• Traffic Offences and Penalties in Gujarat

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    In India, traffic rules and regulations are according to the ‘Rules of the Road Regulation’ that has been in effect since 1989. Any violation of these rules and regulations will attract penalties or fines as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. While these are common across the country, there are state-specific ones that you should be aware of. Knowledge of these will help to increase both personal safety as well as road safety. These are the traffic offences and penalties in the state of Gujarat that you need to be aware of. 

    Section  Offence  Amount of Fine (in Rs.) for first time offence  Amount of fine (in Rs.) for subsequent offences 
    177  100  300 
    1. Not wearing a helmet/not having helmet /not having a helmet of specified standard 
    2. Driving a vehicle without seatbelt 
    3. Driving a vehicle in a one-way road 
    4. Driving a vehicle on the wrong side of the road 
    5. Breaching of parking rules 
    6. Breaching of traffic signals 
    7. Breaching of U turns 
    8. Entry of vehicle in a restricted area 
    9. Breach of road signage 
    10. Breach of yellow line 
    11. Entry in a restricted time 
    Passenger related offences 
    12. To allow passengers more than permitted in non-transport vehicles 
    14. Having more than two passengers on a two-wheeler 
    15. Having additional people sitting on the driver seat. 
    Offences Related to authenticity of lights/horn/siren, etc 
    26. Unauthorized display of light and/or siren on a vehicle 
    27. To drive without having a horn 
    28. To drive the vehicle with heavy glare lighting 
    Offences related to mechanical matters 
    29. Hand brake being defective or not working 
    30. Signal light being defective or not working 
    31 Brake light being defective or not working 
    32. Side glass in a non-working condition 
    33 Mud flap not fitted 
    34. Headlights being defective or not working 
    35. Not having wipers 
    36. Any other related offences that are not mentioned above and for which no penalty is provided for the offence in any other section. 
    178(1)  Offences related to passenger in State Carriage  500 
    1. To travel without pass or ticket. 
    2. Deny to show ticket or pass when asked for 
    178(2)  Offences related to stage carriage conductor  500 
    1. Does not accept the fare or deny to accept the fare. 
    2. Does not issue ticket or deny to issue ticket 
    3. To supply invalid ticket 
    4. To supply ticket of less fare 
    5. Does not check the ticket or pass other offences not mentioned above and for which no penalty is provided for the offence in other section. 
       b) in any other case  200 
    179(1)  Disobeying lawful direction or obstruction of lawful discharge 
    1. Disobedience of any direction lawfully given by authority  500 
    2. Creating an obstruction in the discharge of any function which authorities are required or empowered under this act to discharge  500 
    179(2)  Refusal of information or gives any false information as required to supply under this act 
    1. Refusal to show Registration Certificate  200 for two-wheelers, 300 for other vehicles 
    2. Refusal of show Driving Licence 
    3. Refusal to show valid Third-Party Insurance policy 
    4. Refusal to show Permit 
    5. Refusal to show Fitness Certificate 
    6. Refusal to show PUC Certificate 
    7. Refusal to provide information which is required to be supplied under this act 
    8. Giving of false information 
    180  Allowing unauthorized persons to drive vehicles 
    l. Driver using vehicle without holding a valid driving license  500 
    2. Driver using transport vehicle without holding Transport Authorization  500 
    3. Underage person driving a vehicle  500 
    4. Driver using vehicle in contravention of the conditions I of the learning license  500 
    181  Driving vehicle in contravention of Section 3 or Section 4 
    l. Driving vehicle without holding a driving license  500 
    3. Minor driving vehicle  500 
    4. Driving vehicle in contravention of the conditions of the learning license.  500 
    182(1)  Driving vehicle by a person who is disqualified to hold or obtain a driving license  500 
    183(1)  Driving a vehicle in contravention of speed limit referred to in Section 112  400  1000 
    183(2)  Causing any person who is under his/her employment or who is subject to his control to drive a motor vehicle in contravention of speed limit referred to in Section 112  400  1000 
    184  Driving dangerously 
