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    The chain is one of the most important parts of a motorbike as it helps in providing power to the rear wheel. Apart from the chain, there are other parts of your bikes which are equally important and need to be checked from time to time. These parts are called cam chain tensioner and sprocket which play important roles in the transferring of power from the engine. Maintenance of these parts are very important as any problem with these parts will only affect the vehicle.

    Type of chains

    Your bike may have one of the two types of chains i.e. non-sealed chains and O-ring chains and have their own advantages.

    Non-sealed chains require more maintenance in terms of lubrication and have more chance of wear and tear as compared to the O-ring chains, and needs closer look from your end. Yet, many people prefer non-sealed chains because they cause less friction as compared to O-rings. Also, if your bike is old, then the chances are high that it may not be compatible with O-ring chains.

    O-ring chains, on the other hand, do not require too much maintenance due to their structure. These chains come in O shape which allows the lube and grease to be inside and do not allow any dirt to enter inside. Although O-ring chains can get dry and eventually crack. One of the best methods to prevent this from happening is to lube the chain on a regular basis.

    The Process To Maintain Your Chain

    Regardless of the chain your bike has, you will have to take extra care when it comes to maintaining the chains. If you do not clean and lubricate them on a regular basis, the chain will get dirtier and cause more friction making it difficult to ride your bike. Hence, there are certain processes that you will have to follow so as to ensure you are able to maintain your bike chains for a longer period of time.


    Over a period of time, dust and other elements can get accumulated in and around your chain which might increase the wear and tear. Before you decide to clean the chains, you will need to check how it is functioning. You will have to put your bike on a stand so that the rear wheel is off the ground. Rotate the wheel, and if you find that the chain is rusted or has worn down, then you will have to get the chains replaced with a new one.

    In case your chains are new and need to get a regular clean-up, you will simply require a bit of kerosene, a clean and dry cloth, and a brush. You will need to wash the chain with kerosene and use the brush to remove the dirt from your chain. Once you have cleaned your chain, you will have to rub it dry with the cloth. If you do not want to go through too much hassle, you can purchase chain cleaners which are easily available in the market.


    This is one of the most important processes as it helps your chain link and lubes be dust- free. As you apply the lubricant, continue to rotate your rear wheel in a forward motion as it will allow the lube to cover more area on the sprocket. Once you are done using the lubricant, rub off the extra lube so that it does not allow dirt of any kind to stick to the chain. It is always recommended that you apply lubricants after a ride as it will allow the lube to cover the chain in a better manner.

    Inspect on a regular basis:

    The best way to keep your bike in order is to inspect it on a regular basis. You will have to check how your chains are doing for a time may come when you will have to replace your old ones with new. Look for the teeth of your chain and always follow the guidance manual if you need any help. If the teeth are broken and not in shape then it is a clear sign that it is time for the replacement of your chains.

    The frequency at which you should get your chains cleaned

    The answer to this depends on various factors like the age of your bike, the roads on which you drive your vehicle, the way you ride your bike, the climatic conditions, etc. For example, if you live in a place which is extremely warm and the roads are not so great, you will then need to clean your chains on a regular basis. It is also recommended that you get your chains cleaned and lubricated for every 500 km.

    Cleaning and lubrication of your bike chains are as important as keeping the other parts of your vehicle clean. Regular cleaning and lubrication of your bike ensure your ride remains in a good condition for a long period of time. There are various products available in the market which ensures the chains are in proper condition for a longer period of time. Your bike is a luxury item which helps you commute from one place to another on a daily basis. It is always good to keep the parts of your bike in proper working conditions so that it continues to serve you for a longer period of time.

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