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    National Insurance Company Limited (NIC) is one of the oldest and most preferred general insurance firms in the country. The insurance firm is a subsidiary of the government-owned General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC), and is headquartered in Kolkata. The company has a pan-India reach with around 1,998 branches across the country and 14,902 employees. In terms of the Gross Direct Written Premiums (GDWP), the company is the second largest general insurance company in India.

    Car Insurance Online from National Insurance

    Third-party/Liability-Only Cover Third-party policies cover:
    • Bodily injury/accidental death of third-party
    • Property damage (up to Rs.7.5 lakh)
    Incurred claim ratio 2017-18 121.67%
    Net earned premium 2017-18 Rs.5,008.23 crore
    Covers Provided
    • Liability-Only Cover
    • Package/Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy
    • Comprehensive coverage is available
    • No-claim bonus for every claim-free year
    • Option to purchase and renew policy online
    • Liability-only cover
    • Personal accident cover for self and co-passengers
    • Own-damage cover
    • Damage due to consequential loss, mechanical/electrical breakdown or failure, and wear and tear
    • Tyre damage, unless the car is also damaged
    • Accident or damage caused due to an individual driving under influence of alcohol or drugs
    • Allied labour and costs of parts


    Features and Benefits

    • Digital policy purchase and renewal: Customers have the option of purchasing or renewing their car insurance policy through the insurer’s official website. However, if you would like to buy your policy through more traditional means, you can always walk into any one of the insurer’s branches in your city.
    • Discounts/Bonus: Policyholders can avail attractive discounts when they purchase a motor insurance policy from National Insurance. In order to reward safe driving, the insurer provides a No-Claim Bonus for every claim-free year. In addition, if you purchase your motor insurance policy from the insurer’s official website, you can also claim certain online discounts.
    • Customer Service: If you would like for a company representative to assist you or if you have certain queries, you can call the insurer on their toll-free number or send them an email on their dedicated email ID. The insurer also has an online chat feature on their official website. In order to start the chat, you will simply have to enter your name, email ID, and telephone number.
    • Speedy Claim Settlement: On the insurer’s official website, you will find a detailed, step-by-step process on how to lodge/file a claim. If all the steps mentioned are followed and the policyholder submits the necessary documents without delay, the claim will be settled by the insurer in a timely and hassle-free manner.
    • Choice of Coverage: National Insurance provides prospective policy buyers 2 types of coverage options. You can either choose a Liability-Only Cover, wherein you will only be covered for the death/injury of a third party and for third-party property damage (within Rs.7.5 lakh). You can also choose to avail the Package Cover or the Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy, which will give you a more inclusive and exhaustive coverage.

    5 Easy Steps to Apply for a National Insurance Car Insurance Policy Online

    Listed below are the steps to avail a car insurance policy from National Insurance:

    • Firstly, you will have to visit to the insurer’s official website, and then click on the ‘Motor Insurance – Private Car’ tab on the menu.
    • Once you have navigated to the Motor Insurance page on the website, you can click on the ‘Buy Online’ option.
    • You will then be re-directed to another page in which you will have to key-in certain details about yourself and your vehicle.
    • Once you have filled in all the necessary information, you can pay your premium via your Credit/Debit Card. The risk cover will commence only after the premium is paid.
    • If you require any assistance during this process, you can always reach out to the insurer’s Customer Service team on the toll-free number that’s mentioned on the website.

    Why should one Opt for National Insurance Company Limited?

    • Availability of 2 Coverage Options: While it is mandatory for every vehicle owner to have an active motor insurance policy, insured members can choose between a Liability-Only Coverage or a Comprehensive Coverage, as per their requirements.
    • Instant Policy Renewal: In addition to being able to purchase a policy online, National Insurance also provides members the added benefit of renewing their insurance policy directly through the insurer’s official website.
    • Discounts: Policyholders can avail discounts and bonuses, which can help reduce the overall premium payable.
    • Range of Insurance Products: The insurer has a very varied insurance product portfolio. In addition to motor insurance, the insurer also provides health insurance, personal insurance, rural insurance, and several other such insurance solutions to meet the needs of their diverse consumer base.

    Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria of National Insurance

    Inclusion Exclusion
    Individuals can purchase a Liability-Only Cover or a Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy. Any vehicular damage caused due to the following factors are not covered:
    • General wear-and-tear
    • Consequential loss
    • Electrical/Mechanical breakdown
    A Liability-Only Policy will cover the following:
    • Death/injury occurring to a third-party, or
    • Damage occurring to a third-party’s property or assets
    Damage occurring only to the tyres will not be covered. However, if the tyres are damaged along with the car, the insurer will pay 50% of the cost of replacing the tyres.
    The Package/Comprehensive Motor Insurance policy will cover liabilities, damages caused to one’s own vehicle, loss of vehicle, and injury/death occurring to self/co-passengers. Accidents or bodily injury/death caused due to the vehicle owner or driver driving when he/she was under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances.
    The Comprehensive Policy covers damage caused to one’s own vehicle due to:
    • Man-made/natural calamities
    • Transit by rail, air, road, etc.
    • Theft or burglary
    • Acts of terrorism, malicious acts, strikes, and riots.
    Allied labour and costs of parts

    Insured Declared Value – National Insurance Company Limited

    The Insured Declared Value or the IDV is the maximum amount that the insurer is liable to pay to you in case of total loss or theft of the vehicle. This means that if your car happens to get stolen or is damaged beyond repair in an accident, this is the maximum sum that you can claim for. The insurer is not liable to pay you anything more.

    The determining factor of a vehicle’s IDV is its current market value excluding the rate of depreciation that occurs with time. The value of any accessories that are not factory fitted and the vehicle’s registration cost will also not be included in the calculation of the vehicle’s IDV. The rate of depreciation that will be taken into account as per the age of the vehicle is listed in the table below.

    Age of the Vehicle Percentage of Depreciation
    Under 6 months 5%
    Over 6 months but lesser than 1 year 15%
    Over 1 year but lesser than 2 years 20%
    Over 2 years but lesser than 3 years 30%
    Over 3 years but lesser than 4 years 40%
    Over 4 years but lesser than 5 years 50%
    Over 5 years Based on an agreement between the policyholder and the insurance company.

    Claim Process for National Insurance Company Limited

    In order to file a claim with National Insurance, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below:

    • In case of theft or loss, the concerned person will have to immediately report it to the Police.
    • Post this, the claim form will have to be collected and filled up by the policyholder.
    • This filled and signed claim form will have to submitted to the policy-issuing office along with all required documents and the FIR (if applicable).
    • A Loss Assessor/Surveyor may be appointed by the insurance firm, if necessary.
    • Once all documents are verified, the claim will be settled by the insurer and the payout will be made.
    • In certain cases, the insurer may make a provisional payment if the final claim payment is still pending.

    *The steps mentioned above are only indicative and not exhaustive. For more detailed information, you will need to contact the insurer.

    Documents required for claim settlement with National Car Insurance 

    Listed below are the documents National Car Insurance policyholders have to submit for accidental claims, for theft claims and for third-party claims:  

    Documents to be submitted for accidental claims:  

    • A copy of the registration certificate of the insured car.  
    • Self-attested claim form.  
    • A copy of the driving license of the policyholder.  
    • Policy documents, or policy card.  
    • FIR issued by the local police station – depending on the severity of the accident.  

    Documents to be submitted if the car was stolen: 

    • Claim form that has been attested by the policyholder and owner of the stolen vehicle.  
    • Copy of the registration certificate of the insured vehicle.  
    • Copy of the driving license of the policyholder.  
    • Policy card or documents.  
    • FIR issued by the local police station stating that the car has been stolen.  

    Documents to be submitted for third-party and comprehensive car insurance claims:  

    • Self-attested duly-filled claim form.  
    • Copy of the registration certificate of the vehicle that has been damaged.  
    • Copy of the driving license of the policyholder.  
    • FIR issued by the local police station.  
    • Details of the damages caused to the vehicles as issued by the insurance surveyor or the network garage.  

    FAQs for National Car Insurance

    1. How do you define ‘depreciation’ in car insurance?

      The reduction in the vehicle’s value due to general wear-and-tear that occurs with time is called depreciation. Depreciation can play a large role in determining your vehicle’s IDV or Insured Declared Value.

    2. What is a No-Claim Bonus?

      The No-Claim Bonus is a certain bonus/discount that is provided by the insurer to reward you for not making any claims during the policy tenure. The No-Claim Bonus for the present policy year can help reduce your premium payable in the following year.

    3. Is Motor Insurance mandatory?

      Yes, purchasing a motor insurance policy is mandatory for every motor vehicle owner. You are required to, at the very least, have a third-party liability-only cover, by law. However, you can also consider purchasing a comprehensive insurance policy since it offers a higher amount of coverage and is more inclusive.

    4. Can I pay my premium online?

      Yes, you can purchase/renew your policy on National Insurance’s official website and the premium payments can be made by credit/debit card.

    5. What documents should I carry when driving my vehicle?

      While driving, ensure that you carry your car’s Insurance Certificate, Registration Certificate, PUC Certificate, and the driving licence of the person who is driving the vehicle.

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