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    The liking and the massive popularity of fancy numbers for vehicles is beyond just a registration number. Many vehicle owners prefer a particular number as they believe it would bring prosperity to them for instance, few want a registration number which when added sums up to their lucky number, few prefer going by the numerology, birth date, etc. It is amusing that the vehicle owners are ready to pay any amount for a fancy number that they desire. Auctions online and offline are held for bidding of the fancy numbers.

    Fancy number auctioning was pulled off in Delhi for a while and vehicle owners especially two wheelers did not have an option to choose the number like earlier. Once the Delhi government introduced the odd/even system, it became all the more difficult to choose the registration number. Every vehicle owner was given a registration number that was picked by an automated system which could be either odd or even or VIP. But recently, the Delhi government once again reconsidered this option and fancy numbers or VIP numbers are up for grabs through online process.

    Delhi is one amongst the top cities which is highly populated with people and vehicles. The total number of vehicles in Delhi is 1,00,93,470 of which 64,40,858 are two wheelers. two wheeler is the most convenient way to travel in Delhi and one can see huge number of bikes and scooters piling on roads and even highways. So if you too fancy getting a unique number for your bike then here is all you have to know.

    • Unlike the past, now the entire process has been made online.
    • One has to bid for the number which he/she wants to buy.
    • The bidding site is open for 5 days a week from Monday to Friday and the auction will be held every week.
    • Please read the guidelines carefully on the e-auction website before you start the process.
    • If the numbers are still available and no one has bid on them, then they auction will be stretched to a maximum of 30 minutes.
    • There are categories for numbers which classified according to their popularity and the minimum bidding amount varies for each category.
    • You can also retain your current registration number by paying few hundred rupees if you are buying a new vehicle.

    The bidding starts from 12pm on the third day and ends on 5pm on 5th day. The minimum bidding rates are as follows:

    Fancy Numbers Minimum Bidding price
    0001 Rs.50,000
    0002,0003,0004,0005,0006,0007,0008,0009 Rs.30,000
    0010 to 0099,0786,1000,1111,7777 and 9999 Rs.20,000
    0100,0111,0200,0300,0333,0400,0444,0500,0555,0600, 0666,0700,0777,0800,0888,0900,0999,2000,2222,3000,3333, 4000,4444,5000,5555,6000,6666,7000,7777,8000,8888,9000, 0101,0108,1008 and 1313 Rs.15,000
    For special numbers not mentioned in the list Rs.5,000

    The above mentioned rates are minimum bidding rates, this will increase when the auction starts. If you want a specific number that is not listed, then you can pay Rs.5,000 to bid that number and this will be served on first come first serve basis. In June 2017, the Delhi transport department sold the most popular number ’0001’ for Rs.16 lakhs which is highest till date.

    Since the entire vehicle registration process has been made online, the steps that have to be followed are also slightly different. Here is what you need to do:

    • Register your name on the Delhi transport department website by paying an e-auction fee of Rs.1,000. The system will generate a Unique Acknowledgement Number (UAN) which will be used for further process.
    • The e-auction is a 5 day process. The registration for e-auction will be open for three days and the bidding will take place for the next two days once the fancy number list is displayed.
    • The timings for the registration are from 6am (day 1) till 12pm (day 3) and the bidding will start from 12pm (day 3) up to 5pm (day 5). If the desired number is still on offer then the bidding will be extended to a maximum of 30 minutes.
    • All the bidders have to deposit the minimum bidding amount as per their preference through a Demand Draft that is issued by any nationalised bank. The DD should be addressed to ‘Chief of Transport, Government of NCT of Delhi’. This DD should be submitted to the Delhi Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation (DTIDC) office along with documents like address proof, ID proof, etc.
    • Once the registration DD is endorsed by the DTIDC, a payment confirmation slip will be provided by the department. The UAN number will sent through a text msg.
    • The details of the DD has to be filled on the left hand side of the e-auction website or you can enter the UAN details and the username and password will be sent to you via SMS.
    • You can log in to the e-auction website through your username and password to participate in the auction on third-day midnight on the commencement of auction.
    • Click on the option ‘select mark of choice’ to see the list of available numbers. A bidder can choose up to 10 numbers. This will widen your option for bidding because the number you want to bid for may become out of your budget while bidding.
    • You can also add your desired number at the bottom of the list and you can bid on that as well but if it’s already there, then be prepared to bid higher.
    • On completion of winning the auctioned number, the registration number will be assigned to you via a confirmation SMS that will be sent to your number. You should obtain a confirmation letter by the DTIDC for further process. The letter has be obtained within 5 days from the day the auction was completed.
    • The confirmation letter has to be submitted to your vehicle dealer who will register the vehicle under the same number. If you are not able to get the letter within 5 days, then the number will be given to the second highest bidder if he/she still wants it or it will be scratched and re-auctioned.
    • The remaining bidding amount has to be deposited through a DD at the DTIDC office within 5 working days.
    • Please note that the whole process, is a non-refundable process.

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