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    Two Wheeler Insurance
    • Protect yourself with long-term third party cover
    • Enhance you cover with add-on covers
    • Buy/renew your policy online without hassles from the insurers website

    The Government of India made it mandatory for all vehicles to have a third-party liability policy under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. New India Assurance offers an insurance policy that can be purchased easily online. Two-wheelers reduce the time commuting in a busy city and therefore are a preferred mode of transport by many people in India. But with so many two wheelers on the road, it is important to be protected against financial liabilities that might arise out of accidents. Having a valid motor insurance policy is the best way to be prepared to meet such contingencies.

    Features And Benefits Of New India Assurance Two Wheeler Insurance

    Type of Plan Package Policy Third Party Liability
    Policy Period 12 months 12 months
    Policy Types Comprehensive cover Liability only
    Policy Coverage
    • Theft
    • Physical damage
    • Third-party liability
    • Damage or injury to a third party
    • Damage to third party property
    • Claims due to contractual liabilities
    • Normal wear and tear
    • Electrical or mechanical breakdown
    • Invalid driving licence
    • Loss or damage due to war
    • Riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • Consequential loss
    Renewal frequency End of policy term End of policy term
    Available Add ons
    • Nil Depreciation Cover
    • Inclusion of Road Tax cover
    • Return of Invoice
    • NCB Protection
    • Engine Protect Cover
    • Additional Towing Charges
    • Loss of Content Cover
    No Claim Benefit Provided for every claim-free year. Discount ranges between 20% to 50%.
    No Claim Benefit after Claim NCB becomes nil NCB becomes nil
    Zero Depreciation Cover Available for vehicles upto 5 years old Available for vehicles upto 5 years old
    Refund Facility Not specified Not specified
    Policy Expiration The policy will expire on at the end of the policy term. You may renew the policy to continue your coverage
    Network Garage Over 800+ network garages

    Reasons To Choose New India Assurance Bike Insurance

    When you opt for a bike insurance policy from New India Assurance, you stand to benefit from a number of value-added features.

    • Easy Claim Settlement

      Assistance is provided round the clock by New India Assurance to customers all across India.

    • No Claim Bonus

      Enjoy discounts on premium for every claim-free year. You can get up to 50% of on your premiums through NCB.

    • Cashless Claims

      You can make cashless claims at any of the garages in New India Assurance’s network.

    • Add Ons

      New India Assurance provides a range of add-on options for customers to enhance the level of protection provided with their insurance plan.


    Two Wheeler Insurance Plans Offered By New India Assurance

    New India Assurance offers two motor insurance policies which customers can choose from depending on their needs.

    Liability Only Policy

    This policy covers only death, injury or damage caused to a third party. Under this policy, if death or injury is caused to a third party, there is no limit on the amount covered. For damages to a third-party property, then Rs.7.5 lakh is the maximum limit covered under private and commercial vehicles. For two wheeler insurance policies, only Rs.1 lakh will be covered if damage is caused to third party.

    Package Policy

    By opting for this plan, you can be insured in the following instances for damage to your own vehicle and its accessories along with third-party liabilities:

    • Damage or loss caused by natural calamities
    • Damage or loss caused by manmade calamities
    • Personal Accident Cover
    • Third-Party Legal Liability

    This plan carries the benefits of cashless claims if you avail the services of a network garage. You can also benefit from No Claim Bonuses upon renewal if you do not make a claim during the policy term. Apart from this, you will be eligible for up to Rs.300 for towing charges.

    Coverage Offered Under New India Assurance Bike Insurance

    If you buy a liability-only policy, you will be covered against expenses incurred if you cause damage to a third party or their property. If you choose a package policy, then you will receive benefits against damages to your own vehicle and self. Depending on the policy you have chosen, your coverage will vary.

    • Third-party liability

    This coverage is provided under both plan options. If you cause any accidental damages or loss to a third party, the insurance company will pay for any legal liabilities as per the provisions of the plan. Any expenses related to accidental death, permanent injury or damage to property of a third party will be covered.

    • Loss or damage to own vehicle due to manmade disasters

    The 2 wheeler insurance policy will also cover certain manmade disasters. These include accident by external means, theft, burglary, riot, strike, terrorist activity, any malicious act, any damage in transit by air, rail, road, rail, inland waterway, lift, or elevator.

    • Loss or damage to own vehicle due to natural calamities

    The natural calamities covered include fire, explosion, hurricane, tempest, cyclone, self-ignition or lightning, typhoon, earthquake, storm, frost, inundation, hail storm, flood, landslide and rockslide. If your vehicle is damaged or lost completely due to natural events, the insurance plan will pay out a benefit to cover expenses or losses.

