• What the Government has Done for Road Safety: National Road Safety Policy

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    It is important to educate people regarding the rules they must follow in order to keep the roads safe. The Government of India has taken initiative to ensure that there are rules and regulations in place which would make people drive on the roads and make people drive responsibly on the road. As a citizen of India, it is important that you be aware of the National Road Safety Policy. We will have a look at this particular policy.


    • The Government of India has realised that the majority of deaths in India is due to accidents or injuries incurred on roads. It is understood that road accidents are a major cause of concern wherein majority of the victims are the poor people and pedestrians.
    • It is understood that major road accidents involve not only motor vehicles but also human lives as well. Thus, it is important that both the state government and the central government take steps to address the issues related to road safety in India and work to reduce road accidents in the country.
    • The Government of India has, thus, taken the initiative to promote National Road Safety Policy and bring down the number of deaths and injuries which happens due to road accidents.

    Policy Statements

    The following steps have been taken by the Government of India in order to promote the National Road Safety Policy:

    • Raise awareness about road safety issues:

      The Government of India has understood the importance of making people aware of road safety in India. The government also understands the economic and social implications of road accidents and are looking for steps to bring down the number of road accidents. Thus, efforts will be made not only by the people who govern the country but different people of interest to promote road safety in India.

    • Establishing a road safety information database:

      The Government will establish a National Road Safety information database so as to provide assistance to Union Territories, local bodies, and State Government, and increase the quality of investigations related to crashing of vehicles, data collection, analysis, and transmission.

    • Reviewing standards related to road infrastructure:

      Strict measures will be taken to review the standards of the Indian roads in both urban and rural areas. The authorities will work to ensure that the Indian roads are designed keeping in mind the Indian traffic. Efforts will be made to establish a safe transport system under the Intelligent Transport System.

    • To produce safer vehicles:

      The Government has made it clear that automobile companies must design vehicles whose safety features are in tune with International standards and provides maximum safety.

    • Safer drivers:

      The Government of India has made it mandatory for the concerned authorities to be strict regarding the issuance of driving licence. The authorities will also strengthen the training system to improve the capability of the drivers.

    • Ensuring the safety of road users:

      The Government of India will consider the safety of non-transport and on-road users, especially those who are physically challenged. The required facilities will be put in place in order to ensure the non-transport and on-road users are safe at all times.

    • Educating and training people regarding road safety:

      Measures will be taken by the Government of India to educate and train people regarding road safety through various public campaigns. The focus will also be to educate school and college students, and propagate proper road safety practices. Authorities associated with road designing, road network management, road construction, law enforcement, and traffic management are encouraged to gain proper knowledge regarding road safety issues.

    • Enforcing safety laws:

      The Government of India will take steps to improve the nature of the methods related to the enforcing of the safety laws. This will be done by improving the quality of highway patrolling on State and National Highways in cooperation with the Union Territories and State Government.

    • Emergency medical service in an event of a road accident:

      Any person who has met with a road accident must receive immediate medical attention. The service will include the arrangement related to the rescue operation and administering first aid at the accident site, and transporting the victim to the nearest hospital without any delay. The national and state highways would also be equipped with proper medical paraphernalia to provide rehabilitation and trauma care.

    • HRD and research for road safety:

      The Government of India will also encourage programmes of research on road safety. This will include funding research, identification of priority areas, and founding academic and research institutions. The Central Government of India will also disseminate the result of the research via workshops, publication, and training.

    • Strengthening the legal and financial environment for road safety:

      Appropriate steps will be taken by the government to strengthen the legal and financial environment related to road safety and improve the coordination of various authorities and relevant people of interest. The plans put in place will provide for the active participation of NGOs, academia, private sectors, and other relevant communities.

    Implementation Strategies

    The Government of India has decided to establish an agency called the National Road Safety and Traffic Management Board (NRSTMB) which will administer the problems related to road safety and come up with strategies for the application of the Road Safety Policies.

    In conclusion, the Government of India has taken steps to implement the National Road Safety Policy and ensure that not only the Indian roads become safer for everyone and cut down on the number of accidents but also make people more aware of the policy and the measures each individual must take when riding or commuting on Indian roads.

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