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    Present in 125 countries across the globe, Renault, the French multinational automobile manufacturer commenced its operations in India in 2005 after partnering with the Mahindra & Mahindra group. The company offers exclusive services such as Renault Assured and Renault Secure with every purchase. While Renault Secure is an extended warranty provided with every Renault car, Renault Assured provides exclusively designed insurance solutions for Renault car owners.

    Why is it Important to have Renault Car Insurance?

    Renault car insurance assures financial protection to the policyholder in the face of any mishaps that may cause financial strain such as third-party and own damage liabilities. Also, as per the Motor Vehicles Act in India, it is mandatory for every car plying on the roads to be insured with at least a third-party liability cover.

    Renault Car Insurance Partners

    Renault Car Insurance has partnered with several top insurance providers in India including:

    • Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
    • ICICI Lombard General Insurance
    • L&T General Insurance
    • Bharti General Insurance
    • Iffco-Tokio General Insurance
    • HDFC ERGO General Insurance
    • Universal Sompo General Insurance
    • The New India Assurance

    Benefits & Key Features of Renault Car Insurance

    Some of the key features and benefits offered by Renault Car Insurance are:

    • Instant policy issuance
    • Hassle-free claim settlement
    • Dedicated customer care
    • Large network of service centres
    • Optional add-on covers
    • Near cashless settlement
    • Quality repairs and replacements with original spare parts

    Renault Car Insurance Premium Calculator

    Premium Calculator is a built-in tool found on insurance websites to calculate and quote individual insurance premiums for prospective policyholder. You can make use of this calculator while purchasing a new insurance policy or renewing an existing one.

    Renault Car Insurance Inclusions and Exclusions

    Renault Car Insurance comes with certain exclusions and inclusions, some of which are mentioned below:

    • Inclusions:
      • Loss/damage to own car due to natural calamities
      • Loss/damage to own car due to man-made calamities
      • Personal Accident Cover
      • Extended coverage for passengers and/or paid driver
      • Third-party liabilities
    • Exclusions:
    • Normal wear and tear due to the ageing of the vehicle
    • Electrical/mechanical breakdown
    • Vehicle used for purposes outside of the ones agreed in the insurance policy
    • Damage/loss due to war, nuclear risk or mutiny

    Renault Car Insurance Add-ons

    Some of the major add-ons provided by Renault Car Insurance are:

    • Zero Depreciation Cover

    • No Claim Bonus Protector Cover

    • Return to Invoice Cover

    • Passenger Cover

    • Engine Protector Cover

    Renault Car Insurance Renewal Online

    As mentioned before you can use the premium calculator to get a quote on the insurance premium you are required to pay upon policy renewal. Once you agree with the quoted insurance premium, you can go ahead and renew the policy by making the payment through one of the online payment options. You can visit any of the partnered insurer websites or third-party websites to renew your policy.

    Renault Car Insurance Endorsements

    Endorsements refer to any updates/alterations made to your insurance policy. Endorsements are of two kinds, premium bearing and non-premium bearing. A few of the endorsements are mentioned below:

    • Premium Bearing Endorsement
      • Increasing/including the voluntary deductible
      • Installation of a LPG/CNG Kit
      • Change in the passengers covered
      • Any change with respect to No Claim Bonus
    • Non-Premium bearing Endorsement
    • Change in the engine number
    • Change in the registration number
    • Change in your address
    • Change in the chassis number

    Renault Car Insurance Claim Process

    After a mishap you can raise either a cashless claim request or a reimbursement claim request depending on your insurance and convenience at the time.

    • Cashless Claim Process:
      • You have to inform the insurer as soon as the mishap takes place
      • Lodge a FIR at the nearest police station and get a copy of the same
      • The insurer will send a surveyor to assess the damage/loss within 24 hours
      • You are required to submit the relevant documents to the insurer/surveyor
      • Once the survey is done, you can take your car to the nearest cashless garage and have it repaired
      • Once the repairs are done, a surveyor will be sent to asses the vehicle
      • Post assessment, your car will be delivered to you
      • The insurer will settle the bills at the garage
    • Reimbursement Claim Process:
      • You have to inform the insurer as soon as the mishap takes place
      • Lodge a FIR at the nearest police station and get a copy of the same
      • The insurer will send a surveyor to assess the damage/loss within 24 hours
      • You are required to submit the relevant documents to the insurer/surveyor
      • Once the survey is done, you can take your car to the nearest garage and have it repaired
      • You will have to pay for the repairs at the garage and collect the invoices for the same
      • You need to submit the bills/invoices to the insurer to get your expenses reimbursed

    No Claim Bonus (NCB) on your Renault Car Insurance

    NCB is a reward offered by the insurer to the policyholder as a token of appreciation for the claim-free years. The percentage of NCB will vary with every consecutive year, starting at 20% for the 1st year to 50% for the 5th year. 50% is the maximum NCB you can avail.

