• Traffic Offences and Penalties in Delhi

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    Drivers of all vehicles in India are subject to the ‘Rules of the Road Regulation’ which sets down traffic rules across the country. Violation of these rules attracts fines or penalties as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Awareness of the rules as well as the violations for which penalties are applicable will help to ensure a smoother and safer experience for all on Indian roads. These penalties and offences may be state specific. These are the traffic offences and penalties in Delhi. 

    Offence  Section  Fine Amount (in Rs.) 
    Jumping the red light  119/177 MVA  100 
    Driving a left-hand drive without an indicator  120/177 MVA  100 
    Parking in an improper and obstructive way  122/177 MVA  100 
    Triple Riding  128/177 MVA  100 
    Riding without a helmet  129/177 MVA  100 
    Not displaying the number plate on the vehicle  50/177 MVA  100/- 
    Driving a vehicle without headlights after sunset  105/177 CMVR  100 
    Driving a vehicle without a horn  119(1)/177 CMVR  100 
    Driving a vehicle without a silencer  120/190(2) CMVR  100 
    Driving a vehicle with a defective number plate  50/177 CMVR  100 
    Violation of the Stop Line  113(1)/177 DMVR  100 
    Section 177 IInd or subsequent offences  300 
    Disobedience of lawful directions  132/179 MVA  500 
    Allowing unauthorised person to drive your vehicle  5/180 MVA  1000 
    Driving a vehicle without a driving licence  3/181 MVA  500 
    Driving a vehicle by minors  4/181 MVA  500 
    Driving a vehicle over the speed limit (first offence)  112/183(1) MVA  400 
    Driving a vehicle over the speed limit (subsequent offence)  112/183(1) MVA  1000 
    Abetting the driving of a vehicle over the speed limit  112/183(2) MVA  300 
    Section 183(2) (IInd or subsequent offence)  112/183(2) MVA  500 
    Driving dangerously (1st offence)  184 MVA  1000 
    Driving Dangerously (2nd offence)  184 (2) MVA  2000 
    Using signs such as `Unregistered Vehicles' or "Applied for"  39/192 MVA  2000 
    Section 192(1)  
    (2nd or subsequent offences) 
    Violation of the yellow line  18(II)R.R.R./119/117 MVA  100 
    Violation of mandatory signs (One Way, No Right Turn, No Left Turn, No Horn)  119/177 MVA  100 
    Excess Smoke from a vehicle  99(1)(a)/177 DMVR  100 
    Blowing of the pressure horn  96(1)/177 DMVR  100 
    Use of coloured lights on a motor vehicle  97(2)/177 DMVR  100 
    Smoking in a vehicle  86.1(5)/177 DMVR  100 
    Wrong overtaking  6(1)RRR/177 MVA  100 
    Offences for which Court Challans should be made for fines 
    Drunken driving (Breath Test) is permissible evidence u/s 303  185  To the Court 
    Using the vehicle when it is in an unsafe condition  192  To the Court 
    Using the vehicle without proper permit or registration (for commercial vehicles)  192  To the Court 

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