• Traffic Offences and Penalties in Mumbai

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    The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, sets down the traffic offences and penalties in India. While these are common across India, there can be slight variations from state to state. Abiding by the rules and regulations and being aware of the traffic offences and penalties will ensure a safer driving experience for all. These are the traffic offences and penalties in Mumbai:  

    Offence  Section  Fine Amount (Rs) 
    Talking on a mobile phone while driving  250 A MMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Driving without a valid MDL  3/181 MVA (Driver)  500 
    Allowing unauthorized people to drive a vehicle  5/180 MVA (Owner)  500 
    Driver fails to produce or refuses to produce the MDL  130 (1) MVA/177 MVA  200 
    Parking a vehicle on the footpath  15 (2) (2) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Parking a vehicle on or near a bend  15 (2) (1) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Parking a vehicle on a bridge  15 (2) (1) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Parking a vehicle on a road crossing  15 (2) (1) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Parking a vehicle not as indicated on a No Parking Board  15 (2) (1) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Parking a vehicle near a gate  15 (2) (8) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Parking a vehicle opposite another MV  15 (2) (5) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Causing obstruction to the free flow of traffic  122 MVA/177 MVA  200 
    Parking a vehicle near a signal or pedestrian crossing  15 (2) (3) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Driving while drunk   (non-compoundable offence)  185 MVA 
    Fancy number plate  51 CMVR/177 MVA  1000 
    Parking a vehicle on the wrong side of the road  15 (2) (9) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Vehicle not having a headlight  105 CMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Honking  21 (1) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Driver violating the speed limit  112 A/183 MVA  1000 
    Owner instigating his/her driver (employee)  112 A/183 MVA  1000 
    Tainted glasses  100 (2) CMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Driver refusing to play the auto rikshaw  178 (3) MVA  50 
    Driver refusing to ply taxi  178 (3) MVA  200 
    Meter flag is down on the stand  21 (7) MMVR/177 MVA  200 
    i) Two-wheeler motor vehicle without registration  39 MVA/192 (1) MVA  1000 
    ii) Vehicles other than two-wheeler without registration  39 MVA/192 (2) MVA  2000 
    Driver of a rickshaw or taxi smoking while driving  21 (16) MMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Driver of a rickshaw or taxi not wearing a uniform  21 (18) MMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Vehicle parked at a prohibited place  15 (2) (10) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Triple Seat  128(1)/177 MVA  200 
    Reversing a vehicle without precaution  233 MMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Rickshaw or taxi having excess passengers  21 (20) MMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Vehicle taking U-turn where prohibited  12 RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Turning a vehicle without electric light direction  102 (1) CMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Not slowing down at the junction or intersection of a road  8 RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Riding on a running board or outside a vehicle  123 MVA/177 MVA  200 
    Driver being mentally or physically unfit to drive  186 MVA  500 
    Overtaking another vehicle from the left side  4 RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Driver not giving the signal to slow down  13(A) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Giving way to traffic on the right side  9 RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Cutting the lane  18 (1) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Obstructing when overtaking  7 RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Crossing a yellow line when overtaking  18 (2) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Halting on the stop line or the pedestrian crossing  19 (1) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Two or three-wheeler without parking lights  103 (2) CMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Vehicle other than two or three-wheeler not having parking lights  109 CMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Honking in a silence zone  21 (2) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Honking continuously  21 (1) RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Using a multi-toned horn  119 (2) CMVR/190 (2) MVA  500 
    Jumping a traffic signal  239 MMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Violation of traffic signals that are given by the traffic police  22 (A)RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Violation of a speed or racing test  189 MVA  2000 
    Driving dangerously  184 MVA  1000 
    Dangerous and unsafe transportation of goods  202 MMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Alteration in motor vehicle without prior permission of the RTO  52 MVA/191 MVA  1000 
    Vehicle without mudguard  165 MMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Vehicle not having a side mirror  161 MMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Setting a TV or video set on the dashboard  162 MMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Damaged tyre  94 (2) CMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Vehicle not having reflectors  104 (1) CMVR/177 MVA  1000 
    Unauthorized interference with a vehicle  198 MVA  1000 
    Vehicle not having wiper  101 CMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Unclean vehicle  21 (19) MMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Carrying an animal dangerously in a vehicle  23 (1) MMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Failure to display badge  24 (2) MMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Creating an obstruction to the driver  125/177 MVA  200 
    Not obeying traffic signs  119/177 MVA  200 
    Driving a vehicle on the wrong side of the road  2 RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Driver not having valid Insurance  146 MVA /196 MVA  A300 
    Owner not having valid insurance  146 MVA /196 MVA  2000 
    Driving without a L board  3 (C) CMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Number plate not being visible  236 (1) MMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Riding without a helmet  129 MVA/177 MVA  500 
    Traveling in a motor vehicle without a seatbelt  138 (3) CMVR/177 MVA  200 
    Driving into a One Way or No Entry zone  17 (1) RRR/177MVA  200 
    Signal not being given by the driver  13 RRR/177 MVA  200 
    Traveling without a ticket  178 (1) MVA  200 
    Driving an unsafe vehicle on the road  190 (2) MVA  500 

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