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  • Chola MS Car Insurance

    Car Insurance
    • Get quotes from multiple insurers
    • Choose from a variety of zero depreciation and roadside assistance covers
    • 3100+ cashless garages

    Cholamandalam MS General Insurance provides a wide range of insurance services, including car insurance, travel insurance, and health insurance. A joint venture between Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group of Japan and Murugappa Group, the company has over 9,000 agents and 105 branches spread across the country.

    Car Insurance Online from Chola MS

    Third-party Cover Up to Rs.7.5 lakhs
    Cashless Network Garages 3750+
    Incurred Claim Ratio 2016-17 79.82%
    Net Earned Premium NA
    Covers Provided
    • No claim bonus
    • Fixed daily allowance
    • Reinstatement value
    • Depreciation cover
    • Personal belongings cover
    • Key replacement
    • Duplicate license cover
    • Road tax
    • Roadside assistance
    • Quick claim settlement
    • Instantaneous purchase
    • Hassle free claim settlement
    • Third-party liability
    • Own damage cover
    • Loss due to wear & tear
    • Damage due to general ageing of the car


    Features and Benefits

    • Online renewal & purchase- Policyholders can renew their car insurance policy online in a matter of minutes. This eliminates unnecessary paperwork and reduces waiting time. Even purchasing a new policy online is a quick and hassle-free process.
    • Comprehensive cover- Chola MS car insurance plans offer policyholders an all-inclusive range of coverage options, including third-party cover and own damage cover. Apart from this, an exclusive and wide range of additional add-on covers are provided under this policy.
    • Cashless network garages- Policyholders can avail services from the wide network of cashless garage centres that are spread across the country.
    • 24/7 customer support- With a dedicated customer support team, Chola MS car insurance policyholders will have access to a dedicated customer support team that works day and night to solve queries and resolve issues.
    • Hassle-free claim settlement- The process of raising a claim is easy, simple and policyholders will not face any hassle while doing so. With a good claim settlement ratio, Chola MS is very fast and works round the clock to settle claims in a smooth and efficient manner.

    Easy Steps To Apply Chola MS Car Insurance Online

    • Log on to the Chola MS car insurance page and click on the apply tab
    • This will direct you to the car insurance application page
    • Just fill in your details and get the insurance quote
    • If you are satisfied with the quote, then make a payment and purchase the policy

    Why Chola MS Car Insurance

    Paperless transaction
    Easy purchase and renewal
    Wide range of add-ons
    24/7 customer service
    24/7 assistance during accident/breakdown
    EMI cover
    Vehicle replacement advantage

    Add-on covers on Chola MS Car Insurance

    There are a wide range of covers provided under the Chola MS car insurance policy. Below are the add-ons offered:

    • Loss of key cover- If the car key is lost, the policyholder will be eligible to avail reimbursement for the cost towards the replacement or repair of the key. Under this cover, a new lock set can also be obtained and even a total replacement of the lock and key can be made. In case of burglary or theft, an FIR has to be filed to avail this benefit.
    • Consumables plus cover- Consumable items included in this add-on include nuts & bolts, gearbox, wheel bearings, oil filter, fuel filter, grease, distilled water, engine oil, power steering oil, AC gas oil, battery electrolyte, windshield washer fluid, fuel filter or air filter element. Costs towards replacement and repair of these consumables will be covered under the policy.
    • EMI cover-This allows the policyholder the option to avail regular monthly EMIs to pay the loan provider in case of an accident or unfortunate event. Benefit under this scheme can be availed if the claim is admissible under section 1 of the Own Damage Cover.
    • Conveyance allowance- The insurance provider will pay the insured party a certain specified amount as agreed upon in the terms and conditions of the policy in case the car of the policyholder in undergoing repair due to an accident. An allowance will be paid on a daily basis.
    • Hydrostatic lock plus cover- In case of any damage to the gearbox or parts of the engine due to ingress of water, the car insurance policy will cover the cost of repair and replacement. However, there must be evidence that damage has occurred only due to the vehicle being submerged in water or due to seepage of water.
    • Vehicle replacement advantage-Under this particular add-on option, customers will be eligible to avail replacement cost for the insured vehicle. This cover will only be provided if the vehicle in concern has suffered total loss and cars are at least 6 years of age or older.
    • No claim bonus- Policyholders will be eligible to avail a host of discounts including the no claim bonus offer.
    • Cover for personal belongings-In case personal belongings kept in the car such as laptops or cell phones are destroyed due to an unfortunate event, this add-on will cover such costs. The items should have been locked inside the car during the accident/fire or mishap. A maximum sum of Rs.10,000 will be provided to the policyholder.
    • Duplicate license cover- If the policyholder loses his/her driving license, a sum of Rs.500 will be granted to the policyholder for obtaining a new license.
    • 24/7 roadside assistance-On-spot assistance in cases of emergencies will be provided under the insurance policy. Some of the facilities under this option includes fuel delivery, battery top-up, on-site repair, flat tyre repair, replacement and car breakdown assistance.

