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    Two-wheelers are an important mode of transport for various people. It helps them commute from one place to another and because of the way they are designed, it is easy for them to avoid traffic jams. It is important to have your two-wheeler insured as it covers you in case of any damage caused or if your vehicle gets stolen. However, there are certain circumstances in which an insurance company may refuse to honor your claim. You must know the situations which are excluded wherein you cannot receive any insurance claim for it.

    The exclusions in your two-wheeler insurance are given below:

    • Speeding

    Riding your vehicle over the speeding limit can never be helpful neither to you nor to others. Speeding may result in not only your vehicle getting damaged but also causing bodily harm to you and others. An insurance company will not approve your claim if you have caused any damage to your vehicle or yourself simply because you were speeding above the speed limit.

    • Riding without a valid licence

    The insurance company does not cover in case your vehicle was damaged and you were found without a valid driving licence. The insurer also does not accept the claim if the vehicle when damaged was driven by a minor. Hence, it is important that you always carry a valid driving licence with you all the  time whenever riding a two-wheeler.

    • Riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs

    If you damage your vehicle while riding it under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you can be sure that the insurance company will refuse to pay your insurance claim for it. Riding when drunk can be harmful not only to your life but also to other people around you. Hence, never ever ride a vehicle in case you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    • Riding another person’s bike

    The insurance company only covers you for your bike which is registered under your name. If you were riding another friend’s bike and damaged it, the insurance company will not settle the claim in that case. Also, you cannot claim insurance, if an unauthorised person was riding your vehicle and damaged it in the process.

    • Injuries caused due to you not wearing a helmet

    If it was found that you were not wearing a helmet while you met with an accident or a damage was caused to your vehicle, the insurer takes the full liberty to refuse to settle your claim. Wearing a helmet is a mandatory rule and not wearing one is violating one of the traffic rules. Hence, always wear a helmet whenever riding a two-wheeler.

    • Loss of keys

    If your bike gets stolen because you left it in the ignition or simply misplaced them, the insurance company will not cover you.

    • Damage to bike due to war or nuclear attack

    If your vehicle was damaged due to any riot, terrorist activity, an act of war, or due to any radioactive activities, the insurance company takes the full liberty to refuse to honor your claim.

    • Electrical or mechanical failures

    The insurance company will not cover you for any loss incurred due to any mechanical or electrical failure in your two-wheeler.

    • Vehicle damaged or stolen outside India

    If your vehicle was damaged or stolen outside India, the insurance company will not cover the loss incurred by you.

    • Reduction in value of your vehicle

    The insurance company will not cover damages or losses incurred due to ageing and normal wear and tear of your two-wheeler.

    Hence, these are some of the circumstances in which the insurance company will refuse to cover the damage, and thus you must ensure that you follow the traffic rules properly. Driving under the acceptable speed limit, wearing a helmet, and having a valid driving licence are some of the general rules that you must follow at all times so that you do not cause an accident and damage to properties, and do not have to shell out exorbitant amounts to take care of them.

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