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    Hyundai Elite i20 is a premium car with hi-tech features, another great innovation for car lovers from the Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) family. HMIL is the Indian subsidiary of the parent company Hyundai Motor Company (HMC). HMIL is known to produce a number of cool and innovatively designed products that are perfect for the Indian terrain and match the needs of the Indian consumers. HMIL has its massive, ultramodern production plant situated in Chennai while its R&D facility is located in Hyderabad. This production plant is the nerve center for all HMIL operations.

    Insurance Providers for Hyundai Elite i20

    Insurance for Hyundai Elite i20 is important as it protects the owner of the car from any future liabilities that he/she may incur due to man-made or natural calamities while driving the car.

    The following insurers provide car insurance for Hyundai Elite i20:

    • L&T General Insurance
    • Bharti AXA General Insurance Co. Ltd.
    • Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd.
    • New India Assurance Co. Ltd.
    • Acko General Insurance Co. Ltd.
    • Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Ltd.
    • National Insurance Company Ltd.
    • IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd.
    • HDFC ERGO General Insurance Co. Ltd.
    • Future Generali
    • Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd.
    • Universal Sompo General Insurance Co. Ltd.
    • ICICI Lombard Co. Ltd.

    You can compare various car insurance schemes offered by the above firms for Hyundai Elite i20 and choose the one that suits your requirements and provides you with optimum coverage.

    Price Range of New Hyundai Elite i20 Model and Variants

    Fuel Type Variants of Elite i20 Ex-Showroom price for Bengaluru
    Petrol 1.2 Kappa Dual VTVT 5-Speed Manual Era Rs.529,000
    1.2 Kappa Dual VTVT 5-Speed Manual Magna Executive Rs.599,000
    1.2 Kappa Dual VTVT 5-Speed Manual Sportz Rs.649,159
    1.2 Kappa Dual VTVT 5-Speed Manual Asta Rs.701,863
    1.2 Kappa Dual VTVT 5-Speed Manual Asta (Dual Tone) Rs.726,613
    1.2 Kappa Dual VTVT 5-Speed Manual Asta (O) Rs.784,386
    1.4L MPi Dual VTVT 4-Speed Automatic Magna Rs.914,804
    Diesel 1.4L U2 CRDi 6-Speed Manual Era Rs.671,699
    1.4L U2 CRDi 6-Speed Manual Magna Executive Rs.726,566
    1.4L U2 CRDi 6-Speed Manual Sportz Rs.773,375
    1.4L U2 CRDi 6-Speed Manual Asta Rs.831,147
    1.4L U2 CRDi 6-Speed Manual Asta (Dual Tone) Rs.855,963
    1.4L U2 CRDi 6-Speed Manual Asta (O) Rs.911,018

    *Please note the above prices could vary from state to state. Kindly get in touch with the respective showroom of the state you are buying the car from, or visit their online website to know the price.

    Mileage of Hyundai Elite i20

    The mileage for Elite i20 petrol variants is 18.6 Kmpl and for its diesel variants is 22.5 Kmpl.

    Engine Specifications of Hyundai Elite i20

    Engine Label 1.2L Kappa 1.4L U II 1.4L
    Displacement (cc) 1,197 1,396 1,368
    Max. Power (ps/rpm) 83/6,000 90/4,000 100/6,000
    Engine Max. Torque (kg·m/rpm) 11.7/4,000 22.4/1,500 - 2,750 13.5/4,000
    Valvetrain Type 4 Cyl, 16 Valves 4 Cyl, 16 Valves 4 Cyl, 16 Valves
    Transmission Transmission Type Manual 5 Manual 6 Automatic 4

    Inclusion & Exclusion of Elite i20 Car Insurance

    • Third-party Insurance: Inclusion
      • Injury liability of the third-party involved in the accident
      • Property damage liability of the third-party involved in the accident
    • Third-party Insurance: Exclusion
      • Injury to you due to an accident
      • Damage to your vehicle due to an accident
    • Comprehensive Insurance: Inclusion
      • Property damage/personal injury due to man-made calamities such as external accidents, vandalism, riots, etc.
      • Property damage/personal injury due to natural calamities like a storm, hurricane, earthquake, etc.
      • In case your car gets stolen, you are eligible to raise a claim
      • Third-party liabilities
    • Permanent Exclusions:
      • You cannot raise a claim if your policy expires
      • There are separate insurance policies for commercial and private vehicles, you cannot raise a claim if you have been using private vehicle for commercial purposes and vice-versa
      • If you stage accidents, your claim will be denied
      • If you drive without a valid license or break rules, your claim will be denied.
      • If during the accident you were under the influence of alcohol, your claim will be denied

    Some of the exclusions can be included in your Elite i20 car insurance policy via rider/add-on options.

    Types of Car Insurance Policies

    There are basically two kinds of car insurance policies available in the market:

    • Third-party liability cover

      As the name suggests, this insurance policy covers third-party liabilities alone. Third-party liabilities include :

      • Injury to the third-party involved in the accident that you are responsible for
      • Damage to third-party vehicle involved in the accident that you are responsible for
      • Other property damages caused by the accident
    • Comprehensive cover

      This insurance plan provides an overall protection to the owner/policyholder against liabilities such as:

      • Third-party liabilities - injury/property and/or vehicle damages
      • Liabilities due to own vehicle damage/injury

    Factors that affect Hyundai Elite i20 Car Insurance

    Depending on several factors, your car insurance premium can vary. Below mentioned are the factors that determine the car insurance premium:

