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  • How to Save Petrol When Riding a Bike

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    By Taher | 20 Jan 2019

    How to Save Petrol When Riding a Bike

    We humans have exploited mother nature to an extent where the number of volcano eruptions, floods, forest wildfires, air pollution, lakes and river encroachment, and of course the global warming have only increased causing harm to human beings and animals. There are so many natural resources upon which we are dependent on, which are gradually decreasing and we are welcoming a future of earthquakes and natural disasters. Because we are digging deeper and deeper for resources, it is making the earth’s crust release a lot of tension from the underground causing disruptions on the ground level.

    Fuel consumption is drastically increasing since the last decade because vehicles and especially personal vehicles like cars and bikes have become cheaper and affordable with endless options to choose from. And owning a bike or a two wheeler is even more affordable than cars. There are many finance institutions who will welcome you with flowers if you want a loan and they are sanctioned at bullet speed.

    So here are a few tips where you can enjoy the bike ride while keeping it environment friendly and most importantly fuel efficient:

    Maintain your bike:

    This not only means washing your two wheeler weekly and making it shine bright like a diamond, it means checking the actual core parts of the two wheeler which are vital for its performance. Engine lubrication, fuel level, chassis, smoke pipe, gears, oil filters, air filters, spark plugs, carburetors and clutch, all these play an important role is saving petrol in your two wheeler. All these parts are very easy to maintain and replace if there is a problem. When the engine runs smoothly, it consumes less fuel than usual making it more efficient resulting in great mileage.

    Speed is not always Thrilling:

    Increasing or dropping speed constantly and suddenly consumes twice the amount of fuel than usual. It puts great pressure on engine for faster pump resulting in smoke emission as well. So maintain a constant and steady speed and smooth throttle inputs to raise the fuel economy. Maintain the RPM level as indicated on the speedometer and you will enjoy a comparatively smoother ride with a fuel friendly budget.

    Do not tire your tyre:

    Riding a two wheeler without proper tyre pressures is the quickest way to exhaust your fuel. The tyre pressures will be given on the manual for both front and rear side. Proper PSI level will boost the fuel efficiency and gives you a great grip to control the speed. If you are riding in and out between the traffic, it affects the fuel consumption level.

    Do not let your bike smoke away:

    There are a number of reasons for higher emission levels. If your two wheeler is consuming more fuel because of the poor quality spark, if there is an overheating issue , poor engine oil levels, doing bike stunts under higher RPM levels, etc. Keeping all this in check at regular intervals and servicing the motorcycle at a company authorised service station is highly recommended.

    Quality is more important than quantity:

    If you are using gasoline instead of petrol, know that you are only harming your vehicle and it is going to age soon. Using good or higher quality fuel may cost you a bit more extra money but it is beneficial in the long run as it improves the whole working dynamic of your vehicle. Nowadays, every fuel station have a new type of fuel called premium petrol or diesel. This is best if you are using bikes with higher engine capacity.

    Revisit your riding style:

    If you are one of those people who have learnt on their own and had bitter experiences while balancing on the road, then there are good chances that you have passed the stage of basics. If you have gotten reasonable at riding a vehicle, it’s time to upgrade yourself and know how to ride a two wheeler technically and theoretically with road sense.

    Some safety tips from BankBazaarInsurance:

    • Be alert while driving on congested and busy roads especially near rural areas. There will be crossroads, buses, Lorries, etc. in these kind of areas, there will not be any signboards or signals so it is better to be cautious and not to forget the stray animals. Within a blink of an eye any mishap can happen, so it is better to drive slowly and carefully.
    • Never ride your vehicle while talking on a cell-phone. It is the most dangerous thing and you may be fined for it too. It distracts your concentration and driving.
    • Keep an eye on the signboards on roadsides and know what that sign indicates. There is speed-brakes, no free-left, one way, deviations, school area, stop signal, potholes, railway crossing, etc. These signs are necessary for riders to understand what is coming next in their way. This helps you control your speed and make the necessary decisions to avoid accidents.
    • Always wear a helmet and if you are traveling with a passenger, then they should wear a helmet too. Protect your jaw by tying the strap. Buy a helmet that has a plastic case to cover your face so you can be safe from dust, wind, insects hitting your eye, etc. Remember, you are wearing helmet for your safety not to save yourself from paying fines.
    • During monsoon, always carry a raincoat or leather jacket, a pair of gloves, waterproof rain cover for your shoes with a good grip and a waterproof cover for your shoulder bags.
    • Stick reflective bands on your helmet, both the side of the 2 wheeler and at the back of your vehicle to make yourself visible to the vehicles behind you and traveling from the opposite direction. These stickers are very important if you are traveling at night.
    • Follow all the traffic rules because this one is not meant to be broken. Do not take a turn immediately without indicating your intentions.
    • Carry all the documents of the two wheeler and your driving license at all time.

    What we want to convey is not that you shouldn’t buy a vehicle, but it is important to know how to ride a bike safely and at the same time keeping it environment friendly. Knowing the right techniques and checkpoints of your 2 wheeler will help in maintaining the quality of ride and engine performance in a longer run. Not to forget, the prices of petrol and diesel are reaching almost a century per liter because we have almost exhausted the fuel in the ground and there is only so much left in the mines to extract. It’s the rule of the nature, “if you destroy me, you are destroying yourself”.