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    In addition to being a mode of transport, your choice of vehicle can also reflect your personality. Thus, many vehicle buyers, of late, have started to customise their vehicles and get special registration numbers for their two-wheelers, even if it comes at an additional price.

    Special registration numbers, also called VIP registration numbers or fancy numbers can make a vehicle look truly unique and distinct. Over the past few years, the demand for special registration numbers for vehicles has risen across the country. In the state of Gujarat, an e-auction service is conducted to allot VIP registration numbers to interested vehicle owners. In order to participate in the e-auction process, vehicle owners are mandatorily required to first register their vehicle.

    Need for Vehicle Registration

    The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it mandatory for every vehicle owner to register their vehicle. The Act states that no individual should drive or ride a vehicle in a public place unless the vehicle has been registered and has a valid certificate of registration. The vehicle is also required to have a registration mark.

    Elements of a Number Plate

    A number plate consists of the vehicle’s official registration number. The first part of the number plate indicates the union territory or the state in which the vehicle was registered. This is usually denoted by 2 letters. For example, the number plate of vehicles that have been registered in Gujarat will begin with a “GJ”. The next two digits indicate the sequential number of a district. The third component of a number plate is the unique registration number that helps in identifying the vehicle. This is the number that vehicle owners can purchase for a price. The fourth part of a number plate contains a logo with a hologram and the words “IND” embossed under it. These alphabets and digits together form a registration number that is unique to your two-wheeler.

    Procedure to get a VIP Number for your Two-Wheeler in Gujarat

    To get a VIP number or fancy number for a two-wheeler in Gujarat, vehicle buyers/owners will need to do as follows:

    • You will first need to register your vehicle before participating in the e-auction process, which will enable you to get a special registration number of your choice.
    • During the registration, you will need to make an online payment of the specified value of your choice number or special number via the Cyber Treasury Gateway of the State Government of Gujarat.
    • As per the Gujarat Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Rules, 2015, if a vehicle owner wishes to obtain a VIP number, the concerned individual will need to pay fees at the specified rates. The rates for the same are mentioned in the table below:
    Special Registration Numbers Classification of Numbers Fees for Two-Wheelers and Three-Wheelers that are used for private/transportation purposes Fees for Other Vehicles
    0001, 0005, 0007, 0009, 0011, 0099, 0111, 0333, 0555, 0777, 0786, 0999, 1111, 1234, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555, 7777, 8888, 9000, 9009, 9090, 9099, 9909, 9990, 9999 Golden Rs.5,000 Rs.25,000
    0002, 0003, 0004, 0008, 0010, 0018, 0027, 0036, 0045, 0054, 0063, 0072, 0081, 0090, 0100, 0123, 0200, 0222, 0234, 0300, 0303, 0400, 0444, 0456, 0500, 0567, 0600, 0678, 0700, 0789, 0800, 0888, 0900, 0909, 1000, 1001, 1008, 1188, 1818, 1881, 2000, 2345, 2500, 2727, 2772, 3000, 3456, 3636, 3663, 4000, 4455, 4545, 4554, 4567, 5000, 5005, 5400, 5445, 5454, 6000, 6336, 6363, 6789, 7000, 7007, 7227, 7272, 8000, 8008, 8055, 8118, 8181 Silver Rs.2,000 Rs.10,000
    Remaining numbers that are a part of a series other than the numbers mentioned above Others Rs.1,000 Rs.5,000
    • Upon receiving an application for registering a vehicle, the Registration Authority will provide a registration mark to the two-wheeler for display after the completion of the registration procedure and payment of the due tax amount.
    • A vehicle owner who wishes to obtain a special or VIP registration number will need to submit the specified application form (Form: CNA) with the due fee that is prescribed. Further, at the time of submitting one’s bid for the auction, the concerned individual will also need to pay an additional sum of money in addition to the fees that was already paid.
    • Post this, an application to obtain a VIP registration number will be made to the Registration Authority within a period of 7 days from the date of insurance or the date of the sale invoice, based on whichever occurred first.
    • Any application that is made after 7 days but within 30 days from the commencement of the time limit as mentioned above will make the vehicle owner ineligible to participate in the auction for the VIP registration number. Such individuals, however, will be eligible to receive choice numbers only on a first come first serve basis from the special registration numbers that are available at the time of submitting such an application.
    • An application made within the specified time limit, i.e., 7 days, will prevail for up to 60 days from the date of when the application was made, subject to certain conditions. After verification of this application, the Registering Authority may allot the individual a special registration number as opted by the concerned individual from the numbers that are available at the time of the application on a first come first serve basis.
    • At the time of opening a new series of registration numbers, the Registering Authority will assign the VIP number of choice to a vehicle owner who has applied for registration and has given the option for allotment of VIP number by auction.
    • Once the auction is completed, registration numbers among the remaining numbers of a series will be allotted to vehicles of applicants on a first come first serve basis.
    • The registration numbers that have been labelled as “Golden” and “Silver” will only be allotted through the auction process.

    Things to Keep in Mind

    Similar to how it is necessary to get your vehicle registered before using it, it is also necessary to purchase a two wheeler insurance policy for your vehicle. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 has made it mandatory for every two-wheeler owner to purchase at least a third-party insurance policy for their vehicle. That being said, it is advisable to purchase a comprehensive motor insurance policy if you wish to receive a more enhanced coverage. With a two wheeler insurance policy, you can ensure that you and your vehicle are protected from the financial repercussions of an accident or a man-made/natural calamity. Thus, make sure to do your due research, compare policies, and purchase a bike insurance policy that meets your coverage needs as soon as you buy a vehicle.

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