    • Your geographical location

    • Your driving record and experience
    • Age of your car
    • Your insurance claim records
    • Your vehicle’s model and make
    • Use of your vehicle
    • Previous insurance policy details

    Easy Steps To Apply for Elite i20 car insurance:

    You can avail car insurance for your Hyundai Elite i20 from any of the general insurance firms that provide insurance covers. There are several steps and ways you can apply for car insurance:

    • Applying offline:

    Here, you have to visit the designated offices of insurance representatives or agents in order to apply for Elite i20 car insurance. You need to ensure that the office you visit and the agents/representatives you meet with are genuine, certified and have a license. Now, choosing the right insurance for your vehicle can be a little difficult because of the number of offices you might have to visit before deciding to buy a specific insurance. But there is an easy way to decide the insurance you want to buy before meeting with the insurance agent or visiting the office. You can research on various insurance schemes available in the market via the official online websites. You can compare the ones you like and choose one that serves all your insurance needs. Once you are ready, you can go ahead, speak with the representative, visit the branch and buy the insurance.

    • Applying online:

    Applying for car insurance offline can be tedious, especially with all the travelling and meeting with the insurance representative. Instead of dealing with the hassles of applying offline, you can apply for car insurance online after you have done your research and comparison via websites. This way you can save money and time. The whole process can be done from the convenience of your home provided that you fill in all the necessary details. The process is also paperless so you may get discounts on insurance premiums. The only thing you need to be sure of is that the website you visit is the official insurance website and not a fraudulent one.

    Whether applying offline or online, ensure that you read through your car insurance policy documents thoroughly and get to know your policy well so that you can avail a hassle-free claim settlement.

    Add-on covers for Hyundai Elite i20 Car Insurance:

    Most of the car insurance firms provide similar add-on covers, here are few riders that are available in the market for Elite i20 car insurance:

    • Roadside assistance 24X7
    • Engine Protect cover
    • Key replacement cover
    • Zero depreciation cover
    • Return to Invoice cover
    • No Claim Bonus (NCB) protect
    • Daily allowance cover
    • Accident cover for car passengers
    • Consumables cover

    Trim your Hyundai Elite i20 Car Insurance Premium:

    There are a number of ways you can trim your car insurance premiums regardless of the insurance scheme you have availed:

    • Accumulating No Claim Bonuses (NCB)
    • Opting for voluntary high deductibles
    • Installing safety and navigation devices in/to your car
    • Being a member of Automobile Association of India (AAI)
    • Applying for loyalty discount
    • Don’t raise claims for small expenses
    • Don’t buy extensive coverage for old cars
    • Buy traditional cars rather than going for high-end vintage and sports cars
    • Renew policy on time
    • Provide accurate details when buying/renewing your car insurance policy

    Claim Process for Elite i20 Car Insurance:

    During your policy period, you can raise a claim if you are involved in a mishap. The steps to raise the claim are as follows:

    1. Get in touch with the insurance firm as soon as possible after accident/calamity has taken place. In case of accident, inform the police and file a FIR if required.
    2. When you get in touch with your insurer, raise the claim request and give them all the necessary information and documents required to process the claim.

    Now, your claim can be settled in two ways:

    • Cashless Claim Process

      This is the selling point for any insurer. This claim settlement is an attractive perk for the consumer when he/she decides to buy a car insurance. Here the insurer will have a tie-up with a number of authorised garages. In case your car needs to be repaired, you can take your car to any of these authorised garages and get it repaired. You don’t have to shell out any money from your pocket, the insurer will settle the complete repair expenses. Steps to avail a cashless claim:

      • Inform the insurance firm about the accident as soon as possible and provide all the required details.
      • Take your car to the authorised garage and hand it over to them for repair
      • Inform the head-in charge of the network garage that you will be availing cashless claim
    • Reimbursement Claim Process

      In case your car meets with an accident where network garages are not present, you can avail this claim. In such scenario, you need to inform the insurer about the accident and the fact that cashless garages are absent near the area. Once the insurer approves, you can take your car to any of the garages nearby and avail their services for car repair. You will need to spend from your own pocket and clear off all the bills for repair. Once you have paid for the repairs you need to submit the invoice for all the repair work to the insurer and get the amount reimbursed by the insurance firm.

    Hyundai Elite i20 Car Insurance FAQs:

    1. What are the key points I need to check for while insuring my car?

      You need to cross-check and make sure that all the information provided in the insurance policy documents match with the information in your RC book.

    2. Which all factors should I consider before choosing an insurance firm?

      You need to first map out the benefits you want to receive from the insurance provider. Then, you have to compare the various car insurance policies available in the market based on the insurance coverage, insurance benefits offered and claim settlement ratio.

    3. What is excess? Is excess a good thing or a bad thing?

      There are usually two kinds of deductibles/excesses when it comes to car insurance, compulsory deductible, and voluntary excess. A Compulsory deductible is where a small sum will be deducted by the insurance company before settling the claim. Compulsory deductible depends on the cubic capacity of your car and cannot be excluded from the insurance policy. Voluntary excess is an optional deductible that you can opt for when you buy the policy. Unlike compulsory deductible, you can exclude it from the policy if you don’t want it. One thing to remember about the voluntary deductible is that it can be a boon if you opt for it, as you will bring down the insurance premium amount, but you have to be careful not to opt for a higher deductible as this might cause you financial strain at the time of claim settlement where you would be expected to pay the deductible.

    4. What does own car damage cover?

      Vehicle repair expenses or vehicle replacement expenses are covered under this policy cover.

    5. If my car gets stolen how much will the insurance firm pay?

      The complete Insured’s Declared Value (IDV) minus the deductibles is paid.

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