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    Based on a report, more than a million accidents happen on the roads of India every year and the numbers are increasing significantly as each year passes. While one can’t put a finger on negligence for everyone of the accidents that have occured, there are number of reasons contributing to this statistic - one being just the sure number of vehicles on the road. Realising the need of the hour, Motor Insurance companies have rolled out a number of type of insurance policies over the years that will financially protect the individual following an accident and offer a number of other benefits for those involved in an accident.

    While a third-party insurance policy is mandatory, for complete protection one will have to avail a comprehensive insurance policy. A comprehensive motor insurance policy offers coverage to both the first party and the third party involved in an accident. The policy offers coverage to meet the expenses of the damages caused to the vehicle of both parties as well as giving the policyholder and the third party coverage for medical expenses if the accidents leads to injury or disability. To make people aware of the need for road safety, we’ve listed out a number of reasons why road accidents occur on the roads of India. Take a note as prevention is better than cure.

    Reasons for the occurence of road accidents in India

    Listed-below are some of the main reasons why road accident take place in India:

    • Distracted while driving

    Not just in India, but being distracted while driving is one of the primary reasons why people meet with accidents. Using one’s phone while driving is certainly the main reason why people meet with accidents - pure negligence on the part of the driver. While on the road, keep your phone away.

    • Traversing through unfamiliar territory

    It’s quite often that you hear of people meeting on accidents when on a road trip, and one of the main reasons behind it is because they’re either riding or driving through an unfamiliar territory. In such cases, one needs to double their focus as the driver or rider is unsure of what lies ahead. Stay focused at all times when driving through an unfamiliar territory.

    • Driving while intoxicated

    While drivers and riders are penalised heavily for driving under the influence of alcohol, it still continues to be one of the chief factors why road accidents take place in India. Driving under the influence of intoxicants is a strict no as it blurs your vision, and impairs the reflexes the the driver or the rider. In addition, if one is under medication, it would be advisable not to drive as it could result in a drop of one’s attention span.

    • Suffering from ailments

    If one does suffer from any sort of ailments or medical conditions, it’s better to be driven than drive. A number of road accidents have occured due to the person on the wheel either having a seizure, blackout or a heart attack. If you’re one that has a medical condition, it is advisable to catch a cab instead under any sort of circumstance.

    • Overspeeding

    Overspeeding on the roads of India is just a recipe for disaster. A number of young lives due to this very reasons have been cut short. It is imperative that one limits himself/herself to the speed limit and at no point exceeds it to reach their destination faster. Overspeeding often questions your reaction time, and in most cases, it is found wanting.

    • Reckless driving and lack of lane discipline

    A common sight on the roads of India, being reckless on the road has caused innumerable deaths over the last few years. In addition, not maintaining lane discipline has resulted in head-on collisions. To be on the safe side, it absolutely necessary for drivers and riders to avoid being reckless on the roads in India and maintain lane discipline at all times.

    • Driving in unfavorable weather

    However urgent the matter, it is inadvisable for vehicle owners to drive through unfavorable weather - as it just heightens the risk of a accident taking place. A number of accidents have taken place in the recent past due to people driving through fog or when it is raining. Driving through a fog just limits your vision and increases the chances of you meeting with an accident. In addition, driving on slippery roads in the rain, will result in your car spinning and sliding out your control. Avoid driving through unfavorable weather for your own good.

    • Horrible road conditions

    This factor has contributed towards road accidents immensely over the last few years. Having potholes or speed bumps are one of the biggest reasons contributing to people bumping into each other all the time while driving or riding. Have you met with an accident due to poor road conditions, did you know that you can take the road contractor to court? Think about it, as lives are at stake.

    • Mechanical failure

    Apart from pointing your finger at vehicle manufacturers, this is one case that is not under the control of the driver or the rider. Brake failures are common reasons why people meet with accidents. The engine stalling on the road is another contributor towards road accidents. If the brakes of one’s bike or car fail, one should shift to the lowest gear to slow down the bike or car with the natural engine braking mechanism. Otherwise as well, to slow down one should use their gears to avoid overheating the braking system in one’s car or bike. If the engine fails, move to the side of the road as quickly as possible and call for assistance.

    • Tailgating

    Due to the number of vehicles on road, it is quite common to tailgate the vehicle in front. However, to be on the safe side, a good distance should be maintained at all times. This will avoid you bumping into vehicles in front of you, as you’re unsure of the braking or driving capability of a stranger on the road.

    • Travelling without protection

    For those driving, it is absolutely necessary for them to wear a seatbelt when travelling. A number of lives have been saved by this protective act. When riding, wearing a helmet is a must. Giving yourself head protection is something that should be a priority and not hairfall.

    Apart from taking in the above-listed points regarding road safety, one should get themselves the best possible motor insurance policy to keep themselves financially protected in case of an accident or mishap. Having various add-on covers with one’s comprehensive motor insurance policy will give you complete protection when you need it the most.

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