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    If you have gone through your health insurance policy document, you might have noticed a section focused on day care procedures. These are basically medical procedures completed within 24 hours and are still covered under a health insurance policy. Earlier, only treatments that required a person to stay admitted in the hospital were covered. However, with constant innovation and development in medical technology, it has become possible for certain major procedures to be conducted in just a few hours. Read on to learn more about day care procedures and which ones are covered under your health insurance policy.

    Meaning of day care procedures

    A day care procedure is a medical treatment for a serious ailment that takes only a few hours due to medical sophistication, which would have otherwise taken longer. For example, an operation to remove a foreign body from the cornea or conjunctiva would have required a person to stay admitted for a few days in the hospital. But today, the same treatment takes lesser time and the person can be discharged the same day he/she was admitted.

    Day care procedures should not be confused with Out-Patient treatments which are simple treatments or diagnostic procedures conducted on the recommendation of a doctor.

    List of day care procedures covered by a health insurance plan

    The day care procedures covered under a health insurance policy differ from plan to plan and insurer to insurer. Go through the policy document carefully to know if the day care procedure you are looking for is included in the list.

    Given below is a list of a few day care procedures which can be included in a health insurance policy:

    Part of the body Procedure
    • Stapedectomy
    • Stapedotomy
    • Myringoplasty
    • Tympanoplasty
    • Removal of tympanic drain
    • Fenestration of the inner ear
    • Incision and removal of the inner ear
    • Excision and removal of diseased tissue
    • Nasal sinus aspiration
    • Operation on the turbinates
    • Operation of cataract
    • Removal of foreign body from the lens
    • Incision of cornea
    • Incision of tear glands
    • Corrective surgery for blepharoptosis
    • Incision of pilonidal sinus
    • Free skin transplantation
    • Removal of subcutaneous tissues
    • Chemosurgery of the skin
    • Restoration of surface continuity of subcutaneous tissues and the skin
    Mouth and face
    • Glossectomy
    • Partial glossectomy
    • Reconstruction of the tongue
    • Resection of the salivary gland
    • Incision of the hard and soft palate
    • Palatoplasty
    • Plastic surgery to the floor of the mouth
    • Operations on tonsils and adenoids
    • Incision on bone
    • Closed reduction on fracture
    • Sutures on tendon and tendon sheath
    • Reduction of dislocation under GA
    Digestive tract
    • Surgical treatment of hemorrhoids
    • Incision and excision of perianal region tissue
    • Ultrasound guided aspirations
    • Surgical treatment of anal fistula
    Reproductive organs
    • Incision of ovary
    • Incision of the uterus
    • Incision of prostate
    • Operations on the seminal vesicle
    • Operation on a testicular hydrocele
    • Incision of the testes
    • Epididymectomy
    Urinary system
    • Cystoscopical removal of stones
    Other procedures
    • Coronary angiography
    • Cancer chemotherapy
    • Haemodialysis
    • Radiotherapy for cancer
    • Lithotripsy

    How to raise a claim for a day care procedure

    The claim process to make a claim for a day care procedure is no different from the claims for regular hospitalisation. You can avail the treatment in a hospital, pay the bill and request for a reimbursement of the amount spent. On the other hand, if you plan to get hospitalised in a network hospital, you can enjoy the benefit of cashless hospitalisation wherein the insurance company will disburse the money to the hospital directly.

    While coverage for day care procedures is important, it should not become the deciding factor when you select a health insurance plan for yourself or your family. Focus on the key benefits of the policy and then consider the day care procedure list. Read the policy document thoroughly before making a deal. Do not skip any of the terms, conditions or exclusions of the policy.

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