• Traffic Offences and Penalties in Haryana

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    In India, drivers and owners of any kind of vehicle are subject to traffic rules and regulations as per the ‘Rules of the Road Regulation’ which came into effect in 1989. Any violation of these rules and regulations are subject to fines or penalties as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It is important to be aware of these rules, regulations, as well as penalties in order to ensure a smooth and safe travel for all on roads in India. These offences and penalties are common across the country but may be state-specific too. These are the traffic offences and penalties in Haryana. 

    Particulars of the offence  Section of the law  Composition fees (in Rupees) 
    For first offence  For subsequent offences 
    Abruptly braking without sufficient reason  177  100  300 
    Any person driving or allowing to drive any vehicle with a left-hand steering control unless it is equipped with a device of a prescribed nature  120/177  100  300 
    Any person who is in-charge of a vehicle keeping or allowing to keep a vehicle stationary without ensuring the required precautions  126/177  100  300 
    Blowing a horn or a multi-toned horn needlessly or continuously  177  100  300 
    Carrying more than capacity on a vehicle that has a registration certificate or triple riding on a 2-wheeler  128(1)/177  100  300 
    Crossing a divided road or a central verge where no proper crossing has been provided  119/177  100  300 
    Vehicle not stopping on the stop line or Zebra crossing line  119/177  100  300 
    Disobeying police signals  119/117  100  300 
    Driving without helmet or turban/not fastening the helmet/helmet not prescribing to the Bureau of Indian Standards  129/177  100  300 
    Driving without a seatbelt  177  100  300 
    Reversing a vehicle more than necessary for turning  177  100  300 
    Failing to lower the headlight beam  177  100  300 
    Failing to yield the right-of-way at an  intersection/roundabout/pedestrian crossing  177  100  300 
    Failure to make the prescribed signal on the prescribed occasions - while turning or while overtaking another vehicle, etc.  177  100  300 
    Not producing the Driving License on demand by a police officer who is in uniform  177  100  300 
    Failure to report change of address or transfer of vehicle within the prescribed time period  49/177  100  300 
    Failure to take precautions at railway level crossings that are unguarded  131/177  100  300 
    A Driving License holder permitting it to be used by another person  6(2)/177  100  300 
    Jumping red lights  119/177  100  300 
    Learner Driver driving without the "L”  Plate  177  100  300 
    Learner Driver driving a vehicle carrying an  unqualified passenger  177  100  300 
    Number plate not according to the pattern/without number plate/registration mark obscured  177  100  300 
    Obstructing an overtaking  177  100  300 
    Overtaking in a zone that is marked as No Overtaking  177  100  300 
    Plying a vehicle that has the Registration Mark of any other state for a period exceeding 12 months  47/177  100  300 
    Plying music at high volumes inside a vehicle  177  100  300 
    Failure to report to the Registering Authority the fact of transfer of the vehicle within the prescribed time period  50/177  100  300 
    Smoking while driving a vehicle  177  100  300 
    Sounding the horn in a Silence Zone  177  100  300 
    Taking a U-Turn where it is prohibited  177  100  300 
    Travelling on the running board of a vehicle  177  100  300 
    Unauthorized changing of lanes/driving zigzag  177  100  300 
    Unauthorized alteration of vehicle post-Registration (in the engine or basic structure)  52/177  100  300 
    Unauthorized use of sun film/tinted glasses/ curtains in a vehicle  177  100  300 
    Using mobile phone while driving or riding a vehicle  177  100  300 
    Violation of Mandatory Signs such as:  No Left Turn  No Right Turn  Compulsory Turn  One- Way Traffic  No Entry Sign  Wrong Side Driving  Entry  Turn  177  100  300 
    Violation of the yellow line  177  100  300 
    Driving failing to stop in certain cases  132/177  100  300 
    Contravention of any provision of the Motor Vehicle Act or of any rules, regulations, or notifications under it, if no penalty is provided for the offences such as:-  (i) Not providing of smooth passage to an ambulance while carrying the patient  (ii) Carrying goods in a passenger vehicle  (iii) Running away from the spot  (iv) Without High Security Registration Plate (H.S.RP)  177    
       Rs. 2000  Rs.5000 
       Rs. 2000  Rs.5000 
       Rs. 500  Rs.1000 
       Rs. 500  Rs.1000 
    Disobeying police orders or obstructing duty (misbehavior)  179(1)  500  500 
    Withholding, refusing, or giving false information to the police  179(2)  300  500 
    Allowing an unauthorized person to drive the vehicles:  (i) Driver using vehicle without holding a driving licence  (ii) Driver who is underage driving a vehicle  (iii) Driver using vehicle in contravention of the conditions of the learning licence    3,4,5/180  3,4,5/180    
       1000  2000 
       1000  2000 
       1000  2000 
    Driving Vehicle in contravention of Section 3 or 4  3,4/181  3,4/181    
    (1) Drives vehicle without holding driving licence  (ii) Drives vehicle while being underage  (iii) Drives vehicle in contravention of the conditions of the learning licence           1000  2000 
    1000  2000 
    1000  2000 
    Offences relating to driving licenses  23/182(1)  500  500 
    Punishment for offences relating to the construction and maintenance of vehicles  109(3)/182(A)  1000  1000 
    Driving a vehicle at speeds that are excessive  112/ 183(1)  400  1000 
    Permitting an employee or a person subject to his control to drive a vehicle at speeds that are excessive  112/183(2)  300  500 
    Dangerous Driving or the abetment of dangerous driving  184/188  1000  2000 
    Driving a vehicle by a drunken person or by a person under the influence of drugs or the abetment of such driving  185/188  2000  3000 
    Driving when physically or mentally unfit or the abetment of such driving  186/188  200  500 
    Trials of speed and racing without the written consent of the State Government  189  500  500 
    Using a defective vehicle that is dangerous for others with the following lights being non-functional, unlit, sideways, backwards, having a projection load, etc.:  Head Light  Tail Light  Parking Light  Indicator Light  Brake Light  190(1)  250  1000 
    Plying a vehicle that does not have the Annual Road Fitness Certificate  190(2)  1000 
    Silencer that is non-functional or defective or vehicle that does not have the 190(2) Pollution Certificate:-  (a)          In case of two wheelers  (i)    Without gear  (ii)   With gear  (b)                 In case of light motor vehicles (non-transport) or 3 wheelers  190(2)           190(2)  190(2)     190(2)     190(2)        190(2)              100  200     500     700        1000  200  200  500  700  1000 
    Using a pressure horn  190(2)  1000  1000 
    Violation of the Rules for carrying of goods of a dangerous or hazardous Nature  190(3)  3000  5000 
    (i) Driving, causing, or allowing to use a vehicle in contravention of the provisions of Section 39 (without registration)  (ii) using vehicle in an emergency of sickness or injuries or for the transport of food or materials to relieve distress or for medical supplies, etc.     5000        No punishment subject to the information provided to the RTA within 7 days  1000  No punishment subject to the information provided to the RTA within 7 days 

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