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    Andhra Pradesh, is a state with rich cultural heritage and food. The state has been split into two parts namely Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in 2014, and the government of AP is trying to improve the facilities and benefits for the people in the state. Although the laws and rules in the state with regards to major sectors have been altered, the Transport Department of Andhra Pradesh has not undergone any major changes with regard to rules and regulations for registering, transfer, change of ownership, etc. for motor vehicles.

    Hyderabad will be a shared capital for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh until 2024. However, Amaravati is the new capital of Andhra Pradesh alone, and the state government is working towards bringing in more investors in every sector, especially in the automobile sector, to improve the city as well as the economic growth. Hence, the two-wheeler manufacturers have ample amount of opportunity to expand their business here. In the past 4 years, the city has seen a steady growth of motor vehicles and improved traffic. Since the number of two-wheelers and cars have increased in the state, the Transport Department of AP has made the vehicle registration process easy with online facility.

    It is undeniable that motorcycle or two-wheeler is the first choice for any individual who wants to buy it for daily commute. It is easier to travel from one place to another with two-wheelers, within the city or outside. For many bike enthusiasts, it is not just a vehicle but an asset. Therefore, we do not hesitate to spend a little extra on the registration number to make it extra special and to have a unique identity for the vehicle. So, if you want to get a special registration number in AP, the cost for each series of number is different.

    Registration fee for each series of fancy number in Andhra Pradesh:

    Minimum Bidding price Fancy Numbers
    Rs.50,000 1, 9, 999, 9999
    Rs.30,000 99, 333, 555, 666, 777, 888, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555, 6666, 7777, 8888
    Rs.20,000 123, 222, 369, 444, 567, 786, 1111, 1116, 3366, 3456, 4455
    Rs.10,000 3, 5, 6, 7, 111, 234, 306, 405, 789, 818, 909, 1188, 1234, 1314, 1818, 1899, 2277, 2772, 2345 , 2727, 2799, 3636, 3663, 3699, 4545, 4554, 4567, 4599, 5678, 6336, 6633, 6789, 7227, 7722, 8118, 8811, 9009, 9099
    Rs.2,000 For special numbers not mentioned in the list
    Rs.1,000 To reserve any number in the current running series

    You might be surprised to know why fancy numbers for bikes cost so much. For many bike owners, registration number plays a major role and it is equally important as choosing the best bike/scooter. Few consider it as lucky, few opt for it as per the numerology, etc. Numbers like 007 (James bond number), 786 (Islamic number), 8055 (spells like ‘BOSS’), etc. are the most popular numbers. The Transport Department of AP reserves few special numbers from 001 to 9999 which are popular, and divides it in series according to the demand. Each series as shown above, has a minimum registration price and this could go higher if the numbers are auctioned. Hence, it is important to know the registration process for fancy VIP number and normal registration process, if you are residing in this state.

    Here is all you need to know about fancy number registration process in Andhra Pradesh:

    • To get a fancy vehicle registration number, submit Form RRMA application to the concerned authority at the RTO. The RRMA form is for reservation of registration number.
    • On receiving the application, it will be called alphabetically or as per the series number of the application. The RRMA application should be submitted at the relevant RTO office because in many cities, the RTO is divided according to the zone.
    • Along with RRMA form, copy of other vehicle documents like sales receipt, chassis imprint, proof of address and ID, two wheeler insurance, PUC, Aadhaar card, etc. should be submitted to the concerned RTO authority.
    • The RTO reserves fancy numbers as per the demand and popularity from 001 to 9999. On a particular day, the registration number will be assigned from the last number allocated in previous series on the date of application. For e.g. in the first call, numbers from 001 to 0200 was assigned, then the fancy number between 0200 – 9999 will be assigned in the next series.
    • Applicable registration fee for the desired VIP number has to be paid via Demand Draft in favor of Secretary or Regional Transport Authority of the district.

    The allotment process:

    • At 1:00 p.m. in a sealed drop box, all the applications for fancy vehicle registration number will be deposited. The documentation process should be complete by now, and no more applications will be received after the said time.
    • For any fancy number or any vehicle registration number in the running series, if there is more than 1 applicant, the number will be assigned through auctioning.
    • The amount an applicant wants to bid for a particular number should be submitted in the form of Demand Draft addressed to Secretary or Regional Transport Authority of that district on the same day, in a closed envelope along with RRMTA form before 3:00 p.m.
    • The auctioning amount must be higher than the RTO set value.
    • At 3:00 p.m., the registering authority will commence the bidding and whichever applicant has made the highest bid, he/she will be allotted that number according to the sub-rule (3) (i), (ii) & (iii) in Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. If the applicant is not present during this process, the application will be discarded.
    • Once the number is reserved in the bidding, within 15 days of the auctioning, the vehicle should be taken to the RTO office for number allotment.
    • If the reserved number is not claimed within 15 days, the reserved number will be forfeited for that applicant. This number will be re-notified for further process.

    Two-wheeler registration process in Andhra Pradesh:

    The following documents must be submitted to the concerned authority at the RTO:

    • A duplicate of sales certificate in Form 21
    • Identity proof like Voter ID, PAN, Driver License, Aadhaar, etc.
    • Proof of address
    • Form 22, to testify the roadworthiness of the vehicle.
    • two-wheeler insurance policy duplicate
    • Pollution Under Control certificate copy
    • Tax payment receipt as per APMV Act
    • For imported vehicles, customs duty clearance certificate must be submitted
    • Applicable registration fee
    • Original sales certificate in Form 21 for ex-army bikes

    The above documents must be submitted at the RTO within 7 days of purchase of the vehicle. On submission of these documents, the RTO will provide registration number of the vehicles within a week or 10 days. If you wish to have a fancy registration number, then follow the above-mentioned steps.

    Renewal of Registration Certificate:

    To renew the RC, the owner should apply for renewal at least 60 days in advance with following documents:

    • Original RC
    • Form 25 application
    • Vehicle inspection clearance certificate
    • Pollution Under Control Certificate
    • Duplicate of two wheeler insurance policy
    • Address and ID proof
    • Applicable fee

    Documents required for duplicate vehicle Registration Certificate:

    The RTO issues duplicate of any original vehicle document only when it’s lost. Documents required for duplicate Registration Certificate are:

    • Form 26
    • FIR copy
    • Pollution Under Control Certificate
    • two wheeler insurance policy
    • ID and address proof Attested copy of PAN or Form 60
    • Road tax payment receipts

    Documents required for RC ownership transfer:

    You should apply for RC ownership transfer by submitting a letter to the RTO authority mentioning the reason i.e. death, second-hand purchase, shifting to another state, etc. Documents required are:

    • Original Registration Certificate
    • Form 29 and 28 duly filled by the owner along with one duplicate self-attested copy
    • Self-attested motor insurance copy as applicable
    • Form 30 duly filled and signed by you
    • Address proof of the owner to whom the vehicle now belongs to
    • Copy of Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
    • Attested copy of PAN or Form 60 or 61 as applicable
    • Transfer fee as per Rule 81
    • NCB as applicable

    Transfer of RC in case of death of the vehicle owner:

    The vehicle ownership should be transferred in the name of the legal heir within 30 days of the death of vehicle owner. Required documents are:

    • Death Certificate of the vehicle owner
    • From 30 and 31 duly filled by the legal heir
    • A succession Certificate issued by a lawyer
    • two wheeler insurance copy
    • Original Registration Certificate
    • NOC by the financier, if any
    • Address proof
    • PAN or Form 60 and 61 as applicable
    • Applicable transfer fee

    As per your requirement, carry all the necessary documents with you to the RTO, for faster processing.

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