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    After purchasing a two-wheeler, many vehicle owners choose to personalise their vehicles by getting unique VIP registration numbers/fancy numbers/choice numbers. While some choose VIP registration numbers that make a statement (example: 8055, which reads “BOSS”), others choose numbers that either have a special connection to them or numbers that they believe to be auspicious. Given the rising demand for VIP registration numbers across the country, RTOs usually charge a fixed price for these numbers. Individuals who wish to book a VIP registration number for their vehicle will usually have to partake in an online auction process.

    Elements of a Number Plate

    All vehicles in India are required to have a number plate with a standard format. The first two alphabets of a number plate are indicative of the union territory or state in which the vehicle has been registered by the vehicle owner. The next two numbers represent the sequential number of the district in which the vehicle is registered. The next part of the number plate is the unique registration number. Lastly, the number plate also contains a hologram with a “Chakra” symbol and the letters “IND” under the logo.

    Things to Know about Getting a VIP Registration Number in Odisha

    • As per Rule 14 (3) of the OMV Rules, 1993, the registration numbers that are a part of the notified fancy category will only be allotted to vehicle owners who participate in the online auction process and pay the due prescribed fee.
    • Registration numbers, which are not notified numbers, will be allotted to vehicle owners on a first come first serve basis in serial order. An individual who wishes to reserve or book a registration number, which is not a notified fancy number, can do so digitally by paying a fee Rs.5,000 for two-wheelers or a fee of Rs. 10,000 for any other type of vehicle. Individuals can reserve registration numbers that are within the range of 10,000 from the last assigned number in serial order on the date of application and payment of the prescribed fee.
    • The list of notified fancy numbers along with the prescribed base price for the auction are as follows:
    Group Registration Number Base Price
    I 0001, 0009 Rs.1 lakh
    II 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005, 0006, 0007, 0008, 0011, 0786, 0111, 1234, 7777, and 9999 Rs.60,000
    III 1000, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5000, 5555, 6666, 7000, 8055, 8888, and 9000 Rs.40,000
    IV 0010, 0012, 0022, 0033, 0055, 0066, 0070, 0077, 0090, 0099, 0100, 0101, 0111, 0123, 0222, 0333, 0555, 0707, 0777, 0909, 0999, 1001, 2000, 2020, 3000, 4000, 5050, 6000, 7007, 77000, 8000, 8008, 9009, 9090, and 9900 Rs.10,000 for two-wheelers and Rs.20,000 for all other types of vehicles
  • A registration number that is reserved through the online auction process is not transferable.
  • A bidder who wishes to participate in the auction process will be required to deposit a minimum reservation fee through online channels to activate their user ID.
  • Any bidder who is participating in the auction process will be able to change the bid amount till the last date of the auction by simply logging into their account. Bidders can also check the bid amounts of all bidders after logging into their bidding account.
  • After the completion of the auction process, the auction result will be displayed on the official website and will also be communicated to all bidders via SMS and email. The highest bidder of each auctioned number will need to deposit the remaining bid amount.
  • In case the highest bidder does not deposit the balance amount on or before the specified date, the reservation fee that was paid by the concerned individual will be forfeited. This auctioned registration number will then be considered as unallotted and will be auctioned again.
  • Allottees will need to produce their vehicles and apply for its registration within a period of 30 days. If the vehicle is not produced and registered, the bid amount paid will be forfeited and the particular fancy number will be put on auction again.
  • Those who wish to reserve unnotified registration numbers can do so by paying the necessary fees.
  • Process to Reserve/Book Notified Fancy Numbers

    To book or reserve a fancy number, interested individuals will need to participate in an online auction process. This auction is only open to individuals who have registered their name during the bid registration period. Individuals will be allotted a particular user ID and password during the bid registration period and the same user credentials will have to be used by the bidder until the completion of the entire bidding process. To book/reserve a fancy number, you will need to do as follows:

    • Firstly, you will need to navigate to the official website of the Odisha Motor Vehicle Department (http://orissatransport.nic.in). You will then have to click on the respective link under the “Online Services” option.
    • You will then be redirected to the Fancy Number Auction webpage, where you will need to log in.
    • If you are a new user, you will need to create a user ID with a password on this web page. The user ID and password will be sent to you through SMS and email.
    • Once you have logged in, you will see two options on the webpage – one option to book/reserve a fancy number and another option to book/reserve registration numbers that are not fancy numbers.
    • Once you click the option to book a fancy number, you will be redirected to another webpage, where you will need to click on the “Number Selection” menu on the top of the webpage to select a particular number.
    • Next, you will need to select the name of the respective RTO and the type of vehicle that you have/intend to purchase. Post this, you will have to click on the checkbox beside the fancy number that you are interested in reserving/booking and then click on “Submit”.
    • You will then be redirected to the registration page, where you will need to key-in certain details such as your name and your address. Once you click on the “Submit” option that you will find at the end of the page, you will be able to make the due payment for the particular choice/fancy number via net banking.

    Need for Registration Mark/Number

    The registration number, also called the registration mark, of a vehicle is necessary to identify which state and district the vehicle is registered in. Also, in case of a crime, theft, or accident, the registration number will play a vital role in helping the concerned authorities narrow down/identify the vehicle. Also, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, all motor vehicles are required to have registration numbers with number plates that match the specified format.

    The Bottom Line

    In addition to booking a fancy registration number and registering your vehicle, make sure that you are fully compliant with the rules of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 by purchasing a two wheeler insurance policy for your two-wheeler. While the Act only requires you to purchase a third-party liability insurance cover, it is smart to purchase a more enhanced insurance cover with add-ons for a higher level of coverage.

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