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    Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases in any part of the world. While scientific advancements have been made to effectively overcome cancer and live a normal life, the treatment process is a very expensive one. Most people succumb to cancer mainly because they don’t have the financial means to overcome the disease. This is where a cancer-specific cover comes in handy. One of the highlights of these covers is that they offer high-value coverage for an affordable price. Let’s take a look at how cancer covers can be effectively used for the management of this dreadful disease.

    Various life insurance firms in India now have cancer-specific plans aimed at providing financial assistance to those who suffer from cancer. Some of the top players like HDFC Life, ICICI Prudential, Max Life, etc. offer cancer covers with flexible benefits. One of the advantages of cancer covers is that they provide lump sum payment of the full sum assured amount upon the first diagnosis of cancer. You don’t have to provide any expense bills or receipts in order to get the claim amount. The money obtained from cancer covers can be highly beneficial when it comes to managing the huge costs of cancer treatment.

    Cancer Covers vs Critical Illness Covers

    Almost all the top health insurance companies in India have their own versions of critical illness policies. These policies differ a lot in terms of the coverage offered and the number of diseases covered. Most of these critical illness policies also provide coverage for cancer. The benefits provided here are similar since critical illness covers also pay lump sum amount following the first diagnosis of an illness. However, one major difference here is that critical illness covers pay only for advanced diagnosis of cancer. If the diagnosis is made at an early stage, critical illness covers may not provide any compensation to the insured. On the other hand, cancer-specific policies provide compensation at all stage of cancer diagnosis.

    Benefits of Cancer-specific Policies

    Some of the key benefits associated with cancer-specific policies can be listed as follows:

    • Cost is one of the major advantages when it comes to cancer covers. The premium can be afforded by almost anyone. The benefits obtained in terms of the money spent is exceedingly high when it comes to cancer insurance policies.
    • The lump sum benefit obtained from cancer covers can be used for any purposes ranging from medical expenses to day-to-day living expenses. Insurers require only the diagnostic reports for cancer. They do not seek bills and receipts on how the money is spent by the insured.
    • All cancer insurance policies provide coverage for various stages of cancer. Even for diagnosis at an early stage, one can get benefits from the insurer. However, some insurers limit the benefit amount to about 25% of the sum assured in term of early-stage diagnosis. There are also insurers who pay as much as 200% sum assured amount for terminal stage diagnosis.
    • Some cancer insurance policies provide increasing cover rider to enhance the sum assured amount. Here, the sum assured amount increases by a certain amount every year for which no claim is made. This will result in a substantial increase in sum assured for the policyholder.
    • In most cases of early-stage diagnosis, the coverage does not cease upon diagnosis of cancer. Instead, a temporary relief is provided to policyholders from the payment of premiums. Once the treatment is over, policyholders can continue to avail the coverage and protect themselves against advanced stages of cancer diagnosis.

    Premium for Cancer Covers

    As noted earlier, the premiums for cancer covers are extremely cheaper than other policies in the market. This is because the coverage is limited, and it focuses on only one disease. The only condition here is individuals must not already suffer from cancer when they sign up for cancer insurance policies. The premium for cancer covers may also differ based on the policy term chosen by the applicant. Other factors such as age, sum assured amount, pre-existing diseases, smoking habits, etc. are also taken into consideration when determining the premium amount.

    Cancer Insurance Premium Calculator

    All the top insurers in the market have a premium calculator to guide their customers on how much they have to spend on a cancer insurance policy. By entering their personal details, customers can know the exact premium amount, including taxes, they have to shell out for the policy. Some of the commonly requested parameters include name, date of birth, gender, mobile number, email ID, state, city, etc. For instance, the premium for cancer insurance plan under HDFC Life Silver is Rs.1,333 for a 35-year old male on a 10-year policy. By using the cancer insurance premium calculator, customers can allocate their budget accordingly and plan their expenses.


    The premium for a cancer insurance policy may vary from one insurer to another. By using the online premium calculators in the official websites of insurers, customers can determine the premium for various plans in the market. Determining the premium amount helps customers make an informed decision based on their specific requirements. Cancer insurance is certainly a type of policy worth considering especially if you have a history of cancer in your family.

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