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Star Health Insurance

Established in 2006, Star Health Insurance is a market leader in providing health insurance solutions. They offer a wide and extensive range of health insurance products.

Features & Benefits of Star Health Insurance

  • Direct claim settlement - Customers do not have to go through the hassle of contacting or dealing with any third-party administrator as all claims made will be settled directly through an in-house mechanism.
  • 24/7 customer support - The toll-free helpline is active round the clock and a well-equipped customer service team will help customers resolve queries, settle claims, make renewals or purchases. Any other insurance related query will be attended to in a speedy and efficient manner by the customer support team.
  • Free health magazine - One of the other perks include a complimentary health magazine that helps policyholders understand the basics of health. Tips and notes on how to maintain good health will also be provided.
  • Cashless network hospitals - Star Health Insurance has a wide network of more than 7,800 cashless network hospitals across the country where customers can get good quality health care services without any hassles.

Plans provided by Star Health Insurance

Plan Name Plan Basis(individual, family, etc.) Sum Insured (Min and Max)
Family Health Optima Individual and family Min: Rs.1 lakh
Senior Citizens Red Carpet Individual Up to Rs.7.5 lakh and Rs.10 lakh
Star Comprehensive Policy Individual and family Rs.5 lakh to Rs.25 lakh
Medi-Classic Insurance Individual and Family As per the policy document

*Premiums may vary depending upon factors like age, location, term of the plan and prevailing taxes/GST.

Family Health Optima

The Family Health Optima plan offers an auto recharge benefit that allows the policyholder to increase the value of the sum insured. This is a family policy that offers good coverage.

Unique Features Of Family Health Optima

  • This policy provides coverage for reproductive treatments, newborn baby
  • The policy also takes care of costs related to daycare treatments and domiciliary hospitalization treatment
  • Organ donor costs will be covered under the policy
  • Free health checks can be availed by customers after every claim free year
  • Ambulance charges including air ambulance

Plan Details

Entry Age 18 to 65 years
Plan Basis Individual and Family
Sum Insured Range Min: Rs.1 lakh
Co-Payment 20%
Waiting Period 30 days

Senior Citizens Red Carpet

This policy is specially formulated for the older generation and comes with a host of benefits customized to their needs.

Unique Features of Senior Citizens Red Carpet

  • This health insurance policy provides coverage to pre-existing conditions after a waiting period
  • Hospitalization related expenses such as room charges, nursing, surgeon fee, medicine costs, etc, will be covered
  • Ambulance charges, pre and post hospitalization cover will be provided
  • Day care treatment will be provided under the policy

Plan Details

Entry Age Between 60 to 75 years
Sum Insured Range Up to Rs.7.5 lakh and Rs.10 lakh
Medical Screening Not required
Discounts 5% discount on premium for online purchase

Star Comprehensive Policy

The Star Comprehensive Policy offers extensive coverage options. Some of the perks of this health plan include unlimited room rent and treatment cost coverage.

Unique Features of Star Comprehensive Policy

  • Bariatric surgery and related complications covered under this plan
  • No upper limit on treatments costs and room rent
  • Maternity costs covered
  • Policyholders can avail free health check-up after the completion of 3 claim-free years
  • Other covers include transportation services, second opinion, dental, daily allowances, day care, and personal accident cover

Plan Details

Entry Age 3 months to 65 years
Plan Basis Individual and Family
Sum Insured Range Rs.5 lakh to Rs.25 lakh

Medi-classic Insurance Policy

This health insurance policy allows individual policyholders to avail a set of benefits.

Unique Features of Medi-classic Insurance Policy

  • Tax benefit applicable
  • Free health check-up
  • Day care treatment, hospital allowances, patient care, hospitalization expenses such as medicines, room, boarding, nursing, doctor and surgeon fee
  • Pre and post hospitalization cover, ambulance fee
  • Non-allopathic treatment, pre-existing disease cover,

Plan Details

Policy Term 1 and 2 years
Entry Age 5 months to 65 years
Plan Basis Individual and Family
No Claim Bonus From 5% to 25%
Discounts 5% bonus

Checklist before Buying Star Health Insurance

  • Compare various plan option
  • Choose a sum insured range that suits family and personal needs
  • Customize plan according to health needs

Documents Required for Purchasing Star Health Insurance

  • ID proof
  • Address proof
  • Medical certificates, if any

Reasons to choose Star Health Insurance

Customizable plans
Online purchase
Hassle-free claim settlement

Incurred Claim Ratio of Star Health Insurance

Incurred claim ratio basically refers to percentage of claims that are successfully solved by the insurance company in a given financial year.

Year Incurred Claim Ratio
2015-16 79%

Extra Benefits from Star Health Insurance

Wellness portal and health zone The portal on wellness provides customers interesting insights on health
Grievance redressal A designated forum allows users to lodge complaints if any

Star Health Insurance Renewal

Star Health insurance policies are easy to renew online and can be done in a matter of minutes. Let's explore how:

  • Log on to the Star Health Insurance website
  • Choose the ‘renew online’ option and fill in policy details
  • Make the payment
  • A confirmation will be sent to your registered mobile number and email ID.

Star Health Insurance Network Hospitals for Cashless Treatment

With a pan India network of cashless claim hospitals, customers can avail direct treatment without the involvement of any third-party representatives. This allows policyholders to make direct claims and enjoy the benefit of good quality health care services.

Claim Procedure in Star Health Insurance

When making claims, it is very important to understand the steps involved and keep all the documents in place in order to help the insurance company process the claims without any roadblocks. Some of the documents required include:

  • Health card
  • Claim form
  • Medical reports
  • FIR in case of an accident
  • Discharge summary

Terms and Conditions of the Insurer

  • If the insured party has provided any untrue information about him or herself, the insurance company can cancel the policy in question at any point of time without the need to give any due explanation or compensation. Also, suitable action may be taken and this is at the discretion of the insurance company
  • If any of the necessary details are not filled in the claim form, the application will be considered null and void
  • If claims are not made within 30 days of hospitalization, they will not be processed