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  • SBI General Health Insurance

    Health Insurance
    • Premiums as low as Rs12/day for coverage of Rs.4 Lakhs*
    • 10,000+ hospitals for cashless treatment
    • Claim up to Rs. 55,000 deduction under section 80D**

    A joint venture between the Insurance Australia Group and the State Bank of India, SBI General Insurance Company Limited offers various insurance products such as motor, personal accident, travel, home, fire, marine, etc. SBI General Health Insurance is one of their product offerings.

    SBI General Health Insurance HighlightsUpdated on 21 Oct 2018

    Factor Details
    Health insurance plans 8 unique health insurance plans
    E-services offered
    • Get premium quotes online
    • Renew policy on the official website
    Branch offices Presence in around 21,000 branches of the SBI group
    Network hospitals 3,000 network hospitals


    Features & Benefits of SBI General Health Insurance

    • Good coverage options - SBI offers customers attractive coverage options. A prospective buyer can choose a sum insured amount as per his/her personal needs and financial limitations without any hassles.
    • Flexible and comprehensive plans- The best part about SBI General Health Insurance is that it offers a wide range of plan options that give policyholders the flexibility to make choices as per personal preferences and other factors such as the the city they live in, etc.
    • Wide range of add-ons- SBI gives policyholders the benefit of a wide range range of cover options. Some of the riders include ICU charges, consultancy charges, ambulance fee, operation theatre fee, etc.
    • 24/7 customer support- A well-trained customer service team works on a 24/7 basis to resolve issues, clear doubts, answer claim queries and other issues related to insurance.
    • Free- medical check-up- Policyholders will be eligible for a complimentary health check-up upon the completion of at least 4 claim-free years.
    • Easy online purchase and renewal- Purchasing a health insurance policy from SBI is just a click away. All purchases and renewals can be done online without any hassles just by following a few simple steps.

    Plans provided by SBI General Health Insurance

    Plan Plan Basis Sum Insured Range
    Arogya Premier Individual and Family Min:Rs.10 lakh Max:Rs.30 lakh
    Arogya Plus Individual and Family Min:Rs.1 lakh Max:Rs.3 lakh
    Arogya Top up Individual and Family Min:Rs.1 lakh Max:Rs.10 lakh
    Health Insurance SBI Individual and Family Min:Rs.1 lakh Max:Rs.5 lakh
    Critical Illness Individual Upto Rs.5 lakh
    Hospital Daily Cash Individual Daily allowance

    *Premiums may vary depending upon factors like age, location, term of the plan and prevailing taxes/GST.

    Arogya Premier

    Specifically designed for high net-worth individuals, this policy offers good coverage and comes with a good set of benefits and add-ons.

    Unique Features of Arogya Premier Policy

    • This policy offers the benefit of air ambulance services that can be availed up to a maximum of Rs.1 lakh
    • Coverage is offered to daycare expenses, organ donor expenses and other treatments such as Homeopathy, Siddha, Unani and Ayurveda
    • Expenses related to maternity will be taken care of under the policy after completion of a waiting period of 9 months
    • Pre and post-hospitalization expenses will be provided
    • Tax benefit applicable
    • Operation related expenses

    Plan Details

    Policy Term 1,2 and 3 years
    Entry Age From 3 months to 65 years
    Plan Basis Individual and Family
    Sum Insured Range Min:Rs.10 lakh Max:Rs.30 lakh
    Premium Payable in advance
    Medical Screening Only for those above 55 years old
    No Claim Bonus 10%
    Discounts Cumulative bonus

    Arogya Plus

    The Arogya Plus plan is an enhanced health insurance option that provides multiple coverage options.

    Unique Features of Arogya Plus Policy

    • OPD related expenses will be taken care of as mandated in the policy terms and conditions
    • Tax benefit can be availed under section 80D
    • Maternity benefit offered
    • Daycare, pre and post-hospitalization expenses covered
    • Other benefits include cover for nursing expenses, ICU, diagnosis, operation and hospitalization related expenses

    Plan Details

    Policy Term 1, 2 and 3 years
    Entry Age From 3 months to 65 years
    Plan Basis Individual and Family
    Sum Insured Range Min:Rs.1 lakh Max:rs.3 lakh
    Premium Rs.8,900 per annum for Rs.1 lakh sum insured, Rs.13,350 per annum for Rs.2 lakh sum insured, Rs.17,800 per annum for Rs.3 lakh sum insured
    Medical Screening Only necessary for those above 55 years

    Arogya Topup

    The Arogya Topup policy is designed to provide added protection at a comparatively low premium rate.