    Discount on Renault Car Insurance Premium:

    Renault Car Insurance offers discounts on insurance premiums in certain cases, a few of them are:

    • If you have installed ARAI approved security devices
    • If you are a member of any automobile association in India
    • If you are eligible for professional discounts
    • If you opt for higher voluntary deductibles
    • If you have a good driving record

    How to buy Renault Car Insurance

    You can purchase a Renault Car Insurance either online or offline depending on your convenience:

    • Online:

    You can visit partnered insurer websites or third-party websites and purchase a Renault car insurance that meets all your insurance needs. You can use the built-in premium calculator to calculate your insurance premium and accordingly make the purchase via debit card/credit card/netbanking.

    • Offline: You can visit any of the Renault car dealers or meet with authorised insurance agents to purchase a compatible car insurance. You will have to submit hard-copies of the necessary documents at the time of purchase.

    Renault Car Insurance FAQs:

    1. Is it necessary to inform the insurance firm if I fit a CNG or LPG kit in my car?

    2. Yes, it is necessary to inform your insurer so that the same can be added in your policy and as this comes under premium bearing endorsement, you will have to pay an additional premium for the same.

    3. What is covered under a comprehensive car insurance?

    4. A comprehensive motor insurance covers third-party liabilities as well as own damage liabilities.

    5. What is covered under third-party car insurance?

    6. A third-party car insurance covers only third-party liabilities.

    7. Does my geographical location have any impact on the car insurance premium paid?

    8. Yes, your geographical location affects your insurance premium.

    9. Are the NCBs from my expired insurance policy transferable?

    10. Yes, NCBs can be transferred even after your insurance policy has expired.

    News About Renault Car Insurance

    • Renault cars on discount for the month of May

      For the month of March 2019, Renault India Private Limited was offering the 2018 model of the Renault Captur for a discount of Rs.2 lakh. However, Renault is no longer offering the Captur for such a high cash discount but are offering the car with an Rs.50,000 exchange bonus. The main reason why the discount was removed could be because the stock has been cleared for the 2018 model of the car. However, Renault is offering discounts on the Kwid, Duster, and Lodgy.

      Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Mizoram, and Andhra Pradesh get net benefits of up to Rs.13.735 and Rs.82,180, for the Kwid and Duster, respectively. Net benefits of Rs.27,735 and Rs.18,221 are available at Haryana, and Kerala for the Renault Kwid. The rest of India gets net benefits of up to Rs7,735 and Rs.62,180 for the Kwid and Duster, respectively. The Renault Lodgy provides benefits of up to Rs.65,059 (includes a corporate discount of Rs.5,000 and first-year insurance for Re.1). However, the RxE and STD variants of the car, which come with an 85PS engine, offers benefits of up to Rs.30,000.

      Renault has also maintained that they do have the right to change these offers as well as cancel them without any prior notice. These offers are also available on cars that are booked and delivered in the month of May 2019.

      27 May 2019

    • Renault announces discounts on various models for March 2019

      Renault has announced discounts worth up to Rs.2 lakh on its various models for the month of March 2019. Discount offers are announced on Renault’s 2018 Captur, Lodgy, Kwid, and Duster models. These discounts come in the form of cash discounts, insurance offers, and corporate bonus on these models.

      The highest amount of cash discount is offered for the 2018 Captur model, which comes with Rs.2 lakh in discounts. Renault Duster comes with cash discounts worth Rs.65,000. The company also offers exchange bonus up to Rs.20,000 on Duster. The company offers Rs.30,000 discount for the standard version of Lodgy. Corporate bonus offered for all models is Rs.5,000.

      Renault Kwid comes with discounts worth up to Rs.6,000 across India except for certain regions like Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and North East. The company also offers first year insurance at Re.1 for its Duster and Lodgy models.

