the vehicle is imported.
    • If you own a stage vehicle, contract carriage vehicle, or a transport vehicle, then you will be required to furnish a Himachali certificate.
    • Trade certificate which will be issued to you by the automobile dealer.
    • Form 60 or Income tax clearance certificate.
    • Address proof such as Passport, utility bills, ration card, etc.
    • A specific sum of money paid as registration fee.
    • Tax payable.
    • Permits to be shown in case you own a transport vehicle.
    • Bonafide agriculture certificate issued by the Tehsildar, if you own a tractor or a trailer and use it for agricultural purposes.

    Functions of Himachal Pradesh Transport Department

    Some of the functions of Himachal Pradesh Transport Department are given below:

    • Issuing and renewing the driving license, learner’s license, conductors license, international driving license, etc.
    • Issuing and renewing of registration card, duplicate registration card, registration of vehicles, transferring of ownership, change of address in the registration card. Issuing No-Objection Certificate, registering a new class of vehicles, etc.
    • To make sure that the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 is being implemented.
    • Collecting vehicle taxes.
    • Collection of online token taxes.
    • Penalising those who violate the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

    Contact details of some of the RTOs in Andhra Pradesh

    RTO/ARTO Address Telephone Number/Fax Email id
    RTO Shimla Directorate of Transport, Parivahan Bhawan, Shimla HP -171004 0177-2658379 rto-shi-hp@nic.in
    RTO Solan Regional Transport Officer Solan, Dist. Solan HP-173212 01792-231308 rto-sol-hp@nic.in
    RTO Kullu Regional Transport Officer Kullu, Dist. Kullu HP -175101 01902-226497 rto-kul-hp@nic.in
    RTO Flying Kullu Regional Transport Officer (Flying) Kullu, Dist. Kullu, HP -175101 01902-225977 rtofs-kul-hp@nic.in
    RTO Dharamshala Regional Transport Officer Kangra at Dharamshala, HP-176215 01892-222055 rto-dha-hp@nic.in
    RTO Flying Dharamshala Regional Transport Officer (Flying) Kangra at Dharmashala, HP-176215 01892-229405 rtoofs-dha-hp@nic.in
    RTO Mandi Regional Transport Officer Mandi, Dist. Mandi, HP-175001 01905-235171 rto-man-hp@nic.in
    RTO Una Regional Transport Officer Una, Dist. Una, HP-174303 01975-203020 rto-una-hp@nic.in
    RTO Hamirpur Regional Transport Officer Hamirpur, Dist. Hamirpur, HP -177001 01972-221330 rto-ham-hp@nic.in
    RTO Bilaspur Regional Transport Officer Bilaspur, Dist. Bilaspur, HP -174001 01978-221364 rto-bil-hp@nic.in
    RTO Chamba Regional Transport Officer Chamba, Dist. Chamba, HP-176310 01899-224131 rto-cha-hp@nic.in
    RTO Nahan Regional Transport Officer Sirmaur at Nahan, Distt. Sirmaur, HP-173001 01702-225968 rto-nahn-hp@nic.in
    RTO Baddi at Nalgarh Regional Transport Officer, Baddi at Nalagarh, Solan, HP-174101 01795-222684 Rto-nalg-hp@gov.in
    RTO Rampur Regional Transport Officer, Rampur, HP-172001 01782-234759 rto-rmp-hp@gov.in
    ARTO Baddi ARTO Barrier Baddi, Distt. Solan, HP -173205 01795-245684 arto-baddi-hp@nic.in
    ARTO Parwanoo ARTO Barrier Parwanoo, Dist. Solan, HP-173220 01792-234295 arto-pwn-hp@nic.in
    ARTO Mehatpur ARTO Barrier Mehatpur, Dist. Una, HP-174315 01975-230304 arto-meh-hp@nic.in
    ARTO Barotiwala ARTO Barrier Barotiwala, Dist. Solan, HP-174103 01792-253084 arto-brt-hp@nic.in
    ARTO Gagret ARTO Barrier Gagret, Dist. Una, HP-177201 01976-241525 arto-gag-hp@nic.in
    ARTO Kandwal ARTO Barrier Kandwal, Dist. Kangra, HP -176201 01893-238587 arto-kand-hp@nic.in
    ARTO Damtal ARTO Barrier Damtal, Dist. Kangra, HP-176201 NA arto-dam-hp@nic.in
    ARTO Kala Amb ARTO Barrier Kala Amb, Dist. Sirmaur, HP-177203 01702-238510 arto-amb-hp@nic.in
    ARTO Ponta Sahib ARTO Barrier Ponta Sahib, Dist. Sirmaur, HP -173025 01704-222117 arto-pnt-hp@nic.in
    ARTO Swarghat ARTO Barrier Swarghat, Dist. Bilaspur, HP-174011 01978-284434 arto-swgt-hp@nic.in
    ARTO Tunuhatti ARTO Barrier Tunuhatti, Dist. Chamba, HP -176301 01899-257383 arto-tnht-hp@nic.in
    ARTO Tipra ARTO Barrier Tipra(Parwanoo) Dist. Solan HP NA arto-tipra-hp@nic.in

    Other important contact details

    Transport Commissioner,

    Directorate of Transport, Parivahan Bhawan, Shimla-171004,

    Telephone number: 01772803136

    Fax number: 0177-2808642

    E-mail ID: transport-hp@nic.in

    Hence, it is very easy to get your vehicle registered in Himachal Pradesh. All you must do is visit the nearest RTO and submit the relevant documents in order to get your vehicle registered. There are certain forms which you will have to fill and submit for the registration of your vehicle. You can either download them online or collect them from the nearest RTO. Once you have submitted all the documents, they will be verified, following which your vehicle will get registered. The RTO office will then send the RC card to your communication address.

    News About RTO in Himachal Pradesh

    • Himachal Pradesh mandates vehicle tracking system for passenger vehicles

      The transport ministry of Himachal Pradesh has made it compulsory for all passenger vehicles to install a vehicle tracking system or GPS, henceforth. Only those vehicle owners who abide by the rule will be given a registration certificate. With the idea to provide maximum safety to individuals travelling in passenger vehicles, the department has decided that only those vehicles that are fitted with tracking systems connected to the centralised vehicle portal of the Indian government will pass the fitness test.

      A regional transport officer of Himachal Pradesh, Bhuwan Sharma, stated that the tracking device, so fitted in the passenger vehicle, should be according to AIS 140. The system can be purchased from anywhere but it should meet the guidelines set by the transport ministry. The permit will be provided only if the guidelines are followed, GPS is activated, and connected to the centralised portal. He also said that the system will be powered by BSNL and connect to the transport department’s system. The official also added that the Kull RTO will start accepting cashless payments in order to bring about transparency in the system.

      11 April 2019

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