• 7 Amazing Bike Maintenance Tips in Rainy Season

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    Monsoon is one of the most awaited seasons in India. Regardless of how messy the roads get during the season, especially in the metropolitan cities, people across the country eagerly wait for the rains. Rains being vital for a number of reasons is considered a boon by all. However monsoons take a toll on your bike/motorcycle if you own any.

    To protect your vehicle against any damages during the monsoon season, it is vital that you avail a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy along with the necessary add-on covers. A comprehensive bike insurance cover will protect the owner against any liabilities that arise as a result of a road mishap, regardless of the season. In addition to the policy, the following tips will help you maintain your bike during the monsoon for smooth performance and longevity:

    Ensure your bike is properly covered and get anti-rust protection layer applied

    In case you decide to leave your bike outside, it is important that you use a rain cover to protect your bike from undergoing damages due to the monsoons. Also, look for good parking spots that are covered and would be a good shelter for the bike during the rainy season. Your bike needs to be properly covered at any given point of time during the monsoons, and this will ensure that the bike gives optimum performance at all times.

    Nowadays, most of the bikes that are being launched have a body made of fibre or other anti-rust elements. However, extra attention and care need to be given to those bikes that are made of metals prone to rust. For these bikes, applying a coat of anti-rust protection is a must, hence it would be a good idea to get the bike checked for the coating. In case your bike is made of metals that rust and there is an absence of the coating, ensure you get it done before the monsoon season starts.

    Get a Teflon Coating if possible

    Most people are unaware of teflon coating and its benefit for bikes. Those few who are aware of this, hardly recommended it until it is absolutely necessary. However, a teflon coating is another way to ensure rainwater never touches the bike. Giving a coat of teflon to your bike will repel the raindrops and stop it from causing any kind of damage to your bike. A teflon coating is inexpensive and can be done at a garage or at an authorised service centre.

    Have the tyres checked

    Tyres are an important asset to any vehicle, hence maintaining the tyres are vital. Before the monsoons arrive, ensure that the tyres are ready for the long heavy showers, the muddy and slippery roads, the sudden brakes, etc. Tyres basically carry the vehicle at any speed, hence any issues with them will directly affect the vehicle’s performance and may lead to road accidents. Visit the nearest garage or authorised service centre to get them checked. The tyres should be in good shape, so that you can ride your bike during any season. In case they are damaged or have any issues, get them replaced without hesitation for the sake of your safety as well as your bike’s. There are different kinds of tyres to choose from when replacing, always go with the ones that benefit the bike in terms of grip and smooth running.

    Service your two-wheeler brakes

    Another important aspect of the bike is its brakes, both front and back. Now brakes can be disk, rim, or drum depending on the type of bike. It is important that you get your brakes checked by a mechanic regularly, especially before the start of monsoons. Get the brake pads checked for any issues and adjust them if necessary so that you won’t have to to apply the brake too hard. Braking too hard will make the bike skid if the roads are wet. Bike maintenance will ensure that the bike stops the moment you apply the brakes, thus saving you from any accidents. If your two-wheeler has drum brakes, clean them properly on the inside and outside for a smooth performance. In case of disk brakes, have them aligned properly and apply the correct amount of brake oil for safe riding.

    Clean and lubricate the bike chain more frequently

    Bike chains should be in good shape as well, cleaning it frequently will ensure the vehicle rides smoothly, without any issues. During the monsoons, dirt and other particles will get stuck to the chains, inhibiting its movement, which will lead to road mishaps. Cleaning the chain and applying the right amount of lubrication on it is something that you yourself can do. Lubrication will help in the chain’s smooth movement which will directly affect the bike’s performance as well.

    Protect the hinges and levers from rusting

    Now, hinges and levers of a bike are made of materials that are prone to rusting. If they rust, they will restrict the performance of the bike. Hence, protecting them against rust is important during the rainy season.

    Clean the air filter regularly and have the tyre pressure optimized

    As the monsoon air is heavy with moisture, there are high chances that the air filter of your vehicle gets clogged as a result of moisture entering it and not allowing proper air passage. This will affect the performance of the vehicle such as stalling of brakes, jerking of the vehicle when the accelerator is applied more, etc. Hence, for the vehicle to give optimum performance, it is vital that you clean the air-filter often during the monsoons.

    During the monsoon, due to the cold air heavy in moisture, the tyres of the motorcycle contrat and that leads to a fall in the tyre pressure. Hence, it is vital that you get the tyre pressure checked and keep it at optimum levels to aid in riding the vehicle smoothly without any issue. An important point to remember is to never overfill the tyres. Overfilling the tyres will also cause issue and bring down the bike’s performance.

    It is vital that you take care of your vehicle at all times regardless of what season it is. Taking care of your bike will benefit you in the long run, especially when selling your bike. A bike in good condition will fetch you good money at the time of sale. Also, if your bike is maintained properly, you will be able to avoid any mishaps or accidents. Ensure you follow the traffic rules at all time and ride without losing focus, so as to protect yourself as well as the bike. Buying the right riding gear will also help in increasing the bike’s performance.

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