• Does Car Insurance Policy Provide Cover For Windshield Damage?

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    As you may already know, buying a car insurance policy is a statutory requirement according to the law of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. You can either purchase a third-party cover, which is the minimum cover required as per the act or you can choose to buy a comprehensive car insurance policy which is the recommended policy by every dealer.

    A car may face a damage on the bumper, dent, or even a crack or complete shattering of the windshield. Policyholders are often in dilemma that glass parts such as windshield may not be covered in the car insurance cover. This is only true if you have a third-party cover. However, if your vehicle is hit by a third party, causing any sort of damage either to the windshield or any other part of the car, then the third-party’s insurance company will have to pay for the damages.

    On the other hand, if you have a comprehensive car insurance policy, you can use the policy for the repair or replacement of the windshield. If you are not aware, a comprehensive car insurance policy covers accident, own damage, third-party damage, damages caused by natural calamities, fire, riots, protests, theft, burglary, etc.

    Not every car owner has the luxury to park inside the house. There are many car owners who park the car outside the house, may be under a tree or next to a construction site, or on the roadside. A coconut or a branch of the tree, a rock, etc., may fall on the windshield leaving a crack or breaking it into pieces. Under all these scenarios that include non-collision damages, the comprehensive car insurance policy provides protection for glass components such as windshield as well. Since, the cost of repair for the windshield is higher, you can use your insurance to repair the same.

    Dangerous to drive with a cracked windshield:

    Whether it is partly or completely damaged, driving with a damaged windshield may compromise your judgement while driving. The visions in the front become unclear, and if it’s broken into pieces, while you drive on a bad road or on the hump, the glass pieces also may fall. The basic function of a windshield is to protect the passengers from the wind that blows while driving. It avoids dust and insects from getting inside the car, and also offers a layer of security to the interiors of the car. So keeping it in good condition at all times is very necessary.

    Repairing the cracked windshield:

    The cost of repair for a damaged windshield is expensive. Hence, it is advisable that you make a claim for your car insurance, to avoid bearing all the costs personally. Inform the insurer about the damage caused and take it to the network garage for repair. This way you can enjoy the cashless claim facility. Submit necessary documents for the claim and fill in the policy details in the claim form. The vehicle may require an inspection for the damage, so enquire with your insurer about the same. As a part of the claim, you will have to pay the deductibles as per the percentage chosen by you.

    If you choose to repair the vehicle other than at your network garage, then submit the bills to the insurer while claiming and get the reimbursement later. In whichever case, ensure that you do not drive the car without repairing the windshield.

    Any claim made during a policy year, will impact the renewal premium amount and if you have purchased an annual term policy, you may lose your NCB as well. However, if you have chosen a long-term policy, the NCB percentage will get decreased but will not become nil. Only if you have exceeded the number of claims in a long-term car insurance policy, you may lose the NCB discount.

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