• Indiafirst Life Investment ULIP Plans

    Life Insurance
    • Reduce taxable income by up to Rs. 1,50,000 deduction under section 80C**
    • Convenient payment options - annual, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly premium payments
    • Do more with plans that offer pure protection, retirement planning and investment options

    Finances have the power to dictate our lives, with it imperative to invest smartly for the future. Investment or ULIP plans from IndiaFirst serve a dual purpose, providing not just insurance cover, but also securing the investment needs of an individual. Purchasing a good policy can help us plan for any contingency.

    With inflation having a serious impact on the overall quality of life, choosing to stay invested in a ULIP can help one overcome any rise in costs. The risk factor is one point an individual should keep in mind before investing in these policies, for a few of them can have a certain amount of risk associated with them.

    Benefits of IndiaFirst Life Investment/ULIP Plans

    • Meeting financial goals becomes easier, as these plans offer insurance cover plus returns.
    • The money earned through these plans is automatically transferred to safe investment options, ensuring that risk is minimised.
    • An individual can choose a plan which suits his/her requirements.
    • A policyholder can choose to modify his/her investment, with an option to switch funds based on market performance.
    • Partial withdrawals permit liquidity, helping one meet any immediate financial emergency.

    List of Investment Plans/ULIPs offered by IndiaFirst Life Insurance

    IndiaFirst Life Insurance currently offers four investment plans to individuals, each providing different benefits.

    IndiaFirst Life Money Balance PlanThis is a unit linked savings scheme which helps one secure the future of his/her loved ones. The plan can be customised to meet individual requirements, with the policy term ranging between 5 years and 25 years. The plan offers two fund options. While the Equity1 Fund has a high-risk profile, the Debt1 fund is suited for those who do not wish to take risks with their money.

    Benefits and features of IndiaFirst Life Money Balance Plan

    • Death Benefit – In case of demise of the policyholder during the policy period, the nominee will be paid a lump sum amount as death benefit. This amount is the higher of the sum assured chosen at inception of policy or the fund value on the date of death.
    • Maturity Benefit – On survival of the policyholder until the maturity of the policy he/she will be paid the maturity benefit. This includes the fund value on date of maturity. The amount can be received as a single lump sum settlement or in instalments.
    • Surrender Benefit – A surrender value will be paid if the policyholder chooses to discontinue the plan. The amount payable depends on the period for which the plan was active.
    • Premium payment options – There are three premium payment options under this plan, namely, Regular Premium, Limited Premium, and Single Premium. The premium payment term for each of these options varies, with it ranging from 10 to 25 years for Regular Premium, 7 years for Limited Premium, and a single payment for Single Premium. The policy term ranges from 5 years to 25 years for the regular and limited premium payment options, while it ranges from 5 years to 20 years in case of a single premium option.
    Plan Name Entry Age Maturity Age Minimum Premium
    IndiaFirst Life Money Balance Plan Minimum: 5 years Maximum: 65 years Maximum: 75 years Regular Premium: Rs.12,000 per year Limited Premium: Rs.15,000 per year Single Premium: Rs.45,000

    IndiaFirst Happy India PlanA unit linked endowment scheme, it is designed to offer market-linked returns. It is ideal for individuals looking to secure the future of their children, ensuring that the child has sufficient funds to follow his/her dreams. There are 4 fund options one can choose from, with the risk factor ranging from moderate to high.