    Inclusion & Exclusion under Chola MS Car Insurance

    Inclusions Exclusions
    Theft or loss of keys Valid only in India
    Loss of personal belongings Accident due to intoxication
    Tyre damage Damage due to own negligence
    NCB Mechanical or electrical breakdown
    Engine repair & replacement Loss due to nuclear risks
    Roadside assistance War related risks
    Duplicate license  
    Reinstatement value  
    Third-party liability  
    Own damage cover due to natural & manmade calamities  

    Insured Declared Value - Chola MS Car Insurance

    • The insured declared value (IDV) of the car will be the actual sum insured at the time the policy was obtained.
    • IDV is usually calculated based on the price listed the manufacturer of the car. Refer to the below sample table for details on IDV calculation:
    Age of vehicle % of depreciation
    Not exceeding 6 months 5%
    Exceeding 6 months but not exceeding 1 year 15%
    Exceeding 1 year but not exceeding 2 years 20%
    Exceeding 2 year but not exceeding 3 years 30%
    Exceeding 3 years but not exceeding 4 years 40%
    Exceeding 4 years but not exceeding 5 years 50%

    Chola MS Car Insurance Cashless Garages

    With a wide network of more than 3750 cashless garages, Chola MS provides policyholders access to good, speedy and high-quality services. The authorised network of garages are spread across the country and are known to make the cashless claim process hassle-free.

    Claim Process for Chola MS Car Insurance

    Chola MS is the only insurance company in India to be ISO 9001:2008 certified for their hassle-free and quick manner of settling motor insurance claims. Given the customer-friendly approach, policyholders can initiate a claim in a matter of minutes. Customer will get regular updates at every stage of the claim process through the 24/7 customer support team. There is no need to run around for documents because with Chola MS, claims are settled with minimal documentation.

    Cashless Claim Process for Chola MS Car Insurance

    Making a cashless claim is convenient, easy and policyholders can obtain good quality services from the authorized network of cashless garages. Let's explore how to make a cashless claim:

    • Locate the nearest network garage, notify the network provider.
    • Take your car to the cashless network garage if it is in a drivable condition. If not, call for towing assistance.
    • Once the car is in the network garage, provide your policy details and the car will be taken for repair.
    • The insurance provider will directly make payments to the empanelled network garage directly.

    Reimbursement Claim Process for Chola MS Car Insurance

    If you have already incurred expenses towards repair of your car, the same will be reimbursed under the car insurance policy. Let's explore how to make a reimbursement claim:

    • Fill in the claim form after notifying the insurance provider
    • Keep all bills and documents ready
    • Make a submission
    • The reimbursement will be made within 7 working days.

    Chola MS Car Insurance Reviews

    • Chola Ms Car Insurance
      "VERY GOOD"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      I have used the car insurance policy with the CHOLAMANDALAM GENERAL INSURANCE and i had a claim which is for 11k and it is completely reimbursement and i got back in 1 month. The policy coverage is for the zero depreciation. The premium i pay 10k which is convenient.
      Was this review helpful? 1
      , bhiwani
      Reviewed on Aug 24, 2018
    • Chola Ms Car Insurance
      0.5 1.0/5 "Really Bad"
      Actually i have no idea for taking the policy but from the bank end without my knowledge they have taken the policy for me and after 6 months my credit score got reduced and i have checked regarding that so i came to know that the because of the bank mistake i am facing issue so switched off to another
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , mirzapur
      Reviewed on Aug 03, 2018
    • Chola Ms Car Insurance
      "Premium is good"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      Cholamandalam general insurance is overall good in the features and services. I have my car insurance with them. The policy coverage and the benefits are good. Most of all I am satisfied with the premium cost, when compared to the other insurers.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , pune
      Reviewed on Jul 23, 2018
    • Chola Ms Car Insurance
      0.5 3.0/5 "Satisfactory"
      I have been using my CHOLAMANDALAM GENERAL INSURANCE from last few years. I am happy and satisfied with the insurance and also with the policy coverage and also with the plan benefit. I had a claim once with this insurance which is very good and excellent.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , chennai
      Reviewed on Jul 04, 2018
    • Chola Ms Car Insurance
      0.5 3.0/5 "Satisfactory"
      From 2 years i am using the insurance. I got from showroom my insurance when i got my car. I pay 40k completely and i pay 32-33k per year. I had a claim experience due to accident i am satisfied with the claim ratio. Cashless garage is good . I had contacted but i did not get a favorable reply from them.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , chennai
      Reviewed on May 30, 2018
    • Chola Ms Car Insurance
      0.5 3.0/5 "Satisfactory"
      I previously had a car insurance policy from Cholamandalam general insurance, the Idv was more than Rs. 5,00,000. I had 100 % claim on my insurance policy but my claim was around Rs 25,000 and I received only around Rs. 15,000 so I was not satisfied.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , katni
      Reviewed on Feb 22, 2018
    • Chola Ms Car Insurance
      "Good experience"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      My previous car insurance was with Cholamandalam Insurance. The services was good as well. I had a claim experience and though the process was not up to the mark. There was a cashless claim facility. There was also a good net work of garages. The IDV was also good. They also had features of a third party coverage and road side assistance. The reason I did not renew my policy this time is because of the high premium.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Feb 03, 2018
    • Chola Ms Car Insurance
      "Experience is good"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      Cholamandalam Insurance is good overall as I used their services earlier for the car insurance. The process is good and they also sent me the necessary documents as well. There was also a claim experience and it was smooth experience. There was also a cashless claim facility.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Jan 12, 2018
    • Chola Ms Car Insurance
      0.5 3.0/5 "Satisfactory"
      I had my car insurance earlier with Cholamandalam Insurance. It was not up to the mark. There was no road side assistance facility and I suggest that when there is any claim, they must settle it within time without a delay. There was a cash claim facility, but I had to pay some charges.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , pune
      Reviewed on Jan 11, 2018
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