• How To Ride Two Wheelers Safely At Night

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    Riding for long hours on a two-wheeler is a passion for many. It not only pumps up their adrenaline but gives them the joy of freedom as well. However, riding is not always fun, especially when you are riding at night, there are high chances that you may meet with accidents which can turn to be life-threatening as well.

    So, how to ride a two-wheeler at night without compromising on safety? Here are some useful tips and tricks that you can implement in your life to stay safe even while driving your motorbike in darkness.

    Tips To Prepare For Night Riding:

    The foremost thing that you should do as a rider to stay safe while driving at night is to prepare for night riding. Driving at night is quite different from that of driving during the day and you need to follow a specific set of rules for that. Here are some of the tips that you must follow before getting prepared for driving your two-wheeler at night:

    • To avoid being drowsy and sleepy while riding during the night hours, avoid eating heavy meals and oily or junk foods.
    • Drinking or smoking can make your reflexes weak. Hence, it is better not to drink or smoke before riding at night.
    • For staying awake while driving at night, make sure to drink tea, coffee, or water. You can also chew mint to keep sleep at bay.
    • Accidents at night mostly happen due to low visibility. Hence, wear bright colours instead of dark ones to make yourself more visible at night.
    • Increase your bike’s visibility by adding a fluorescent band to it. You can also apply glow paint in the bike to make it more visible in darkness.
    • Before kick-starting your bike or scooter ensure that the headlights and the rear lights of your bike are working properly. Also, keep them on throughout to be safe during the night.
    • Check all the vital parts and accessories of your bike before riding. Malfunctioning of any one of the bike parts can result in deadly accidents. So, look for mechanical faults and if there is any, repair it before taking it out on road.
    • If you are driving an unfamiliar bike at night, get familiar with it first before increasing the speed. Go easy with it for a few hundred kilometres to understand its approach, range, and limit.

    Tips to follow during night riding

    Just by preparing yourself for riding in the dark, your job is not done. You have to follow some very basic things while driving across the road on your two-wheeler. Here are some of the most vital ones that you should keep in mind:

    • Make sure to abide by all the road safety rules and regulations while driving your two-wheeler after sunset.
    • Be careful while taking turns on the road because this is when the chances of accidents are high. Look at both the sides first, wait for the roads to be clear, and then take turns. Also, don't forget to use your indicators all the time.
    • Maintain road disciplines when riding your two-wheeler and avoid weaving in and out of the roads as that might result in unfortunate road accidents.
    • Whenever you are riding your motorcycle, stay alert and look straight in front to keep an eye on the obstacles on road.
    • Follow the traffic rules and don't drive against the traffic as that might lead you to unexpected accidents. Understand that these rules are designed for your safety and you should follow them religiously.
    • Never try to overtake a truck or a bus. Avoid driving too close to these vehicles whether you are driving beside or behind them. Instead maintain a safe distance with such vehicles to be on the safer side.
    • Don't ride continuously for more than an hour. Take short breaks in between and stop over at places to make yourself comfortable and alert.
    • It is wise not to ride a two-wheeler with more than 1 pillion rider. Most importantly, if you are riding with a child it is obligatory to follow this rule.
    • Always remember the saying ‘Speed can kill’. Avoid driving the bike too fast when you are waging through dark roads in the night hours. In order to stay safe during the night, change your driving technique and go slow.

    Whatever bike you are owning, it will be small in front of the big vehicles on road. This is the reason why news of two-wheeler accidents are more compared to other vehicles. These being light and small in weight are more prone to accidents and collisions. Chances of mishaps increase when you are driving two-wheelers in the dark. Hence, be responsible and follow the safety measures to save your as well as others’ lives on the road.

    Start incorporating all these tips in your driving regime from today and keep yourself safe from every possible mishap on the road.

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