• How to Save Petrol When Riding a Bike

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    Two-wheelers are an affordable and convenient means of transportation. Due to this, the number of two-wheelers in the country has grown exponentially over the past few years. However, given that fuel prices have been steadily increasing over the years, the cost of owning a two-wheeler has also gone up. Thus, this article lists a few tips to help you increase your two-wheeler’s fuel efficiency:

    1.Maintenance and Servicing:

    If you own a two-wheeler, it is necessary to get your two-wheeler serviced regularly. Also, make sure that you take your two-wheeler to an authorised service centre for servicing. This will ensure that your two-wheeler always stays in top shape and doesn’t consume more fuel than necessary.

    2.Drive at a Steady Pace:

    In order to save on fuel, it is necessary to ride your two-wheeler at a steady pace. Thus, whenever possible, you should ride in top gear at a speed ranging between 40 kmph and 50 kmph. Make sure to not over-rev your bike’s engine in the lower gears, given that it can affect the performance of the bike’s engine, which can, in turn, reduce the fuel efficiency.

    3.Maintain Tyre Pressure:

    Deflated tyres can cause a strain on the bike’s engine, thereby reducing fuel efficiency. To avoid this, you should keep the tyres of your bike inflated and maintain optimal tyre pressure at all times. Thus, it is advisable to check the tyre pressure before taking your vehicle out.

    4.Regularly Replace the Engine Oil:

    You should ensure that you replace the engine oil regularly. The engine oil plays a crucial role in lubricating the various components inside the engine. If you do not change the engine oil, your vehicle’s engine can start to overheat. This, in turn, can cause the engine to function less efficiently and get clogged. To keep your two-wheeler’s engine functioning smoothly, it is necessary to change the engine oil, as and when it is required.

    5.Turn the Engine Off at Traffic Signals:

    Turning off your bike’s engine when you are at a traffic signal is a smart way to save fuel. What’s more, switching off the engine at a traffic signal can also help in reducing air pollution. Therefore, if you find that you have to wait at a traffic signal for a considerable amount of time, make sure to turn off the engine.

    6.Park in Covered Parking Spots:

    The tank of a two-wheeler is sensitive to heat since it is made of metal. Thus, avoid parking your two-wheeler under direct sunlight since it can cause fuel to evaporate. Whenever possible, you should look for a covered parking spot.

    7.Avoid Covering the Bike’s Engine:

    It is important to not cover the two-wheeler’s engine. Doing so can restrict air flow to the bike’s engine fins, which can, in turn, lead to the engine running at a higher temperature than usual and over-consuming fuel.

    8.Keep the Two-Wheeler’s Fuel Tank Clean:

    Over a period of time, your bike’s fuel tank may get clogged. Thus, it is necessary to clean the fuel tank and the fuel pipes from time to time.

    9.Check the Fuel Quality:

    Whenever you need to fill fuel, make sure to go to a reputable petrol pump/station. If you fill your bike with low-quality fuel, it can harm the engine and reduce fuel efficiency.

    10.Lubricate the Drive Chain:

    If the drive chain happens to be too dry, it can increase drag, which will, in turn, increase fuel consumption. Thus, it is important to lubricate the drive chain when required. Also, make sure to adjust the tension of the drive chain.

    Fuel consumption has steadily been increasing across the country. Make sure to follow the tips mentioned above to improve your two-wheeler’s fuel efficiency and save on fuel. While a few factors that lead to increased fuel consumption might be out of your control, there are certain measures that you can take to maximise your bike’s fuel efficiency.

    As a responsible owner of a two-wheeler, you should also make sure to insure your vehicle with a two wheeler insurance policy. Make sure to do your due research and purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy that will provide adequate coverage.

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