• 10 Riding Tips for Two-Wheeler Riders

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    Two-wheelers are one of the most preferred modes of transport in the country. If you own a two-wheeler, it is necessary to follow certain safety precautions and rules to ensure that you and those around you remain safe. Listed below are a few tips that you should follow to have a safe riding experience:

    1. Avoid Riding When Intoxicated: You shouldn’t ride your two-wheeler when you are under the influence of alcohol, given that it can severely affect your riding skills. If you do intend to drink alcohol, ensure that you have arranged for an alternate means of transport.
    2. Wear a Helmet: It is a legal requirement for those who operate two-wheelers to wear a helmet while riding. If you are riding with a pillion, you should ensure that the pillion rider also wears a helmet. Wearing a helmet can protect you against head injuries in the event of an accident. Thus, when choosing a helmet, make sure to purchase one that offers sufficient protection. You can also consider wearing a face shield for better protection.
    3. Follow Traffic Rules: Those who operate two-wheelers should ensure that they are well versed with the various road rules and traffic regulations in their city. Make sure to follow these rules when you are riding your two-wheeler.
    4. Ride Defensively: It is always advisable to ride defensively to ensure your safety. Thus, you should keep a safe distance from the vehicles that are around you. Further, make sure that you don’t change lanes frequently. If you must change directions or make a turn, it is necessary to give the right signal before doing so. You should also avoid speeding since it puts both you and those around you at significant risk.
    5. Check Your Two-Wheeler: Before taking your bike out on the road, it is necessary to check the tyres, headlight, taillight, coolant and hydraulic fluid levels, brakes, clutches, and horn. You should also clean the mirrors and adjust the angle to ensure that you are able to view the approaching vehicles.
    6. Wear Protective Riding Gear: It is important to wear riding gear that is protective and suited to the prevalent weather conditions. Thus, in summer, you can consider wearing mesh riding jackets that allow even flow of air. During the monsoon or rainy season, you should wear a waterproof jacket or a raincoat, which will prevent the rain water from seeping into your clothes. It is also advisable to wear boots that have non-skid soles, protective gloves, riding pants, etc.
    7. Stay Visible: If you ride your two-wheeler at night or during the early hours of the morning, it is necessary to keep yourself and your vehicle visible. To this end, you can attach reflective tapes to your bike or wear bright/reflective clothing that will help you stand out.
    8. Be Aware of Your Surroundings: When riding your bike, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. Make sure to look out for stray animals, motor vehicles changing lanes/direction without notice, potholes, etc.
    9. Undergo Training: If you own a two-wheeler or ride two-wheelers, you should ensure that you have undergone the required training and hold a licence. To obtain a driving licence, applicants are subjected to exams that test the concerned individual’s driving/riding skills. Further, driving licence applicants are also required to be well-versed with the traffic laws and regulations that are observed in the country. Undergoing this training and obtaining a driving licence will help you develop the required skills.
    10. Plan Ahead of Time: If you are required to reach your destination at a certain time, you should ensure that you give yourself enough time to get to the place in your two-wheeler. This will keep you from having to ride rashly or change lanes while riding.

    In addition to the tips mentioned above, all individuals who own two-wheelers should ensure that they purchase a two wheeler insurance policy. Riding a two-wheeler without a valid two wheeler insurance policy is a publishable offence in India.

    Based on your needs, you can choose to purchase either a third-party liability insurance policy or a comprehensive/bundled/package two wheeler insurance policy. It is advisable to opt for a comprehensive/bundled/package two wheeler insurance policy since it offers enhanced coverage to policyholders.

    You can purchase a two wheeler insurance policy for your vehicle through online or offline channels. Most general insurance companies give prospective customers the option to purchase two wheeler insurance policies through their official websites. You can also choose to visit the nearest branch of an insurance firm and purchase a policy from the insurer directly.

    Before purchasing a policy, it is advisable to compare two wheeler insurance policies offered by different motor insurance providers. Make sure that the policy that you intend to purchase meets both your coverage needs and your premium payment ability. Purchasing a two wheeler insurance policy is a must since it offers coverage against various expenses that you might have to incur in case of an untimely eventuality.

    It is important to ride your two-wheeler in a manner that is respectful to others on the road. You should also keep the above-mentioned tips in mind to ensure that you don’t put yourself or those around you in danger while riding your two-wheeler.

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