    Benefits and features of IndiaFirst Happy India Plan

    • Death Benefit – If the policyholder passes away during the policy term, the insurer will pay the nominee the sum assured. The minimum amount payable is 1.05 times the premiums paid.
    • Additional Benefit - In case the policyholder had opted for the Additional Benefit at the time of policy inception, the insurer will pay an amount equal to the sum of total future premiums in the event of his/her death. There are two options which can be exercised under this benefit. Under option 1 the benefit is paid at the time of death, and includes the fund value. The policy ceases to function once this is paid. Under option 2, the amount is invested in units, with the fund value paid on maturity.
    • Maturity Benefit – The fund value will be paid on maturity of the policy.
    • Policy term – There are four policy term options, with it possible to invest in the policy for a period of either 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, or 25 years.
    Plan Name Entry Age Maturity Age Premium
    IndiaFirst Happy India Plan Minimum: 18 years Maximum: 50 years Maximum: 60 years Minimum:
    • Monthly – Rs.1,000
    • Half-yearly – Rs.6,000
    • Yearly – Rs.12,000
    • Monthly – Rs.20,500
    • Half-yearly – Rs.1.25 lakh
    • Yearly – Rs.2.50 lakh

    IndiaFirst Smart Save Plan This is a unit linked savings scheme which does not participate in the profits of the company. A policyholder can choose from four fund options based on his/her risk appetite. Partial withdrawals enable one to meet any emergency without having to discontinue the policy.

    Benefits and features of IndiaFirst Smart Save Plan

    • Death Benefit – A lump sum amount is paid to the nominee if the policyholder passes away during the policy term. This amount is higher of the sum assured or the fund value.
    • Maturity Benefit – The fund value is paid to the policyholder on survival till maturity. This amount can be paid as a single lump sum amount or through instalments.
    • Fund switching – A policyholder can choose to switch between funds. A maximum of two free switches are permitted each month.
    Plan Name Entry Age Maturity Age Minimum Premium
    IndiaFirst Smart Save Plan Minimum: 5 years Maximum: 65 years Minimum: 18 years Maximum: 75 years Regular Premium: Rs.12,000 per year Limited Premium: Rs.15,000 per year Single Premium: Rs.45,000

    IndiaFirst Life Wealth Maximizer PlanThis is a non-participating, unit linked endowment policy which has been designed for individuals with a high net-worth. The plan helps one utilise their investment to the max, creating a surplus for the future. An individual can choose from 7 fund options, ensuring that his/her vision for financial growth is met.

    Benefits and features of IndiaFirst Wealth Maximizer Plan

    • Death Benefit – The nominee is paid a death benefit in the event of demise of policyholder during the policy period. This amount is the highest of the fund value on death, the sum assured, and 1.05 x all premiums paid.
    • Maturity Benefit – The fund value is paid on maturity of the policy.
    • Loyalty Benefit – A percentage of the fund value is added to the fund as a loyalty benefit if the plan has been active for a long period of time.
    • Premium payment modes – There are three options when it comes to premium payment, Single Premium, Limited Premium, and Regular Premium.
    Plan Name Entry Age Maturity Age Minimum Premium
    IndiaFirst Wealth Maximizer Plan Minimum: 5 years Maximum:
    • 55 years for 5 year PPT
    • 65 years for other PPTs
    Minimum: 18 years Maximum:
    • 70 years for 5 year PPT
    • 90 years for other PPTs
    Regular Premium: Rs.2.5 lakh per year Limited Premium: Rs.2.5 lakh per year Single Premium: Rs.5 lakh

    Why do you need IndiaFirst Life Investment/ULIP Plans?

    The value of money is constantly changing, with inflation making things costlier each year. Given this, investing in an instrument which does not offer returns which are linked to rising costs reduces the value over a period of time. Investing in a ULIP from IndiaFirst ensures that the initial investment gets market-linked returns. With different products for different risk appetites, one can be rest assured that their money works according to their requirements.

    IndiaFirst, as an organisation has managed to establish a name for itself in the insurance sector, having won numerous awards since its inception in 2010. As ISO certified company, it follows a customer centric approach, ensuring that customers do not face the hassles which are typically associated with life insurance companies.

    An investment in a ULIP from IndiaFirst not only helps plan for the future, but also provides tax benefits which can be utilised in the present. Investing in these plans ensures that one can go about living his/her life without worrying about the welfare of their loved ones in the future, for these plans are designed to handle any financial emergency which can arise in the absence of the insured.

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