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    Driving anywhere has become a Hercules task these days because there are a number of vehicles on the road and mostly two wheelers so it is time consuming and tedious. For Indian roads, two wheeler is the most convenient mode of transport and it is a blessing. In the last financial year, companies have sold over 14 million bikes across the country. It is a popular mode of transport in India because it’s small, sleek, maintainable by anyone and most importantly affordable by everyone.

    Before starting off your bike in the morning, follow the standard protocols of safety like wearing a headgear, checking fuel level, brakes, headlights, oil level, etc. Always kick start your bike in the morning rather than self-start, this helps in longer run of the performance of the engine. Always follow traffic rules and pay attention to sign boards, and do not forget to carry any of the bike documents at any time it is mandatory under the law and safe to have all documents handy.

    Documents Required to Drive Bike:

    Purchasing a two wheeler is far easier than it was in the olden days. It is affordable and there are choices in all varieties and ranges so people can choose whichever is convenient and affordable to them. Even financing your vehicle is easy and the loans can be encashed quickly. Over the years, the process has been simplified and getting your vehicle delivered in no time is easy. It is mandatory under the law to carry all the documents of purchase and registration of the vehicle at all time, driving without one is considered illegal in the country.

    Here are the documents that you need to carry:

    1.Vehicle Purchase documents:

    The dealer by whom you have purchased the bike, would have given you a set of documents which is a proof that you are the owner of the bike. Engine chassis number, vehicle ID and other vital details of the vehicle will be mentioned. It is important to carry this document because recently bike burglary and theft have increased drastically. So it is advisable that one carries a copy of this all time.

    2.Registration Certificate:

    This is popularly known as RC, is a mandatory document that is a proof that the vehicle has been registered with the RTO of that jurisdiction.

    3.Insurance Certificate:

    Carrying insurance is mandatory under the law of Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. A Comprehensive insurance that also covers third-party liability is a must document that you have to have all the time. The driving condition on Indian road is worse than ever and any unforeseen situation may happen and you may be in an accident or third-party injury. The insurance document is an official paper that is a proof that the vehicle has been insured as per the norms. An insurance can give you cover against all these odds and protect you from spending a huge amount if anything happens to you or the vehicle. It will also give personal accident cover which is a huge advantage of having an insurance. Also if you do not claim the insurance in the validity period, you will also be rewarded with no-claim bonus which can be negotiated in the renewal of your next policy year.

    4.Driver License:

    A driving license is a proof provided by the RTO officer of that jurisdiction to you authorizing that you are eligible and legally permitted to drive a vehicle. It is mandatory to carry DL all the time if you are driving the vehicle.

    5.Emission Test Certificate:

    As the name suggests, it is a test done by the government to check the emission levels of the vehicle. The emission that is lent out by the vehicle should be as per the limits defined by the law. This test helps in keeping the pollution from rising any further than it already is. It is the responsibility of humans to protect the nature we live in by performing some basic duties which goes a long way. Every year the emission test has to be performed as with the age of the vehicle the smoke level may also increase. So maintain your vehicle by servicing it regularly. There are a number of emission centers from where you can get the test done. You will have to provide the RC of the vehicle at the time of testing.

    Carry the necessary set of permits along with all these documents. If at any point you do not have the necessary documents when a police official asks for the same, you may be fined a huge amount.

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