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Welcome to BankBazaarInsurance!

BankBazaarInsurance is a one-stop destination for all your insurance needs. We offer a range of insurance products on our website including Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Cancer Insurance, Car Insurance, and Two-Wheeler Insurance.

We have partnered with leading Life Insurance and general insurance companies in the country to help you find insurance policies that exactly match your needs. BankBazaarInsurance enables customers to compare various insurance policies on a single platform and purchase or renew a policy that fits their requirements in a hassle-free manner.

Our website also provides comprehensive information about numerous insurance policies. If you are ever in doubt, you can browse through policy-specific information on our website and make an informed choice.

Here's why you should choose BankBazaarInsurance Comparison Made Easy:

BankBazaarInsurance helps you compare the features and premiums of various insurance policies side-by-side. This, in turn, helps you make an educated choice when buying insurance.

Simple and Convenient Buying and Renewal Process:

With BankBazaarInsurance, you can receive instant premium quotes and buy or renew insurance policies with just a few clicks on your computer.


Any information that you provide us will not be compromised. Also, transactions done on our website are completely secure.

Choice of Insurance Providers:

BankBazaarInsurance has partnered with over 25 leading insurance providers in India. This ensures that you are always provided with a good number of choices when looking for insurance products to purchase.

Insurance Solutions for Every Need of Yours:

You can purchase Term Insurance, Health Insurance, Cancer Insurance, Two-Wheeler Insurance, or Car Insurance policies directly through our website. Regardless of what insurance policy you require, make sure to check BankBazaarInsurance first.

Paperless Transactions:

Any transaction that you do on BankBazaarInsurance is completely paperless, thus helping you save both time and effort. What's more, it's also good for the environment.

Timely Assistance:

If you have any queries or require assistance while you are on our website, don't hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service professionals who will provide you with timely assistance.

Informative Content:

You will find information about various insurance policies and general insurance-related articles on our website. Information on our web pages is explained in a simple manner to ensure that it can be easily comprehended by all.

Here are the products that we have just for you Car Insurance:

Car Insurance: Car Insurance protects the policyholder from having to incur expenses due to unforeseen events that might cause damage to the car and the policyholder. You can either purchase a third-party liability-only insurance policy or a comprehensive Car Insurance policy that includes own damage cover. Based on the type of policy you purchase, your Car Insurance policy could cover accidental damage, damage due to natural calamities or man-made events, vehicular theft, third-party liability, and personal accidents. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 has made it mandatory for all car owners to have at least a third-party liability insurance policy.

Life Insurance

With Life Insurance, in case of unfortunate death of the policyholder, a payout is offered to the designated nominee. BankBazaarInsurance provides you with the option of purchasing Term Insurance plans. They are conveniently priced, without compromising on the life cover availed.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance covers the cost of a policyholder’s medical expenses. In the event of hospitalisation or medical need, your Health Insurance cover will offer either cashless services or reimburse the admissible expenses to you. With medical inflation on the rise, purchasing an Health Insurance policy that offers comprehensive coverage is a smart choice.

Cancer Insurance:

Cancer Insurance plans help individuals manage the costs of cancer treatment if they are diagnosed with the disease. These policies are meant to provide financial support to the policyholder, thus reducing the chances of the policyholder undergoing financial difficulties in the event of a diagnosis. Most Cancer Insurance policies come with a waiting period, after which insurance coverage will be provided.

Two-Wheeler Insurance:

A Two-Wheeler Insurance policy provides coverage against damages caused to one's vehicle, theft of the vehicle, third-party liability, and personal accidents, among other things. The coverage could vary based on the type of Two-Wheeler Insurance policy you purchase. It is a legal requirement to have at least a third-party liability-only insurance cover if you own a two-wheeler.

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It is a bumper to bumper benefit that I get from my Car Insurance. The process to get the insurance was easy. I got the papers on time and the premium is also not a huge amount. The overall customer service and response provided by them was really good.

- MANGESH R, Nagpur

I have taken a Health Insurance policy. It is for my family and myself. The premium is economical and they have provided good medical coverage. The company also has a tie up with a good network of hospitals.

- DHEERAJ C, Thane

This Health Insurance is really good. I had to undergo a surgery and it was a 3 hours surgery. After the surgery, within 4 hours of time, I got the claim. This is really great and appreciable. Overall, I am satisfied with the Health insurance policy.

- HEMANT K, Bangalore