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    Your vehicle can speak volumes about your personality. It is for this reason that a rising number of people these days modify their vehicles and even purchase expensive VIP registration numbers for their vehicles. VIP registration numbers like 9999, 8055, 1111, etc., make a two-wheeler look truly unique and help the vehicle owner make a statement. However, since VIP registration numbers are in high demand, RTOs usually conduct auctions for these numbers. Thus, individuals who are interested in getting VIP registration numbers for their vehicles can participate in these auctions and bid for registration numbers of their choice.

    Elements of a Number Plate

    There are four elements in a number plate. The first component or element is the code of the state in which one’s two-wheeler has been registered. The second element is the district code in which the vehicle is registered. The next part of the number plate is a registration number, which is unique to every vehicle. Lastly, if the number plate is a High Security Registration Plate, it will also have a tamper-proof holographic logo with the letters “IND” present under the logo.

    Procedure to Get a VIP Registration Number in Chandigarh

    The Transport Department of Chandigarh conducts an e-auction process for the sale of VIP registration numbers. Individuals who are interested in booking/reserving VIP registration numbers will have to participate in the online auction. The steps that you will need to follow to get a VIP registration number are as follows:

    • A vehicle owner will be permitted to participate in the e-auction only if the concerned individual has a residence in the city. The participant will need to submit an address proof to prove the same at the time of registering their two-wheeler.
    • Further, participants also need to have the sale letter and their Aadhaar card, in addition to the address proof, in order to participate in the auction.
    • The address that is mentioned in the sale letter and the address that is specified in one’s address proof has to be the same.
    • Vehicle owners, who wish to participate in the online auction, will need to register themselves in the Chandigarh Administration, Transport Department website or the National Transport website. Upon registering on the website, the concerned individual will receive a Unique Acknowledgement Number.
    • Post this, the owner of the vehicle will need to deposit the specified registration fees to participate in the online auction and will also have to pay the reserve amount for the particular VIP registration number in the office of the Registering and Licensing Authority, U.T., Chandigarh.
    • The non-refundable fee to participate in the e-auction is Rs.500. The same will have to be paid in cash. The reserve amount that is to be paid for a specific VIP registration number can be paid to the Registering and Licensing, U.T., Chandigarh, by demand draft (DD). The DD will have to have a validity of a minimum period of 3 months. If a particular individual wishes to bid for more than one VIP registration number, the reserve amount to be paid will be equal to the highest reserve price of all the VIP registration numbers that the individual wishes to bid for.
    • The registration of a prospective bidder will need to be approved by the Registering and Licensing Authority, U.T., Chandigarh, after which the individual will receive a login ID and password for the e-auction through email and SMS.
    • The reserve price that has been fixed by the Chandigarh Administration for various categories of VIP registration numbers for non-transport vehicles are as follows:
    VIP Registration Number/Mark Minimum Reserve Price
    0001 Rs.50,000
    • 0002 to 0011
    • 0022, 0033, 0044, 0055, 0066
    • 0077, 0088, 0099, 0100, 0101
    • 0012 to 0021
    • 0023 to 0032
    • 0034 to 0043
    • 0045 to 0054
    • 0056 to 0065
    • 0067 to 0076
    • 0078 to 0087
    • 0089 to 0098
    • 0111, 0222, 0333, 0444, 0555, 0666, 0777, 0888, 0999
    • 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555, 6666, 7777, 8888, 9999
    • 0200, 0300, 0400, 0500, 0600, 0700, 0800, 0900
    • 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000
    • 0110, 0121, 0123, 0151
    • 0202, 0212, 0234
    • 0303, 0313, 0323, 0330, 0345
    • 0404, 0414, 0440, 0456
    • 0505, 0515, 0525, 0550, 0567, 0575
    • 0606, 0616, 0660, 0678
    • 0707, 0717, 0770, 0786, 0789
    • 0808, 0818, 0880
    • 0909, 0919, 0990
    • 1010, 1011, 1112, 1212, 1234, 1313, 1414, 1515, 1616, 1717, 1818, 1919
    • 2020, 2021, 2121, 2323, 2345, 2424, 2525, 2626, 2727, 2828, 2929
    • 3030, 3031, 3131, 3232, 3434, 3456, 3535, 3636, 3737, 3838, 3939
    • 4040, 4041, 4141, 4242, 4343, 4545, 4567, 4646, 4747, 4848, 4949
    • 5050, 5051, 5151, 5252, 5353, 5454, 5656, 5678, 5757, 5858, 5959
    • 6060, 6061, 6161, 6262, 6363, 6464, 6565, 6767, 6789, 6868, 6969
    • 7070, 7071, 7171, 7272, 7373, 7474, 7575, 7676, 7878, 7890, 7979
    • 8080, 8081, 8181, 8282, 8383, 8484, 8585, 8686k 8787, 8989
    • 9090, 9091, 9191, 9292, 9393, 9494, 9595, 9696, 9797, 9898
    Any other registration number that is out of turn Rs.5,000

    Terms and Conditions of the e-Auction

    Certain terms and conditions that are applicable for the e-auction are as follows:

    • One individual can bid for a maximum of 5 VIP registration numbers per Unique Acknowledgement Number (UAN), but will only be allotted one VIP registration number per UAN.
    • An individual who has more than one vehicle and wishes to get VIP registration numbers for all their vehicles, will need to register separately for each vehicle and get different Unique Acknowledgement Numbers for each vehicle.
    • The registration window is open for a minimum of 7 days from the commencement of the online auction.
    • During the bidding process, a bidder can make changes to the bid amount in multiples of Rs.1,000.
    • Individuals who win the bid are required to get their vehicles registered and deposit the remaining bid amount within one month from the auction date, failing which a penalty will be levied.
    • If the highest bidder of a particular VIP registration number is unable to either get their vehicle registered or pay the remaining bid amount, the amount that was initially paid by the concerned individual will be forfeited.
    • If a participant is not allocated any VIP registration number, the concerned individual can collect a demand draft of the minimum reserve price that was initially paid by them within a period of 60 days from when the result of the auction is published.

    *Note: The complete list of terms and conditions for the e-Auction process can be viewed on the e-Auction webpage of the Transport Department, Chandigarh Administration website.

    Need for Registration Mark/Number

    All motor vehicles are required to have a valid registration mark by law. The registration mark or number can make it easy to identify a particular vehicle and can also make it less prone to theft. Thus, make sure to book or reserve a registration number if you have purchased a two-wheeler or are looking to purchase a vehicle soon.

    The Bottom Line

    The procedure to get a VIP registration number has been greatly simplified by the Transport Department of Chandigarh through the online auction process. Along with getting a VIP registration number of your choice, you should also ensure that you purchase a two wheeler insurance cover for your vehicle. A two wheeler insurance policy will provide you a cover against expenses that you might have to incur in the event of an accident, vehicular damage, theft, etc. You can purchase a two wheeler insurance policy of your choice through either online or offline channels. Thus, make sure to do your due research and purchase a policy that matches your coverage needs as soon as you purchase a two-wheeler.

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