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    In the early 90’s vehicle registration process we so easy, the dealer would just give few options to choose from, and the one we chose, would be assigned to our vehicle. But nowadays, it is a detailed long process which has to be followed thoroughly to get the vehicle registered. Mumbai is one such place where dreams come true for many people. It is a city that never sleeps. If you are a resident of this beautiful city and you own a two-wheeler, then the following information is for you.

    Most of the people in Mumbai prefer to travel by train but that does not mean that this city has dearth of bike lovers. There are so many places near Mumbai where one can visit on weekends. If you have bought a bike recently or want to buy a bike then you should be aware of the registration process as well. The registration of the bike in a particular city represents that the vehicle is legally registered under the state transport department and is complaint to be driven anywhere in the country.

    The registration number can be obtained through a normal standard procedure as per Mumbai RTO. But if you wish to obtain a fancy number or VIP number, then the Mumbai RTO conducts an online auction on weekly basis in which anyone who wants a fancy number can participate by registering themselves with the RTO. This process will be held online also known as e-auction. The e-auction will be held 5 days a week i.e. from Monday to Friday. Before participating in the auction one should always read the customer manual and familiarize with the entire process.

    Registering for the auction:

    • To participate in the auction, the bidder should first submit an application to the respective authority at the RTO and register for e-auction. A registration fee of Rs.1000 must be paid online as registration fee and it is non-refundable.
    • On registration, he/she will be allotted with Unique Acknowledgment Number (UAN). This UAN number will be your log-in ID to participate in the bidding.
    • The registration for participating in the e-auction is open for first 3 days. From 6am on Monday till 12pm on Wednesday, anyone can enroll themselves to participate in the bidding. The bidding will commence from 12am Thursday and will end at 5pm on Friday.
    • The participants of the e-auction must deposit the minimum bidding amount for the series they are bidding in form of Demand Draft issued by any nationalized bank. The DD should be addressed to ‘Head of Transport, Government of NCT of Mumbai’.
    • The DD should be submitted to Mumbai Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation (MTIDC) along with other documents of the vehicle, ID proof and address proof.
    • On submission of all these documents, a payment slip will handed over to the participant. The UAN will be sent to you via text message.
    • The details of the DD has to be filled on the left hand side of the e-auction website or you can enter the UAN details and the username and password will be sent to you via SMS.

    Bidding process:

    • The bidding will take place from 12 am Thursday (day 4) till 5pm Friday (day 5). You can log in to the e-auction website through your username and password to participate in the auction on third-day midnight on the commencement of auction.
    • If there is no one else to bid for the number you have bid, the auction will be over within few minutes and the number will be allotted to you. If there are more people bidding for the same number, then the auction will take place as per the schedule.
    • Click on "select enlistment normal for choice ". Once the series numbers are open, you will be able to see all the available numbers in that series. The bidder can opt for maximum of 10 numbers from the list and bid for them. Having more than two options is helpful in this process.
    • You can always bid for your favorite number but remember it can be someone else’s favorite too. So keep a budget in your mind before you start bidding.
    • On the right side of the screen, the bidding price for each number will reflect so that you can decide whether or not you want to raise the cost for that number.
    • If you want a specific number that is not listed, then you can pay Rs.5,000 to bid that number and this will be served on first come first serve basis.
    • If the number you want is already on the list, then please note that someone else is also eyeing on the same number so you will have to fight for it.
    • If the auction for a given number is not complete until 5pm of the 5th day, the auction will be extended to a maximum of 30 minutes. Whoever bids higher within these 30 minutes, will be allotted with the auctioned number.

    Allotment of the registration number:

    • On completion of bidding process for the auctioned number, the new fancy registration number will be assigned to you via a confirmation SMS on the registered phone number. Without any fail, the participant should obtain a confirmation letter by the MTIDC for further process. The letter has be obtained within 5 days from the day the auction was completed.
    • If it is a new vehicle, you can just hand him the registration number that you have won in the auction and the dealer will register the same number in the Mumbai RTO respectively by submitting all the necessary documents.
    • If you have bid higher than the initial price of that number, then the difference amount should be paid to the RTO through a Demand Draft within 5 working days after the completion of the bidding.
    • Only after completing the payment of bidding amount, the number will be allotted to you. If he/she fails to pay the bidding amount within 5 working days, then the number will be either re-registered to the second highest bidder or will be cancelled for your application.
    • Since the entire process is non-refundable, if you fail to follow any step after winning in the bidding, all the money you paid will be a futile expense.

    Fancy numbers reserved by MTIDC:

    The minimum bidding rates in Mumbai for e-auction of two-wheelers are as follows:

    Fancy Numbers Minimum Bidding price
    0001 Rs.1,50,000
    0002,0003,0004,0005,0006,0007,0008,0009 Rs.50,000
    0010 to 0099,0786,1000,1111,7777 and 9999 Rs.20,000
    0100,0111,0200,0300,0333,0400,0444,0500,0555,0600, 0666,0700,0777,0800,0888,0900,0999,2000,2222,3000,3333, 4000,4444,5000,5555,6000,6666,7000,7777,8000,8888,9000, 0101,0108,1008 and 1313 Rs.15,000
    For special numbers not mentioned in the list Rs.10,000
    1001,1212,1313,2020 Rs.5,000

    Standard vehicle registration process:

    • The first thing to do once you purchase the vehicle is to get the vehicle inspected by a RTO authority for cubic capacity, vehicle category, cost, etc.
    • Fill the Form 20 and Form 21 applications (fully filled and signed by you) along with sales certificate provided by the dealer at the time of purchase.
    • It is vital that you purchase a two wheeler insurance that covers all the fore comings of the vehicle. The dealer provides you with a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. Make sure that you attach a copy of the same.
    • A valid address proof of your current or permanent residence.
    • A duly filled and signed application of Form 34, if you have bought the vehicle on hypothecation
    • A complete pencil print of the Chassis Number of the vehicle
    • Identity proof like AADHAAR, PAN card, Voter ID, etc.
    • If the vehicle is imported from a different country, then attach a copy of custom duty clearance receipt.
    • Applicable vehicle registration fee.
    • If you are getting a fancy number, then the registration fee would be as applicable.
    • Road tax as applicable in that state.

    Every vehicle that is running on Indian roads must be registered properly according to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. Failing to obtain a proper registration number soon may lead to many problems. Likewise, not obtaining a proper two wheeler insurance may also lead to cancellation of your Driver License, may be penalized for driving without even a third-party liability insurance policy or imprisoned for 3 months for the same. A two wheeler insurance is not only mandatory under the law, it is the necessity of the hour. So while you enjoy a sweet ride in your new fancy bike with a fancy registration number, ride safe with two wheeler insurance.

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