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    An engine in any machine is the heart and soul of the entire structure. Likewise, the engine in your car is no less than the heart that helps it run efficiently for a long time. So making sure that it is oiled regularly and checked on proper intervals will always do you good. To help you in this process the insurance companies offer an optional cover known as ‘engine protection cover’ to help the car function better and efficient.

    This cover is available as an optional cover only for comprehensive policy. An engine protection cover will guard you against paying personally for any repair cost in there is a damage or any of the parts like crankshaft, pins, cylinder, piston, gearbox, etc. are damaged. A regular comprehensive policy do not provide any cover for engine as such. It is normal for the engine to have few complications like leakage of the oil, water ingression, etc. to happen with the use. But repairing for these may cost a bomb, and therefore getting an additional cover is logical.

    What does it cover?

    • Damage to gearbox
    • Water ingression
    • Hydrostatic Lock
    • Leakage of Lubricant oil

    It is the most expensive part of all and it will cost a significant amount for its materials and the labor. Because a broken engine is only good in garage not in the machine. So think wisely and opt for the engine protect cover with the insurer.

    Who should buy the car insurance engine protect cover

    Since the base comprehensive car insurance policy does not cover damages caused to the engine of the car or repairs, it’s necessary for car owners to purchase the engine protect add-on cover as it will help them save on finances if the engine does break down. That said, listed below are car owners that particularly need to buy the engine protect add-on cover:

    • The engine protect cover should be bought by those who drive their cars in areas that are prone to floods.
    • If the car is old and there is always the chance of the engine breaking down.
    • For policyholders with high-end cars who would have to spend quite a bit to get the engine fixed.

    What does the engine protect add-on cover take care of

    As already mentioned, the comprehensive car insurance policy does not have any coverage for repairs of the engine or or for engine damages following an accident or a mishap. For this very reason, the engine protect add-on cover is necessary. Listed below is the coverage of the engine protect add-on cover:

    • The engine protect cover covers the cost of repairing the engine if there is an oil leak.
    • Coverage if water seeps into the engine of the vehicle.
    • If the gearbox is malfunctioning following an accident or mishap.
    • If flooding leads to a hydrostatic lock of the engine. The engine protect cover offers coverage to restore the engine following a hydrostatic lock.


    Exclusions of the engine protect add-on cover

    While the engine protect add-on cover will take care of the expenses to restore the engine of the car, the claim of the policyholder to avail the coverage of the add-on cover might be rejected under the following circumstances:

    • If the damage caused to the engine is consequential. For example, if the car owner tries to start the engine after water has seeped in or tries to push-start it, which would lead to severe damage to the engine of the car.
    • If the policyholder continues to drive the car despite the engine giving a problem. In short, if the policyholder is negligent to the evident problems of the engine and gearbox.
    • If the car owners drives the car with a damaged bonnet, which inevitably will result in the engine getting damages as well.
    • If the car is more than 5 years old.
    • If the engine protect cover is still valid and if the comprehensive car insurance policy is valid as well.
    • If the damage is caused to the engine due to situations or circumstances as listed in the exclusion list of the base policy. In such cases, the claim will be rejected.


    Cost of the engine protect cover

    For those policyholders that wish to have the engine protect cover, insurers roughly price the premium at around 2% of the current market value of the car. Though it could be quite an expense, if the vehicle does get damaged, it will save the policyholder quite a bit of money as the engine is the most expensive part of the car to repair. The engine protect cover has to be purchased over the cost of the premium of the base policy and can be done so when purchasing the car insurance policy or when the policyholder is renewing the car insurance policy.

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