    • Optional Add-on cover

      • Nil Depreciation Cover - Customers do not have to bear depreciation on metal, plastic, fiber and rubber parts, which usually ranges between 5% and 50%. This enhancement cover is available for vehicles up to the age of 5 years.
      • Inclusion of Road Tax cover - In the event that the bike needs to be replaced, this add-on will protect the customer from bearing the Road Tax.
      • Return of Invoice - For vehicles up to the age of 3 years, this cover is available. This add-on protects the insured from the difference between the IDV stated in the policy and the dealer’s listed selling price as on the date of the accident on the same make and model.
      • NCB Protection - With this cover, even in the event of a claim, the customer can aval the next slab of NCB. Up to 2 admissible OD claims are allowed during the policy period.
      • Engine Protect Cover - Customers can be protected against consequential losses caused to the engine and its parts.
      • Additional Towing Charges - Get a reimbursement of towing charges over and above the standard Rs.300 provided under the base plan.
      • Loss of Content Cover - If the customer loses personal belongings in an accident, this add-on will provide protection for up to Rs.20,000, subject to a maximum of 20% of the sum assured.

    Exclusions In New India Assurance Two Wheeler Insurance

    There are certain exclusions applicable under a 2 wheeler insurance policy from New India Assurance. Under these particular circumstances, the insurer will not be liable to pay any benefits to the policyholder.

    • Consequential loss
    • Damage caused by a person riding without a valid driving licence
    • Damage caused by a person riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    • Wear and tear of the two-wheeler
    • Electrical or mechanical breakdown
    • Loss or damage due to war, nuclear risk or mutiny
    • Vehicles used for purposes other than in accordance with the limitations of use

    Eligibility To Buy New India Assurance Bike Insurance Online:

    Any 2 wheeler owner can avail a motor insurance policy from New India Assurance if the vehicle is registered in his/her name with the Regional Transport Authority of India. In addition to this, New India Assurance might take into consideration the following factors:

    • Vehicle age - Vehicles up to the age of 15 years can be insured.
    • Driver details - The person who will be using the vehicle must be of legal age to ride and have a valid license.
    • Fitness certificate - The vehicle might need a fitness certificate, especially if it is an old bike.
    • Inspection - Depending on the vehicle, an inspection by a representative of New India Assurance might be required.
    • Modifications - Some insurance providers might be reluctant to insure a vehicle with modifications, or might provide insurance at a higher premium.
    • Payment - Depending on the plan chosen, a premium amount will have to be paid to avail the policy.

    Steps To Buy New India Assurance 2 Wheeler Insurance Policy Online:

    You can buy a two-wheeler insurance policy from New India Assurance easily online.

    • Log on to the New India Assurance official website.
    • Choose “Buy Online” or “Two-wheeler” under products.
    • You will see an option to enter the details of bike.
    • Enter the make, model, and nearest city of purchase or registration.
    • Enter your contact details.
    • Click on “Calculate Premium”.
    • You will be given the details of how much premium you need to pay in order to be insured for the ideal IDV (Insured Declared Value).
    • If you are satisfied with the price, you can go ahead and purchase the policy.
    • Once you make the payment, the policy will be issued.

    How To Make A Claim From New India Assurance General Insurance?

    Liability Claim

    • You need to intimate the claim immediately to New India Assurance. Inform them of any accident or incident that might give rise to a liability claim.
    • If you receive a summons to court, you need to send it to the insurer immediately.
    • Fill up a claim form and submit it along with the following documents to New India Assurance:
    • Registration certificate
    • Driving licence
    • FIR

    Theft of vehicle

    • File an FIR with the police as soon as possible.
    • Contact your policy-issuing officer and provide him with a copy of the FIR.
    • When you receive the Final Police Report, submit it to the insurer.
    • A surveyor or investigator will be appointed.
    • Once the claim is approved, you will be required to transfer the Registration Certificate of the vehicle to New India Assurance, submit a letter of Subrogation and Indemnity on stamp paper that has been duly notarized. You will also have to hand over the keys of the vehicle.

    Accidental Damage Claim

    • Intimate the claim to the nearest New India Assurance branch.
    • A claim form will be issued which you need to fill in.
    • Submit the form along with the following:
      • Copy of Registration Certificate
      • Copy of Driving Licence of the driver of the vehicle at the time