    Unique Features of Arogya Topup

    • AYUSH related expenses will be covered
    • Tax exemption can be claimed
    • Organ expenses, pre and post-hospitalization cost and other fees related to surgeons, maternity, ambulance services and day care expenses
    • Hospitalization expenses such as room rent, blood and oxygen, etc

    Plan Details

    Policy term Individuals: 1,2 and 3 years Family: 1 year
    Entry Age 3 months to 65 years
    Plan Basis Individual and Family
    Sum Insured Range Min:Rs.1 lakh Max:Rs.10 lakh
    Medical Screening Only necessary for those above 55 years

    Health Insurance SBI

    This is a comprehensive health insurance policy that has a wide scope of coverage.

    Unique Features of Health Insurance SBI

    • Tax exemption applicable
    • Policyholders can avail cashless network services from the 3,000 odd empanelled network hospitals across the country
    • Coverage is also provided to certain specified pre-existing diseases after a waiting period of 1 year
    • The policy also covers ambulance charges, domiciliary hospitalization, day care expenses, ICU charges, specialist fees and other hospitalization expenses as mandated in the policy document

    Plan Details

    Entry Age 3 months to 65 years
    Plan Basis Individual and Family
    Sum Insured Range Min:Rs.1 lakh Max:Rs.5 lakh
    Medical Screening Only for those above 65 years
    Co-Payment 10%
    Waiting Period 1 year

    Critical illness

    The SBI Critical Illness plan is specially designed to cover certain specified serious illnesses. This is an individual policy.

    Unique Features of Critical Illness plan

    • This policy provides coverage against 13 serious illnesses such as paralysis, blindness, coma, first heart attack, stroke, heart valve surgery, aorta graft surgery, coronary artery bypass grafts, major organ transplant, multiple, primary pulmonary arterial hypertension, kidney failure, cancer
    • Tax exemption can be claimed

    Plan Details

    Policy term 1 and 3 years
    Entry Age Upto 65 years only
    Plan Basis Individual
    Sum Insured Range Up to Rs.5 lakh

    Hospital Daily Cash

    This policy is specifically designed to take care of the day-to-day expenses at the time of hospitalization.

    Unique Features of Hospital Daily Cash

    • During the time of hospitalization, a daily cash benefit of Rs.2,000 will be provided
    • ICU allowance of Rs.4,000 will be provided on a daily basis
    • Accidental hospitalization allowance of Rs.4,000 will be given on a daily basis and convalescence expenses of Rs.5,000 per day will be given

    Plan Details

    Policy term Individuals: 1,2 and 3 years Family: 1 year
    Entry Age 18 to 65 years

    Checklist before Buying SBI General Health Insurance

    • Before making a purchase, look into your personal and family needs and choose a plan accordingly
    • Consider all the factors such as premium range, sum insured amount, policy tenure and compare all benefits in the various plans
    • Keep all documents ready

    Documents Required for Purchasing SBI General Health Insurance

    • ID proof and residential proof
    • Medical certificate, if required

    Reasons to choose SBI General Health Insurance

    Hassle-free claim settlement
    Online transaction
    Good coverage
    Comprehensive plans
    Added benefits

    Incurred Claim Ratio of SBI Health Insurance

    Incurred claim ratio basically refers to percentage of claims that are successfully solved by the insurance company in a given financial year.

    Year Incurred Claim Ratio
    2016-17 53.43%

    Extra Benefits from SBI General Health Insurance

    Portability SBI provides customers the option to port the policy from any other insurer to SBI without any hassles
    Complaint redressal Any complaints can be lodged online, through their toll-free number or through email with the help of their Grievance Redressal option

    SBI General Health Insurance Renewal

    Log on to the SBI General Insurance and click on the ‘Renew’ option to complete the renewal process online. Just follow a few simple steps and make payment online.

    SBI General Health Insurance Network Hospitals for Cashless Treatment

    SBI General Health Insurance is equipped with over 3,000 cashless network hospitals where customers can avail good quality services. To locate the nearest network hospital, log on to the SBI General Insurance website and click on the ‘Hospital Network’ option.

    Claim Procedure in SBI General Health Insurance

    Cashless claim procedure:

    • Get prior approval from the insurance provider and contact the TPA
    • The health insurance card should be presented at the time of hospitalization
    • Bills to be paid by the insurance company to the network hospital

    Reimbursement claim procedure:

    • Fill out the duly signed claim form
    • Bills, invoices and discharge summary should be submitted along with the claim form
    • Reimbursements will be made in 7 working days

    Terms and Conditions of the Insurer

    • The policyholder must ensure that all information furnished at the time of purchase of the policy is accurate. In case of any misrepresentation of facts, the insurance provider has the right to cancel the policy at any point of time
    • Reimbursement claims will not be processed by the insurance provider unless documentary evidence is provided in terms of bills, invoices or discharge summary

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