• Traffic Offences and Penalties in Bangalore

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    The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, regulates the traffic offences, fines, and penalties for not following the traffic rules. Understanding the rules and penalties helps in avoiding mishaps and accidents. The traffic offences and penalties in Bangalore are as follows: 

    Traffic Offences  Section of Law  Amount of Fine (Rs.) 
    Dangerously driving a two-wheeler   M.V. Act 184  300  
    Dangerously driving a non-transport vehicle (with white board)  M.V. Act 184  400 
    Dangerously driving a transport vehicle (with yellow board)  M.V. Act 184  500 
    Driving a vehicle or causing a vehicle to be driven at speeds that exceed the maximum limit  Section 112 read with sec.183(1) & (2) of the M.V. Act  300 
    Racing and trials of speed  Section 189 of the M.V. Act  500 
    Carrying excess passengers in a 3-wheeler or a transport vehicle (including buses)  Section 177 of the M.V. Act  100/- for every excess passenger 
    Drunken Driving  M.V. Act 185  Court Fine 
    No Parking  Section 177 of the M.V. Act  100 
    Demanding excessive fair and refusing to come for hire (eg., cab drivers or auto drivers)  Rule 13 (U) of the KMV Rules read with Section 177 of the M.V. Act  First time Rs.100  Second time and subsequent offences Rs.300 
    Defective fare meter  16 Clause (K)  100 
    Defective silencer  16 Clause 120  100 
    Emitting black smoke  190 Clause (2)  100 
    Shrill sounding horn  190 Clause (2)  100 
    Driving without permit  190 Clause 192  Court Fine 
    Driving a two-wheeler without a driving license  Sec.3 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act.   300 
    Driving a non-transport vehicle without a driving licence  Sec.3 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act.  400 
    Driving a transport vehicle without a driving licence  Sec.3 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act.   500  
    An under-aged individual driving a motor vehicle in a public place  Sec.4 read with Sec.181 of the M.V. Act.  500 
    Owner of a motor vehicle permitting any other person to drive the vehicle in contravention of section 3 or 4  Sec.5 read with Sec.180 of the M.V. Act.  1000 
    Jumping of traffic signals  Rule 119, read with section 177, M.V. Act  100 
    Parking on wrong sides  190 Clause 117  100 
    Cutting of the yellow lane or not complying with lane discipline  190 Clause 119  100 
    Defective number plate  190 Clause 50  100 
    No entry  190 Clause 115  100 
    H.T.V. prohibited  115 R/w 177  100 
    Driving without I.C  14 R/w 106  500 
    Driving without F.C  14 R/w 56  Court Fine 
    Driving with a defective headlight  14 R/w 106  100 
    Driving without a taillight  14 R/w 250  100 
    Driving any motor vehicle without a number plate  Rule 50 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules read with section 177 of the M.V. Act  First time 100/-, 2nd & subsequent offences 300/- 
    Holding or using a mobile phone while driving or riding a vehicle   Section 230 (A) KMVR, R/W Sec 177, I.M.V Act   100 
    Not wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler  230 of the KMVR 1989 in sub rule (1)  100 
    Triple riding  Section 128 (1), MV Act, R/W sec 177 MV Act  100 
    Using black film/other Materials   SEC 100 CMVR R/W 177, MV ACT  First time 100/-, 2nd & subsequent offences 300/- 
    Not wearing helmet - pillion Rider  RULE 230(1), R/W SEC 177 IMV ACT  100 
    Driving without wearing seatbelt  100 
    Wrong parking + towing charges for two-wheeler  SEC 15(2), R/W SEC177 MV ACT  750 
    Wrong parking + towing charges (Car or 3-wheelers)  SEC 15(2), R/W SEC177 MV ACT  1100 
    Towing charges for Medium Transport Vehicle  SEC 15(2), R/W SEC177 MV ACT  1350 
    Wrong Parking + Towing charges (HGV)  SEC 15(2) ,R/W SEC177 MV ACT  1600 

    News About Traffic Offences and Penalties in Bangalore

    • Bengaluru Traffic Police To Now Impose Stricter Fines

      Starting July 20, the Bengaluru Traffic Police has tightened the noose around traffic rules violators by bringing into execution a slew of revisions in traffic-related penalties. The revised fines have been in effect since July 20, and the traffic police force has been raising awareness among the school bus drivers, school van drivers, auto-rickshaw drivers, buses, cabs, two-wheeler riders and resident welfare associations (RWAs) regarding this revision. They have also erected signboards at various junctions across the city to further make commuters aware of the revision in fines.

      As per the revised penalties, drivers found using mobile phones while driving will be fines Rs.1000, instead of the previous amount of Rs.100; parking in a no-parking zone will fetch you a fine of Rs.1000; driving a vehicle without registration will be fined Rs.5000 for first time offenders and Rs.10,000 for following offenses; vehicles being driven without a fitness certificate will attract a fine of Rs.2000 for the first offense and Rs.5000 for the consequent offense.

      31 July 2019

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