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    It is mandatory for every Indian citizen who rides or drives a vehicle to get a driving licence as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. A driving licence is basically a permit issued by the government of India that allows an individual to ride or drive around the country. In Delhi, too, it is compulsory for individuals to get a driving permit before they start driving. Read further to know more about applying for a driving licence in Delhi.

    Importance of driving licence in Delhi

    It is important to carry one’s driving licence at all times, especially while driving. Here’s why:

    • Mandatory as per the law: As mentioned earlier, it is compulsory for every car driver or bike rider to get a driving licence. A person driving without a driving licence will be fined heavily by the traffic police.
    • Authorises the driver: The driving licence acts as a proof that the individual is a licenced driver and that he/she has taken the necessary tests to get a licence. Even if a person is a professional driver/rider, he/she is not allowed to drive/ride unless he/she has a licence.
    • Acts as a personal ID: The driving licence can be used as a proof of identity for bank procedures, insurance procedures, admission to the hospital, and so on. Additionally, the licence can be used to identify a person if he/she has met with a road accident.

    Eligibility for driving licence in Delhi

    A person who wishes to get a driving licence has to first get a learner’s licence. Any individual aged 16 and above can apply for a learner’s licence for a vehicle with an engine capacity within 50cc without any gear. This can be done only with the consent of a parent/guardian. One month after obtaining the learner’s licence, the person can apply for driving licence.

    For vehicles with an engine capacity more than 50cc, the individual is required to be at least 18 years old to apply for a driving licence. In the case of commercial vehicles, a person is required to be a minimum of 20 years old to obtain a driving licence. Any person who wants a driving licence needs to be conversant with traffic rules, driving, vehicle systems, and so on.

    How to apply for driving licence in Delhi

    To apply for a driving licence in Delhi, one has to first apply for a learner’s licence. Thus, application for a driving licence is a two-step process.

    • Apply for learner’s licence

    Learner’s licence is a permit given to those who wish to apply for a driving licence in the near future. The learner’s licence permits the individual to drive a vehicle for a period of 6 months, provided he/she sticks the letter ‘L’ on the front and rear end of the vehicle while driving/riding. The letter should be red in colour and have a white outline. This way, there will be no issues even if the person does not have a driving licence per se at the time of driving.

    Procedure to obtain learner’s licence

    • Get the learner’s licence form 2.
    • Submit the below-mentioned documents along with the duly-filled form 2 to the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO).
      • Form 1, an application as well as declaration for physical fitness
      • Two recent passport-sized photographs
      • Photocopy of residential address proof
      • Photocopy of age proof
      • For transport vehicle licence: Photocopy of proof of educational qualification, copy of valid LMV licence held for a minimum 1 year
    • Pay the prescribed fee for the learner’s licence.
    • Once the documents are verified, a test for colour blindness and limb movement is taken.
    • Next, a learner’s licence test will be conducted for the applicant.
    • If the applicant gets 60% of the multiple choice questions correct, he/she is declared to have passed the test.
    • The learner’s licence document is issued to the individual the same day.
    • Apply for driving licence

    After receiving the learner’s licence, the person can practice driving/riding up to 6 months. He/she is required to apply for the driving licence within these 6 months. However, the application can be submitted only after completion of the first 30 days. Within this time, the person should be adept with how the vehicle system works, the traffic rules applicable, and basic driving skills.

    Procedure to obtain driving licence

    • Get the driving licence form 4.
    • Fill the form and submit it with recent passport-sized photographs and a valid learner’s licence. Those who are applying for transport vehicle licence will have to submit driving certificates - form 5, 14, and 15.
    • Pay the fee as applicable under rule 32 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989.
    • A driving test will be conducted for the applicant.
    • Once he/she passes the test, the driving licence is issued to him/her.

    FAQs on driving licence in Delhi

    1.What is the fee payable for the learner’s licence?

    The fee payable for the learner’s test depends on the number of categories for which the licence is being applied. The applicable fee is as follows:

    • One category: Rs.500
    • Two categories: Rs.950
    • Three categories: Rs.1,400

    To take up a re-test, the fee will be Rs.50.

    2.How can I prepare for the learner’s test?

    The official website of the Delhi transport department has a question bank that includes the content of the learner’s test such as traffic rules, road signs, driving regulations, etc.

    3.What if I fail the learner’s licence test?

    If you fail the learner’s licence test, you can make another attempt to pass the test by scoring a minimum 60%.

    4.What is the fee applicable for permanent driving licence?

    The fee payable for the permanent driving licence is Rs.400.

    5.Is there a validity for the permanent driving licence?

    Yes, the driving licence issued to the applicant is usually valid for a period of 20 years or until he/she reaches the age of 50, whichever is earlier.

    6.Will I have to undergo the driving licence test again if my licence expires?

    No, when your licence is about to expire, you can apply for renewal of the licence. No driving test will be taken at the time of renewal unless it is applied for after a period of 5 years, in which case a fresh application will have to be made.

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