    Dangerously driving a motor vehicle at speeds which are dangerous to the public  1000  2000 
    2. Driving a motor vehicle in any manner that is dangerous to the public  1000  2000 
    (Using the mobile phone while driving is an example of a manner which is dangerous to the public) 
    186  Driving when physically or mentally unfit to drive.  Driving a motor vehicle in any public place when suffering from any disabilities or diseases that could cause the driving of the vehicle to be a source of danger to others  200  500 
    189  Trials and racing and trials of speed.  Taking part in a race or trials of speed without prior written consent of the State Government  500 
    190(2)  Using a vehicle in contravention of the standards prescribed in relation to road state control of noise and air pollution  1000  2000 
    1. Contravention of standards of road safety 
        a. Using a vehicle without fitment of reflectors 
        b. Using a vehicle without fitment of radium strips 
        c. Using a vehicle with fitment of reflectors and radium strips which do not adhere to the prescribed standards 
        d. Using the vehicle to transport goods which is hazardous or dangerous to human life without following the prescribed provisions or prescribed marking 
        e. Using a vehicle which does not have the first aid kit 
        f. Not using reflective triangles at the time the vehicle is stationary 
        g. Using a goods vehicle without a rear safety device 
        h. Use a vehicle without backlight 
        i. Use a vehicle without indicators 
        j. Using a vehicle without headlights after sunset 
        k. Using a vehicle without horn as permissible in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 
        l. Transporting dimensional goods or goods which are in contravention of sub rule 8 of rule 93 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 
        m. Using a vehicle with defective tyres 
    2. Violating the standards prescribed in relation to air pollution       a. Using a vehicle without obtaining PUC Certificate       b. Using a vehicle that violates the prescribed standards of emission       c. Using a vehicle with a pollutant fuel which is not authorized for that vehicle 
    3. Violating the standards prescribed in relation to Noise Pollution       a. Using a horn that has a noisy tone or using an unauthorized horn.       b. Using a vehicle that has a noisy silencer.       c. Using a vehicle that has a reverse or break horn 
    191  Sale of Vehicle in or altering the vehicle to a condition that contravenes the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.  Whoever is an importer or dealer in motor vehicles, sells or delivers or offers to sell or delivers a motor vehicle or trailer in such condition that the use of the vehicle in a public place would be contravening chapter 7 or any rule made thereunder  500 
    192  Using a vehicle without valid registration 
    1. Using a vehicle carrying a registration mark displayed that contravenes rule 50 or rule 51 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, in a public place. 
       a. Two-wheeler vehicle  100 
       b. Three-wheeler vehicle  200 
       c. Light Motor Vehicle with 4 wheels  300 
       d. Vehicle other than above  500 
    2. Causing or allowing any vehicle to be driven that contravenes Section 39 in a public place. 
       a. Two-wheeler vehicle  100 
       b. Three-wheeler vehicle  200 
       c. Light Motor Vehicle with 4 wheels  300 
       d. Vehicle other than above  500 
    3.Using vehicle without a valid registration or in spite of the cancellation or suspension of the registration in a public place 
       a. Two-wheeler vehicle  500  1000 
       b. Three-wheeler vehicle  1000  2000 
       c. Light Motor Vehicle with 4 wheels  2000  4000 
       d. Any vehicle other than the above  5000  10000 
    194(1)  Driving a vehicle that exceeds the permissible weight, etc. 
    2. Driving a vehicle or allowing a vehicle to be driven in a public place without pneumatic tyres being fitted.  1000 
    196  Driving an uninsured vehicle 
    1. Using a vehicle without third party insurance policy as required under Section 146 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 
      a. Two-wheelers  500 
      b. Three-wheelers  500 
      c. L.M.V. having 4 wheels  1000 
      d. Medium Passenger Vehicle  1000 
      e. Heavy passenger vehicle  1000 
    198  Unauthorized interference with a vehicle  100 
    Whoever enters or moves a stationary motor vehicle or tampers with its brake or any other part of its mechanism other than with lawful authority or a reasonable excuse. 

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