      12 March 2019

    • Renault India announces discount offers to celebrate Women’s day

      Renault India announced the celebration of International Women’s day by announcing various discounts between March 6th and March 11th. Under this discount offer, women customers will get a 10% discount on various things including value added service, parts and accessories, extended warranty, labour charges, and roadside assistance.

      Women customers will also get other assured gifts and a discount on their insurance renewal. In addition, the company also offers a complimentary vehicle checkup for its customers along with pickup and drop facility. Vehicle owners will be educated on performing necessary checks and basic vehicle maintenance.

      The company has also planned a few activities at the dealerships to undertake strategic measures in various business dimensions. All these measures are aimed at providing a seamless ownership experience for Renault customers.

      8 March 2019

    • Renaults offers discounts on its various models

      Car manufacturing company Renaults is offering discounts on its models launched in the year 2018 for the month of February.

      A customer looking to purchase Renault Captor can enjoy a minimum discount of Rs.1.2 lakh and a maximum discount of Rs.2 lakh. A person who buys a Kwid or a Lodgy would not only get to save up to Rs.10,000 but also receive free insurance.

      Renault is also offering its customers a corporate bonus worth Rs.2,000 on the purchasing of the Kwid model manufactured in 2019. Similarly, the Renault Duster model which was launched this year comes with PSU and corporate bonus worth Rs.5,000 along with an additional Rs.20,000 as the exchange bonus which is offered only if the customer purchases the Duster’s diesel variant.

      The petrol and diesel version of the 2018 manufactured Renault RXE Captur is offered with various cash discounts. The RXL model is also being offered at a huge discount where the petrol variant will see Rs.1.20 lakh being knocked-off the showroom price and the diesel variant being sold for Rs.2 lakh less than the original showroom price set earlier.

      Customers who purchase the RXT and Platine dual-tone version will enjoy cash discounts of up to Rs.1.70 lakh. Similarly, on purchasing the Lodgy models, the consumer will receive an additional corporate bonus of Rs.5,000 along with cash cuts of up to Rs.30,000 which will be offered to those who purchase the RXE, and the STD variants. People who buy the Stepway model will receive free insurance.

      21 February 2019

    • Renault Announces Three-Day Country-Wide Republic Day Service Camp

      Renault has recently announced that a country-wide three-day Republic Day Celebration Camp will be conducted at all Renault service facilities located across the country. The camp will be held between January 22 and January 25.

      The car manufacturer will be offering a complete car check-up as per its guidelines during the camp. Renault’s Republic Day camp also offer a number of attractive offers to customers such as discounted renewal rates for Renault Assured car insurance covers, a 15% discount of Labour and Value Added Services, a 10% discount on certain select accessories and parts, a 10% discount on enrolment for the Road Side Assistance (RSA) benefit, and a complimentary car wash. In addition to these services, Renault has also organised engagement activities for the camp.

      Renault is conducting the camp as part of its commitment to provide convenience and comfort to its customers. The camp will also allow the company to strengthen its bond among car buyers in India. The car marker has also launched a number of other initiatives to offer a better ownership experience to those who purchase Renault cars. These initiatives include Workshop on Wheels (WoW), Renault Assured, Renault Secure, Renault Assist, Passion on Wheels (PoW), the ‘My Renault’ app, and customer service camps. Renault also offers a warranty for the first four years or up to 1,00,000 km, in addition to roadside assistance benefits on the Renault Kwid.

      23 january2019

    • Renault Kwid comes with cash discount, insurance discount, & loan rate discount in September

      Renault has an offer of Rs.15,000 on its most popular model Kwid for the month of September. This offer is available throughout the country. Renault has also announced the limited offer of insuring your new vehicle at Re.1 in the company’s vehicle insurance wing Renault Assure. Another offer announced by the company is the low interest rate of 7.99% on the purchase of new vehicles through Renault Finance.

      The reduced interest rate offer is not available in certain states like Jharkhand, Punjab, Sikkim, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Jammu & Kashmir, and the seven north eastern states. However, these states can avail the cash discount and insurance benefit offered by Renault. These states can also get benefits worth Rs.15,000 on exchange of their old cars.

      In addition to these benefits, all Renault cars come with a 4-year/1 lakh kilometer warranty to ensure peace of mind for car owners. The Re.1 insurance offer is available only for pre-facelift models. However, the new version of Renault Kwid also comes with a host of new features at no extra cost.

      18 September2018

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