• Maharashtra Transport and Vehicle Registration Process

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    In Maharashtra, which is the country’s second-most populated state, two-wheelers are one of the most preferred modes of transport given its convenience and affordability. Thus, the Department of Motor Vehicles, Maharashtra ensures that residents of the state are able to get their newly purchased two-wheelers registered in a smooth and easy manner. The process to register your two-wheeler if you are a resident of Maharashtra is as follows:

    Two-wheeler Regional Transport Offices in Maharashtra

    Location of Regional Transport Offices in Maharashtra RTO code
    Mumbai (South) MH 01
    Thane MH 04
    Mumbai (East) MH 03
    Mumbai (West) MH 02
    Kalyan MH 05
    Ratnagiri MH 08
    Sindhudurg MH 07
    Raigad MH 06
    Kolhapur MH 09
    Pune MH 12
    Sangli MH 10
    Satara MH 11
    Solapur MH 13
    Nashik MH 14
    Shrirampur, Ahmednagar District MH 16
    Ahmednagar MH 15
    Dhule MH 17
    Jalna City MH 20
    Jalgaon MH 18
    Aurangabad MH 19
    Parbhani MH 21
    Osmanabad MH 24
    Beed MH 21
    Latur MH 23
    Nanded MH 25
    Buldana MH 28
    Amravati MH 26
    Pune North MH 27
    Akola MH 30
    Yavatmal MH 29
    Wardha MH 32
    Gadchiroli MH 33
    Chandrapur MH 34
    Gondia MH 35
    Hingoli MH 38
    Bhandara MH 36
    Washim MH 37
    Nandurbar MH 39
    Wadi, Nagpur (rural) MH 40
    Malegaon, Nashik District MH 41
    Navi Mumbai MH 43
    Baramati, Pune MH 42
    Ambejogai, Beed MH 44
    Akluj, Solapur MH 45
    Vasai-Virar MH 48
    Navi Mumbai MH 46
    Mumbai North MH 47
    Karad MH 50
    Nagpur East MH 49
    Ratnagiri district MH 52
    Nashik MH 51

    Why is Vehicle Registration Necessary?

    The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 prohibits vehicle buyers to ride/drive their vehicles in public places unless the vehicle has been registered under a Registering Authority. Thus, individuals will only be allowed to use their two-wheelers after getting either a temporary or a permanent registration done.

    Temporary Registration

    Who Should Apply for Temporary Registration?

    • Temporary registration is required for transportation vehicles for which time might be needed to build the body of the vehicle onto the chassis.
    • Temporary registration is also required to transport a two-wheeler from the distributor’s showroom to the RTO.

    Procedure for Temporary Registration

    • Vehicle buyers will need to register their two-wheelers under an RTO that is located in the area where you reside and where your vehicle is normally kept.
    • To temporarily register your two-wheeler, you will need to submit the specified application form to the Registering Authority.

    Validity of a Temporary Registration

    • Temporary registration is valid for a period of 7 days. In the case of non-transport vehicles, the validity of the temporary registration can be extended after receiving the due permission from the Registering Authority.

    Registration of New Vehicles

    To register one’s new vehicle, the vehicle owner will need to submit the following documents:

    • Form 30
    • Sale certificate that is issued by your vehicle distributor which is in Form 21
    • Form 22 and Form 22A that is issued by the two-wheeler manufacturer (commonly known as the roadworthiness certificate)
    • Purchase invoice
    • Temporary registration number/documents
    • Two copies of the vehicle owner’s PAN number or Form 60
    • Insurance certificate of the two-wheeler
    • Vehicle owner’s proof of address
    • Receipt of the payment of the octroi tax, if the vehicle is registered in a municipal area
    • Bill of entry will have to be submitted for imported vehicles
    • If the vehicle is for a disabled individual, the vehicle manufacturer’s certificate will have to be provided
    • For imported vehicles that are bonded and licensed, an approval certificate from the Customs Department is necessary
    • Proof of tax paid for the body of the vehicle, vehicle, or tanker, if it is purchased outside Maharashtra
    • Applicable fee for registration of new vehicles

    *Note: Any other documents that are requested by the RTO will have to be provided by the vehicle buyer.

    Registration of Vehicles Brought from Other States

    Vehicle owners who wish to register their two-wheelers that have been brought from other states will have to submit the following documents to complete the procedure:

    • Form 20 and Form 26
    • Form 33 to record the change in the vehicle owner’s address
    • Form 29 and Form 30 for transfer of ownership
    • Form AT and Form FT
    • No Objection Certificate in Form 28 from the original Registering Authority along with a print of the chassis and the consent from the financier, if the vehicle was purchased on loan
    • Form TCR and Form TCA for transportation vehicles
    • If the vehicle owner has brought his/her two-wheeler to Maharashtra within 30 days of getting the vehicle registered in another state, the entry taxation proof will have to be submitted
    • The vehicle owner will have to submit an affidavit to confirm that he/she was not involved in any criminal activities, accidents, or theft.
    • Vehicle’s original RC book, PUC certificate, and insurance certificate
    • Applicable fee

    Process to Obtain a VIP Registration Number for a Two-Wheeler

    • As per the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles (First Amendment) Rules, 2013, applications for VIP registration numbers, also known as special/choice registration numbers, will be accepted during the specified office hours.
    • The Registering Authority will reserve a VIP registration number of the vehicle owner’s choice upon the concerned individual paying the specified fee for that category of registration numbers.
    • If multiple vehicle owners apply for the same VIP registration number, an auction will be conducted, after which the registration number will be provided to the highest bidder.
    • A VIP registration number that has been reserved will be valid for a period of 30 days.

    Procedure to Obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC)

    To apply for a No Objection (NOC) certificate, the vehicle owner will need to submit the following documents:

    • 3 copies of Form 28 that have been signed by the vehicle owner along with a print of the chassis attached with each copy
    • For sale of the vehicle, Form 29 will have to be submitted
    • If the vehicle was purchased on loan, a NOC from the financier or lender will have to be submitted
    • NOC from the police department stating that there are no cases pending against the vehicle
    • PUC certificate, vehicle’s registration certificate, insurance certificate, and tax certificate

    Process to Transfer Ownership of the Vehicle

    If one wishes to transfer the ownership of a vehicle, the concerned individual will need to submit the following documents:

    • 2 copies of the declaration from the seller of the vehicle in Form 29
    • Vehicle buyer’s declaration in Form 30
    • If the applicant resides in another jurisdiction, Form 28 will have to be submitted
    • Insurance certificate of the vehicle
    • PUC certificate
    • Vehicle registration certificate
    • Tax certificate
    • Applicable fee

    The Bottom Line

    Having an insurance certificate is mandatory if you want to get your two-wheeler registered. Thus, before you purchase your two-wheeler, make sure to also do your research about the type of policy you would like to purchase. Vehicle buyers can either opt for a third-party liability-only insurance cover or a package policy that offers a third-party liability-only insurance policy and an own-damage cover. You will, thus, have to assess your coverage needs and premium payment ability and opt for a two-wheeler insurance policy, accordingly. Further, you should also compare various two-wheeler insurance covers and the premium rates for these policies since this will ensure that you are able to make an informed decision when purchasing an insurance cover for your vehicle.

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